What to do if the husband does not want to move to another city or country?

What to do if the husband does not want to move to another city or country? Do you like traveling? Or just always dreamed of going to live in another city? For example, to the sea and the sun, or maybe in Russia or abroad. But your husband is completely against it. Even if you’re tired, and on another day you’ll be born and you’ll have to worry about it. But what to do, not to get divorced because of this? Let’s find out in this article.

What to do at the very beginning?

Now you have a plan to move, but you have not yet voiced it to your husband, and you are afraid that he will say no. What steps can you take:

  • Decide for yourself if you are ready to move
  • Find out everything about the city where you want to move
  • View job options for yourself
  • Determine housing issue
  • Write down all the pros and cons of moving
  • Go talk to your husband

The last point is the most important, but only after you clearly answer all the questions for yourself. To give you a plan. Yes, he may not agree with him, but he will clearly see that he is determined.

What not to do?

  • Don’t discount your husband’s feelings

He may really not want to move. And any conversation about it can cause anger and irritation in him. To this point you can try to increase the number of glowing cells. Such as: fear, self-doubt, sadness and longing.

  • Don’t pressure him

Even the fact that he listens to you, but does not answer anything, is already good. In order not to cause additional anger, it is better to leave it for a while.

  • Ask about his fears

If you feel that now is the right time, you can talk to your spouse about his fears. Why doesn’t he want to move? Perhaps you can close some of his fears together.

If he did not immediately agree, then you can return to the conversation at another time. It is hard to say exactly how long it will take, but in any case, it is better not to create a conflict, but to wait.

  • Don’t blackmail

No one wants to talk to you, so you have to be careful and you have one of them in your house. This will only increase the conflict and will definitely not bring you closer to your goals.

How to negotiate with your husband about anything?

  • keep on loving

What does it mean? And the fact that the issue of moving should not become a stumbling block in your relationship. Let this conversation be not forced, but as if in between times. Tolko not very often, otherwise this will be a reason for a quarrel. And if d d the move is late in time, ask your spouse about the time, what is the need for both and and and its

If there are children

If you have children, then you can operate on the fact that it will be better for children to live in a different place. That there you will have more opportunities or the climate will be better. But at the same time, you should not say that the husband is to blame for not giving them a better chance at life. Your task is to convey the value of your move.

If the child has more opportunities, he would visit more sections, then there will be a bovod er. And if the children are no longer small, you can take into account their opinion when moving. And all together to talk, at the family council.

Show trust to your husband

It is very important to show that you trust your husband. That his opinion on this matter is very important for you and for your entire family. And you just want the best option. If there is a question related to housing, this can be entrusted to the spouse.

Perhaps your decision to move should be rethought. And your husband’s arguments are sober enough. All you need to do is to send an impulse and a swipe with two of the problems in the streets.

And most importantly, to hear the husband’s arguments and discuss them together.

Relationship Crisis

Ask yourself: “Why do I want to move?”. Be sure to check that the ring is ready for the doctor who wants it to be in the ring. And possibly relationship problems. Then moving won’t help. Because you have to take your problems with you.

Yes, some might say that a new place of residence can help, but it depends on the conflict itself. And if this is another crisis in relations, then not so cardinal decisions will help to get out of it. It will be enough to travel and dates, as well as heart-to-heart talks.

No way, it’s post-breaking, so you don’t have to worry about it. On the contrary, they bring more and more discord into your family. And then it makes sense to stop such conversations for a while and start rebuilding trust between each other. Take, for example, a psychologist. In the season you are a specialist who should choose and what to do.

Commitment to development

If you are considering moving, the best way to develop and water comforts, it’s really not bad. Or maybe you want to improve your educational level or change jobs – that’s great. No privileges with these arguments in the mouth.

Sometimes it happens that the spouse has a job and prospects in the city, where he or that in the new city he can do what he has long dreamed of. This is exactly what you can give him as an example, knowing his “weak” places.

Right to be wrong

This means that in a conversation with your husband you can clearly say that you can return at any time. It is not necessary to immediately leave for permanent residence. For starters, you can go to explore the city. And if there is no particular city in mind yet, try to visit several cities.

Then you can leave for a while, rent an apartment, look for a job. It is best to go somewhere where you already have at least some acquaintances. This will help you not feel alone. No worth forgetting, that in every city there are many districts. And you may not like living in a certain area.

No legch to say “on the spot”. Because there can be many opinions, because everyone chooses for themselves.

Your main task is to convey to your husband that if you don’t like it at all in a new place, you will come back. This will reduce the degree of stress in this matter. And if you have never moved to another city, this may be a new experience for you too. And what it will be, one can only guess.

Yes, there are couples who break up because they cannot resolve the issue of moving. After all, one may not have a career at all or not have friends in the city where you live. And the other, on the contrary, has prospects, connections, close ones.

No semy tem and differs from just “cohabitants” in that in marriage one has to look for compromises. No one else’s house on the island and in the world of the drug.

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