What to do if the husband is rude – TOP 10 tips on how to behave?

What to do if the husband is rude – TOP 10 tips on how to behave? Tired of rudeness, rudeness, and the terrible character of your husband? Do you understand why he humiliates you? We present the TOP 10 reasons why a husband is rude, rude, and insulting. In addition to the reasons, let’s talk about how to behave in such circumstances.

What to do if the husband is rude – TOP 10 tips on how to behave

If the husband is a boor

Let’s start with the most obvious reason – the husband is by nature a boorish, rude, aggressor. He is bilious, loves to quarrel with everyone, and does not consider his wife to be a person at all. Hotel by skies, so that the most important thing is the character.

But in fact, there are many true, natural boors, and, probably, the probability that a

If this is the case, then three things can be done about the problem:

  • Leave your spouse. Say in your hearts that you can no longer tolerate his rudeness, pack your things and go to the spare a.
  • Try to re-educate him. Send for personal training, to a psychologist. In each conversation, note when he starts to be rude.
  • Accept a husband. Oddly enough, often a kind, a defenseless person is hidden behind grouchiness. Probation will be given to those problems, to the extent that it is possible to resit. If rudeness more than pays off with other benefits, just turn a blind eye to it.

If the husband is a manipulator

Often rudeness on the part of the spouse is a certain manipulation. The husband is rude to crush, to make you feel worthless.

A similar situation arises if the wife earns more, her family is more prosperous.

A man can take revenge on her and for childhood traumas, insults to parents.

What to do? First, talk to him, explain that it is hard for you to endure such an attitude. Talk to him about his problems. If it works out, and you can find mutual understanding, fine. If not, you can consider breaking up or just continue to endure the rudeness.

If you have problems

Rudeness may be temporary. You met, lived for some time in perfect harmony, but then he seemed to break off the brakes, began to offend you.

The score is high, so that it is carried out on some of the problems and objects. Его унижает начальник – он унижает тебя. However, it is sold by the driver who owns the automobile – on the automobile that is owned by the child and is carried out on it.

What to do if the guy is insolent?

In the case of the location:

  • Deeper communication and understanding of each other’s problems.
  • Joint walks, sports, when you can just forget about everything and enjoy your time.

Husband repeats the model of his family

Take a look at your spouse’s family. If a father mother is rude to a friend, they constantly swear, it is impossible to hear a kind word from them, my behavior He took a specific model of relations and does not know the other.

In this case, meet with the families of your friends more often. Let him see that you can communicate differently. As if by chance, pay attention to it.

He has another

Rudeness is a great tool for self-defense. As soon as a man has another woman, but at the same time he has a conscience and a good attitude towards you, it is highly likely that he will start insulting you.

Why? So it is possible:

  • To bring you down, to force you to look for problems in yourself.
  • Convince yourself that his new passion is better.
  • Artificially create conflicts behind which you will not immediately understand about the appearance of another woman.

It is usually seen that the husband was carried away by another. Behavior changes, attitude towards you changes. Only you can decide whether to forgive betrayal or not.

You are no longer attracted to him.

Even if there is no other woman, your husband may simply be disappointed in you. He is no longer attracted to your appearance, he is bored with you. All this leads to a loss of respect, the appearance of a desire to offend.

  • Get in shape.
  • Update your wardrobe.
  • Find an activity that fires you up and draws you in.

A where it is called, so it flirts with the drugs that are in the mouth, so that it is. He can only aggravate the situation, because he will give your husband a reason to become even more embittered.

You forgive everything

Imagine that you are rolling a snowball. At first it is small, gradually becomes larger and finally turns into a huge lump. The situation with the other people is related to this process.

A man, seeing that you accept, forgive rudeness, gets used to it. He begins to be rude more and more often, to insult more and more painfully. And you do not notice this until one day you see a huge ball of humiliation rushing at you.

Problems in this area are as follows: Determine for yourself what you can forgive and what you can’t. If you are offended, speak directly about it. Don’t let your husband humiliate you.

You provoke him

Your husband’s rudeness may be a response to your attitude towards him.

Women are usually skilled manipulators. They find the pain point of a man and imperceptibly put pressure on her. Artful humiliation is used, including public humiliation, a demonstration of contempt. Such methods are used, for example, in families where the husband is less successful.

Be honest and open about yourself. If your husband is really starting to go crazy because of your manipulations, forget about them. Sincere relationships are much more comfortable.

your indifference

There are few things in the world that hurt so much as indifference. By your behavior, you show a man that he is no longer interesting, that he is nobody to you.

At that moment, a leader awakens in him, a male who must show his strength to the rebellious woman. In the course are insults, rudeness.

Tip – show your husband that he is still loved. If the feelings have cooled down, try to rekindle them. Now there are all conditions for this – a trip to the Maldives, to Thailand, dinner at a restaurant, a flight in a hot air balloon.

Your whole life together is a mistake

Finally – the most painful topic. You both understand that your marriage is a big mistake. The husband, realizing this, comes to the conclusion that he himself has fallen into a trap, and begins to win back disappointment through rudeness. You freak out, get mad, cry, look for the guilty.

Stop now when you are and you will be able to do so. You can consciously accept the fact of a mistake, start a relationship from scratch, respect each other. And if it doesn’t work out, give your partner and yourself a chance for a new love.

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