What to do if the relationship with your husband is at an impasse?

What to do if one day you realize that your relationship with a guy has reached an impasse? How is it expressed? Does this mean the relationship is really over? Or is there a chance to “save” former love?

How to understand that the relationship is at an impasse?

The phrase “we have reached a dead end” means that people have run into an insurmountable barrier that prevents them from moving further along the intended path. Regarding relationships, this can be expressed in at least 3 forms:

  • Relationships stopped growing

Any interaction of people is always a movement. First they go towards each other, then – in the same direction.

Therefore, relationships always have their own logic of development, starting from the first dates, cohabitation, marriage, the birth of children, their upbringing and ending with joint old age.

No byyour, it’s not the case, and it’s from the partners that it’s not common. For example, a girl wants to get married, and a guy is against the “stamp in the passport.” They continue to meet because there are feelings between them.

Sooner or later, such relationships come to a dead end, because the girl lives in constant expectation of the next stage, which never comes.

  • Partners stopped developing

At some point, you suddenly had nothing to talk about, you often feel bored, ordinary, there is a feeling that the man has become boring to you. Every day is similar to the previous one, and your communication follows the same scenario.

There is no longer a surge of hormones between you, and meetings do not fill you with energy. This is a sure sign that it is not the relationship that is at an impasse, but yourself. In the case of the thin layer of rosette, it is necessary to say that it is small and small:

  • expanding the circle of acquaintances;
  • obtaining new knowledge and impressions;
  • self-development activities;
  • finding new ambitious goals;
  • searching for your calling.

In this case, both men and women need to find new sources of inspiration from which they can draw resources to share with each other and enrich their lives.

  • Feelings left the relationship

Sometimes love plays a cruel joke. When people are overwhelmed with feelings, they do not notice each other’s shortcomings, their level of criticality is greatly reduced.

What to do if the relationship is at an impasse?

No love passes if it is not nourished. It’s never too late to start doing this – Return romance to relationships, Spend more time Just the two of you, make gifts, say compliments.

What to do if the relationship with your husband is at an impasse?

First of all, you need to understand the reasons that led to this, because it will depend on this

Reasons why relationships fail:

  • initially the wrong choice of a partner – for example, when his goals and plans immediately diverged from yours, just at some point this issue arose more acutely;
  • a traumatic situation in which partners are stuck – for example, someone cheated, offended, betrayed, and now you don’t know how to live with each other, you can’t part, but you can’t forgive either;
  • The crisis of relations – usually it falls on 1, 3, 7 years of marriage, and each of them has its own specifics and ways out;
  • a conflict that you cannot overcome is a situation where too many unexplained problems have accumulated between you, each of which will need to be dealt with and put an end to.

What to do if you realize that the relationship has reached an impasse:

  • prioritize – analyze your connection and understand what exactly it means to you, whether it makes you happy;
  • understand what you want – you need to listen to yourself and decide whether you really want to stay in this relationship or you do it out of habit, out of fear of loneliness, etc.;
  • Calmly talk to a man – do not turn it into rubbish, just share your fears, talk about your feelings and experiences;
  • understand what a man wants – understand whether he is ready to fight for a relationship or wants to put an end to it already;
  • jointly determine what is causing the problem in the relationship – share what you do not like, but do not blame each other, speak using “I-messages”;
  • talk only about your feelings, not about each other’s behavior – follow the pattern of the phrase: “I feel abandoned when you are late at work. I would be happy if you called me and warned me”;
  • agree to speak frankly about everything – when one is not satisfied with something, he should not be afraid to voice it, knowing that the second will listen to him and try to understand;
  • define clear lines for yourself – the time that you are ready to spend on “bringing” the relationship out of the impasse.

By defining a specific period of time, you can protect yourself from the endless expectation that everything will change for the better sooner or later.

But this time is not a “trial period” for a man. Relationships are built on reciprocity, so it’s important to work on them yourself. This is possible only if both of you sincerely want to save the relationship and are ready to make an effort to do so.

Some girls are afraid to have a frank conversation with a man. Instead, they try to get the relationship out of the dead end on their own. But usually such a tactic is doomed to failure, it is impossible to change relationships alone, there are always two involved in them.

Others say that they have already tried to talk to him, but he only brushed it off, said that everything suits him, that he will not do anything, and if she needs something, then let her change herself.

In this case, you need to honestly ask the question – does a man need this relationship? Perhaps He is just comfortable being with you, puts his interests and desires above your needs, does not want to listen and fight for relationships.

In this case, it is important to recognize the reality – no matter how much you try to fix everything, you will not become happier with this person. It is possible to understand the language, and not to be familiar with it.

A frank conversation is always a turning point that will help you make important decisions. Even if during a confidential conversation you realized that nothing more connects you, that there are no feelings left between you, you can admit it.

Sometimes it’s important to realize that it’s time to move in different directions and not waste energy on relationships that do not make you happy.

In any case, deadlock in a relationship is not the end. You can always go back, understand where you turned the wrong way.

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