What to do if you are not satisfied with your relationship with your husband?

Have you been dating your man for a long time, or vice versa, your relationship has just begun, and you are not satisfied? But at the same time, you are worried that a man will not understand your needs. And the biggest fear is that he will not want to change and will leave the relationship.

No, it’s not that, it’s just that you don’t care. In any case, you should not try to guess the thoughts of your man, you should talk to him. It will take the burden of unnecessary expectations off your shoulders.

When and how best to start a relationship conversation?

You should not start a conversation when your man is tired or hungry. It is best that he was in a good mood and that he was ready to talk. You can warn in advance that you want to talk, and the conversation will not take much time. No, it’s up to you, you don’t want to hear it.

You should definitely emphasize that your relationship is dear to you, but there are moments with which it was hard to sing.

  • Don’t be silent about what’s bothering you

If you keep silent about what worries you in a relationship, then this is a dead end. At some point, you still won’t be able to hush up and you can break through. Talking about everything in a relationship is extremely important.

Do not be cunning or lie that everything is fine. Or that you can be treated in some way, although in fact it may violate your personal boundaries. You can always say “no” to anything that bothers you.

  • Pay attention to feedback

Yes, pay attention to the feelings and emotions of your man. After you tell him what’s bothering you, listen to him. How does he feel and what does he think about it?

  • Focus on the positives

It is important to start a dialogue with pluses and end with them too. After all, if you are in a relationship, this person is definitely close to you, you just don’t like something, but definitely not everything.

These four points will help you get started talking about what you don’t like in a relationship and how you want to be.

What to Do After a Relationship Talk

As long as you scale it up to the wall of the room, it’s not necessary to go to the room, to:

  • You won’t like his answer
  • You can’t influence his feelings.
  • You need to be ready for any reaction (adequate)

To this end, it is necessary to understand that. It is not necessary to understand that, and not to accept the consensus. You need to decide how you can change what you don’t like.

How to tell a man that you do not like?

You should also ask yourself why you are reading this article. After all, if you are confident in yourself, then the questions “how to tell a man that you don’t like something” do not arise. If you want to buy:

  • Newness in себе
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of self love

On the other hand, when these points are close to one another. This is the position of the “victim” in relationships or in life in general. This may be due to the fact that you are “lost”. There are also other reasons:

  • Critical situation
  • lingering decree
  • Problems in the past (child-parent relationship)
  • abusive relationships

In such a situation, it is important to turn to a psychologist. It is this specialist who will help you get to know yourself again. It will strengthen your self-esteem, help you look at yourself from the outside, work out relationships in the past and strengthen your position in the present.

Without a proper understanding of yourself, building relationships is not easy. Since you will reflect your undeveloped parts on your partner.

Another way to convey your position to a man is to contact a psychologist together. It may be that what you do not like in a relationship will be easier to discuss in the office of a psychologist. Indeed, sometimes the problems can be much deeper than it seems at first glance. No eto ne always visible.

Also, the specialist will help the other to more harmoniously accept his point of view, without conflict, and as an active service.

What not to do in a relationship?

And you have to ask yourself this question. Because what is acceptable for one person may be completely unacceptable for another. You can make a whole list of things you can’t do with you. And then you will understand if your man violates this list. And just your dissatisfaction.

In this case, it makes sense to think about breaking up the relationship, and not about how to glue it together.

This can be a painful decision and should be approached carefully.

How to end a relationship?

If, nevertheless, you decided that you should end your relationship, but you don’t know how the husband will react to this:

  • Be sincere
  • Pick a good time
  • Don’t say you love and then you’re leaving
  • Be persistent
  • Expect any reaction
  • listen to him
  • Do not involve third parties

Only two results are available and unavailable, so that it is not possible to do so on the other hand. As a last resort, once that everything has already been decided. But at the same time, you need to understand that for him it can be STRess. And the fact that you broke up, you need to get used to, realize this thought. Any parting is similar to the loss (death of a person).

If you have two partners, you can try to do so in one of the three stages: not to go there. На это нужно время. Дай его себе.

Try to minimize all your contacts after parting, this will make it easier for you to survive these stages.

If everything went well

ASli, you were able to discuss with your partner all the nuances that did not suit you and something began to change in the relationship – that’s great! Remember, people who love each other will always find a compromise. And if something goes wrong again, you can always go back to discussing everything. At the same time, be open to new proposals and changes in your relationship.

Do not forget that any relationship undergoes crises. And knowing about them is useful, since many can be experienced much more comfortably. You should not think that if you settle some kind of conflict once, then you will no longer have quarrels or omissions, but if you are both ready to develop your relationship, then you will strive to be together.

No in stable healthy relationships people hear each other, want to meet and develop. It strengthens the union very well – a personal study of one’s fears, beliefs, claims in the office of a specialist.

The most important thing is to be open to your partner. Relationships are great. When you love and are loved, the world around becomes very pleasant. Therefore, do not be afraid to even go into conflict if this will lead you to a happy harmonious relationship.

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