What to do if you fell in love with a married man and dating him?

What to do if you fell in love with a married man and you are dating him? You can’t command your heart… You understand everything with your head…

Why do you like married people?

The statistics are disappointing: the vast majority of women are attracted to unfree men. This is partly due to age. The older you get, the less likely you are to meet a person without “encumbrances”. And let’s not forget the saying that “good guys are taken apart as puppies.”

As a rule, the promising one can be seen from afar, and the beautiful ones of the purposeful muvinße in hop, barely routen

For example, your boss, who is married for 10 years, looks more reliable than a colleague who, at 40, has neither a child nor a kitten and lives with his mother – if he is so good, why hasn’t he been picked up yet? No, it’s not just that.

Factors, which are possible to buy in the morning, to be in the middle of the house:

  • low self-esteem.

We are young and consider that we have a full-fledged family, but in a free m;

  • the tendency of all to “idealize”.

How to behave with a married man?

You do not notice its shortcomings in it. On the other hand, it is the same thing that is said and done, and that it is not on the plan;

  • lifeguard syndrome.

It’s a pity that such a smart muffin fell into the grasp of a mercantile weak bitch, and shra up to the bottom doo iced c^

  • lack of meaning in life.

When you do not have clear ideas about your future, you hang out like a branch in an ice hole. Easily succumbed to influence, and you can be imposed what you really do not want;

  • adrenaline addiction.

Everything forbidden attracts you. You see this relationship as a trophy fight. What is important to you is not the man himself as a person, but the emotions that you experience from the presence of a secret;

  • fear of loneliness.

You are afraid to be alone, so you agree to the presence of an unreliable character in your life. Married, with children, heavily in debt and credit, but at least some option.

What are you risking?

  • Keep in mind that he most likely won’t leave his wife.

That is what you are saying, it is on the star, it is big and it is not possible to do that. And you are young and beautiful. When people live long in marriage, they are connected not only by feelings. Whatever she is, she knows. Can guess what to expect from her, used to how she runs the household. Family is not just a place where you come to eat and sleep. There are still many people in their life to whom they will have to answer.

  • He will always be connected to his family.

You can leave your wife, but leaving your children is much more difficult. Even if he transports his suitcases to you, he will still be bound by obligations “there”: bring, buy. You will have to plan a joint vacation with an eye on his offspring. “The kids are already stressed out about the divorce, they need to communicate with their father,” his prudent ex will say and call 10 times in the middle of the night, while you soak in the hot tub of a country hotel where you hardly stole him.

  • You will go through all the circles of hell and spend a bunch of nerve cells.

You will be called, at best, a homeowner. Or maybe forever branded with shame. Because from now on, you are a threat not only to a particular woman, but to all existing cells of society. Who knows if you can now be trusted, since your moral qualities have not passed the test. In addition, in your relationship, the issue of trust will always be relevant. Is it on you?

What to do if your man is married?

For a relationship with a non-consumer, you have to pay your price, which will be measured by your zoromi, Nerem Car

And the share of the most understanding m, in order to justify his rare calls, meetings and we go mension. And do not forget that what is permitted to him is not permitted to you. If you want to go on a date with a free boyfriend, your married man won’t let you.

  • Behave as your conscience tells you.

Is it possible to store it? No on the same day, women’s intuition can help you more than you think. Provided that you want to do it, that the phone and that you pay for it are external to you.

Ask yourself why, out of all of them, you chose the one who has a wife. In many cases, a woman is pushed into the arms of an unfree man by a desire to challenge society or a need to hurt herself, to receive confirmation that you are not worthy of happiness.

  • Don’t lose your head.

Act with full knowledge and discretion. No forget that wives are different: some will not be stopped from revenge even by the criminal code. If you understand that at the moment you cannot decide to leave, set the rules and the deadline after which you will no longer wait for a miracle and begin to arrange your personal life without it. Beautiful words turn into noodles over time.

Remember that he has a wife and he doesn’t owe you anything. When you fully understand the situation, you will find the strength in yourself to change it.

  • Make sure his intentions are serious.

What is the future of your relationship? This is a fundamental question, the answer to which puts all the dots over the “and”. Many married men pass from one mistress to another like a time-worn trophy, but their second life does not affect the family in any way. If you feel like “the next one”, run. Don’t listen to what he says, look at his actions. It’s up to you by the name of the place where the documents are.

  • Don’t make excuses for him.

One of the most common mistakes is the search for reasons why your beloved decided to cheat. Because to admit that this imposing man is bad is to doubt people. But you must understand that connections on the side do not paint anyone, and instead of solving a problem in the family or going further on their way, he chose the easiest option.

  • Don’t try to push him to the decision you want.

Not that it’s worth it in that time and not in the current. Perhaps she is aware, and your encroachments on the “shrine” will not only have no effect, but will also harm you yourself. Threat deserves better: to be the only value in the  th mbllyomas, and not be satisfied with the crumbs with the chalt.

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