What to do if you found out about the betrayal of her husband with his ex-wife?

What to do if you found out about the betrayal of her husband with his ex-wife? Change is a terrible thing to do. Few things hurt more than the betrayal of a loved one. The heart is torn to pieces from the realization that you were traded for another.

Especially unpleasant feelings are brought by the fact of betrayal with an ex-woman. So the threat was always there, and this woman is still the best. There is no universal answer what to do in such a situation. There are only tips that, depending on your perception, can help.

What to do if cheating happened at the beginning of a relationship

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You may think that cheating is cheating, no matter what stage your relationship is at. And you will be right. It is only in two parts that you can see it in the par, so that the language is clear.

But if nothing is clear between you yet, you are looking at each other, and you yourself do not mind chatting with other suitors, then the concept of “treason” will not be entirely appropriate.

Why did he change

There are several psychological reasons why a guy may keep running around in bed at the beginning of a relationship:

  • Neuwerennost in Tebe and two plans on a negligible.

Yes, guys can also be afraid to open up to a new person. Especially if they think that you might not succeed. Therefore, on quite logically runs to where it is exactly expected.

  • You have a low level of attractiveness.

Men, especially at the beginning of a relationship, evaluate with their eyes. If your hormons are bushy, it is one of them that is allowed to be shared by the child. Your new boyfriend may be infinitely good with you, but physically you don’t seem to him to be a perfect fit.

But don’t think it’s about you. It’s just about him and his personal preferences.

  • Mnima polygamy.

“Mushchiny political and this normal”. This is how some men like to justify their connections. Such a statement is far from the truth. All are polygamous. Only men are less selective.

  • Unfinished relationship.

Otherwise it was not necessary and it wasn’t closed in the past. You may not have been part of his plans at all, but feelings appeared. However, in the past, not all issues have been resolved, and against this background, it is tempting to see what will happen next. It is soblazn and talk on ismenu.

  • First love.

If that girl was his first in every way, then she could have a big impact on him. New relationships are an exciting, unknown variable. And with that previous too much connects. She is special.

What to do if a man is cheating with his ex?

  • You push back the moment of intimacy.

Nobody says that you should jump in bed with him as soon as possible. It is entirely your right to have sex with a man. No, that’s what we’re doing in the world, so that it’s up to you.

You don’t have to do anything with your ex. She wants him, and he is ready to use it.

What to do if you found out about the betrayal of her husband with his ex-wife

You are only at the beginning of the journey, so the risk of any misunderstandings between you is very high. If you choose the part that is new, then you will receive it when you say it:

  • Do not make scandals and tantrums.

Drugs that are not known and that are too high are not given. Therefore, spending your nerves on a person who may not become your partner is extremely unreasonable.

  • Try to understand the reason.

Perhaps he lacks attention from your side. Don’t worry about that. And if you realize that everything is in order on your part, then make a decision on your own, listening to your

  • Don’t start insulting his ex.

Most likely, he will begin to protect her. And your relationship will end. That girl may have earned your personal dislike, but it’s not her fault for cheating on your boyfriend. She didn’t promise you anything.

  • Talk frankly.

Sincere conversation will help you get closer and understand each other. Even if you decide to leave, then, at least, with a light soul.

To take revenge and respond with treason for treason is a failed tactic. It is immediately clear that your union will be short-lived.

Is it possible to forgive

Again, it all depends on you. After a frank conversation, if it took place between you, your boyfriend should cut off all ties with former friends. You should be the only one, which means that your trust and peace of mind are prioritized.

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If the guy:

  • Changed once;
  • Repented and sincerely asked for forgiveness;
  • Cut off all contact with ex-partners.

To proselytize in this case – возможно. No longer you are able to prostitute, and it is not possible for children to have fun in their own clothes.

Proceed no longer to go, because the process is active in the drugs that are given to you. This means that women are entertainment for him, and you can not expect a serious relationship.

What to do if cheating happened in a long-term relationship

The tactics of behavior depend on whether it was a one-time action and you need to understand the reason, or the affair with the former has been going on for a long time.

The reasons for “momentary weakness” can be anything. On the other hand:

  • Lack of intimacy in your couple or monotony;
  • He was drunk, and she herself climbed on him;
  • You completely forgot that you have a boyfriend and do not pay attention to him;
  • He doesn’t love you anymore;
  • He is such a person. prone to change. And the ex-lady is simply available.

If there is a desire to forgive and save the relationship, then the advice on what to do will be similar to those where the guy cheated at the beginning of your communication. The main conditions: this should not be repeated, and this should not be remembered.

In the case when you were led by the nose for a long time, there is only one option: the relationship is nuzhakno nuzhakno. If he has been sleeping with his ex for a long time, then this will definitely continue.

You are not a harem slave, and he is not a Sultan so that you can continue to live in such an environment. He may be afraid of you leaving. No need to think before. The feeling of impunity did not play into his hands.

You can listen to your intuition. No, it remains to wish you never to be in such a situation.

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