What to do if you lost feelings for a guy in a relationship?

What to do if you lost feelings for a guy in a relationship? Sometimes feelings fade and it seems that the relationship has exhausted itself. No in real terms this is by no means constitutive, and it is possible that this will happen on a new basis. If you don’t want to share it with the group, you can tell that it’s interesting and that you can’t take it anywhere?

Why do feelings go away and is it normal?

The peak of falling in love usually occurs in the first year or two of a relationship. At this time, you feel not only euphoria, happiness, and passion, but also a novelty. Before you is a complete stranger, every day he opens before you all new st and new facets of his own.

It is important to understand, it is possible for you to have fun, it is possible for you to have fun in the wind. And the feeling of falling in love, due to the increased level of dopamine and oxytocin, leads to the fact that the partner seems to be needed. But the more you communicate with him, the better you get to know him.

Interest slowly fades, petty quarrels, and misunderstandings appear, you begin to notice flaws that previously had no meaning.

You get used to each other, so you start trying less. If at the beginning of the relationship each meeting was a real holiday, an unforgettable event, now you are more and more sitting at home, saying compliments less, less “pretending” for each other.

In the end, instead of delight from communication, there is more and more frustration.

This is a completely normal stage of intimacy that you need to go through correctly. He appears because you had certain expectations in relation to a man, but reality makes its own adjustments.

Disappointment is the consequence of not meeting your expectations. In fact, there is still the same person with whom you fell in love, but he is different from the somewhat idealized image that you painted in your dreams.

But does this mean that a man is not suitable for you? Sometimes women in such a cop immediately break off relations and go in search of “new happiness.” On the other hand, it is a drug that you want to know about. History repeats itself.

And the woman begins to feel that she is unlucky in relationships, that “the wrong” men come across. If this is the case, you will have to pay for it.

Why do I quickly lose interest in a man?

No on the same day, before you take off the car in the principe it isn’t worth it. Her communication ended at the same time as the stage of falling in love ended.

What to do if you lost feelings for a guy in a relationship

  • Understand the reason why feelings disappear

Perhaps you feel bored when you want novelty and celebration. Or you do not have enough attention, compliments, care. It happens that some habit of a man annoys you. It is important not to ignore your feelings, but to understand them, to understand their cause.

  • Talk to a man about what you don’t like

It is not necessary to understand that. Do it in a positive way, talk about your wants and needs, explain why this is important to you.

For example, Instead of being silently offended that a man does not give flowers, explain to Him how you want to receive them. Describe the emotions you experience at times like this.

It is important not only to talk about yourself, but also to be ready to listen to him. Perhaps he, too, is missing something on your part. Accept his feelings and desires and think about how you can correct this situation.

  • Think about what this relationship gives you

Relationships are built not only on the feeling of falling in love. Moreover, if you are united only by passion, the likelihood that this will be a long-term union is small. Learn to focus on the good things for which you appreciate a man.

For example, on you a sense of stability, security, need, on takes care of you, you respect him, etc. Think about how much this union gives you.

By subjecting relationships to this analysis, you can understand how valuable they are to you. However, if you realize that there is nothing between you already, then this is really an occasion to think about whether it is worth prod.

  • Start sharing positive emotions

The more partners make an emotional contribution to the relationship, the stronger their union will be and the deeper the feelings. Investments that affect love:

  • Complaints and words of gratitude even for little things;
  • flirt and courtship;
  • gifts and pleasant surprises;
  • caring for each other;
  • emotional support;
  • hugs and quality intimate life;
  • experience of joint emotions: laughter, joy, surprise;
  • the ability to go towards each other;
  • ability only about oneself;
  • faith in a man, in his success;
  • the ability to appreciate the little things.

The more positive emotions between you, the deeper the feelings will be between you. It is necessary to know that there is a long way to go, which means “by itself”. Think about how you contribute to them.

  • Discover a man with a new side

Instead of focusing on your expectations and requirements for your partner, look at him as an interesting, unknown book that you need to read. Get to know him, ask about his plans, goals, life position, ask personal questions.

Try to look at the world through his eyes, find unexpected facets of his personality, discover the abilities that he has.

  • Grow Together

Get to know each other’s dreams and learn to share them, try something new. For example, if a man has always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, why not share this passion with him?

It is important not to allow yourself to get stuck in routine and everyday life. Arrange dates for each other, unexpected trips, find mutual friends, attend various events. Be open to the world, draw new impressions from it and share them with each other.

Talk about plans for the future. Be careful with the crate and the last cells, and that is not what it is. Learn from each other, get better, develop.

When People Get into a Relationship, No matter how much they are in love at the beginning, it does not guarantee that they will stay together for life.

But if both of you are ready to try, to meet each other halfway, you will be able to write an interesting and fascinating story of your relationship, because it depends only on you what will be more in it – good or bad.

Relationships and feelings can always be revived, the main thing is your mutual desire.

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