What to do with a man if he came home drunk?


Husband’s excuses like “running”, “walking with friends” or something else articulate will definitely not work, so it makes sense to punish immediately, once and for all!

In view of the fact that the state has given wives power and turned a blind eye to many things, passing the reins into manicured loins, there is a great chance to go unpunished.

Consider the most epic and clear ways to wean a husband to drink and walk:

  1. Take all the cash from your wallet at night. Suitable only for those who have a black belt in karate, otherwise, you risk waking up the beast ahead of time. It will take years of training and many punching dolls to implement this point, so you have a great opportunity to not only legally beat men in the wrestling section, but also develop character almost for free.
  2. Tie or spank. Not a bad option, but the problem is that maybe your husband will like it and then he will drink even more.
  3. sniff. Not every person likes this technique, so in any case, you will not lose. As soon as your missus comes home, arrange for him a terrorist act in the form of sniffing, followed by meaningful and questioning facial expressions. By doing this, you will definitely unsettle him, because he is waiting for a scandal, but he is not.

  1. Check the list of incoming calls and sms. For new phones with fingerprint recognition, this will not be very easy to do. Mexican mafiosi would just cut off the phalanx, and you will have to be notably squatted so that this security system would recognize your drunken husband’s greasy prints.
  2. View a conversation with a friend. Many women miss the moment that it is in correspondence with friends that men tell each other all the details and share about the sore.

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