What to do with a wedding dress after a divorce: 6 mega-ways?

What to do with a wedding dress after a divorce: 6 mega-ways? On the day of marriage, every girl wants to shine with beauty; but after the divorce, it turns out that the wedding dress has turned from a symbol of happiness into a reminder of troubles and suffering. However, for some, divorce becomes a real liberation, which is worth celebrating no less on a grand scale than a wedding.

What about a wedding dress that you no longer need? Here, much depends on the mindset and emotions about the once solemn attire. Today we will consider several interesting options for how to deal with it. We are sure that you will definitely choose the most suitable one for yourself.

What to do with a wedding dress after a divorce: 6 mega-ways?

Method number 1. Sell it

The easiest way, besides, helping to gain some money. The rules for successfully selling a wedding dress are as follows:

  • Set the right price. If the outfit is in good condition, then it is best to sell it for a third of the original cost. So he will go faster.
  • Write a short and concise description. Don’t over-label your product – just list the price, size, brand, and collection. Refrain from poetic epithets like “the most seductive” or “angelic” dress. After all, each customer has her own taste, so they are unlikely to convince her. You can add a link to the salon website where the purchase was made in the ad.
  • Take a high-quality photo – the speed of the sale will depend on it to the greatest extent.
  • Indicate your contact details, the time of a possible meeting.
  • Add a motivating gift to your ad. For example, wedding shoes or a handbag.

Method number 2. What to do with a wedding dress? Of course, burn!

Naive young nymphs love to enthusiastically look at photos with wedding dresses and dream about what their wedding day will be like. But when a divorce happens, all that an adult woman wants to do is put an end to unfulfilled hopes once and for all. Get even – albeit symbolically – for unfulfilled dreams of personal happiness.

That is why even psychologists advise some clients to burn wedding dresses after a divorce. It would seem that this is not the best occupation for a woman, is it? But from a psychological point of view, it can be a great way to discharge. To do this, remember a few important points – otherwise the “magic” will not work.

  • Follow all fire safety regulations. Do not burn a dress at home or in a territory where it is prohibited and punishable by a fine.
  • It is best to put it in a large metal vat, and after lighting it, move to a safe distance. The best option is to burn the dress in a rural area, near a pond. Or you can do it in another safe place, taking a portable fire extinguisher with you.
  • Before you burn the dress, you can do one psychologically useful thing. Recall the negative experiences associated with marriage. Activate old unpleasant scenes, and mentally transfer negative feelings to this dress. You can tear it, cut it, chop it up with scissors. Make the dress the object of your anger. When surrendering to emotions, do not immerse yourself in them completely: remain aware so as not to inadvertently harm yourself.
  • After that, you can start burning. Imagine how the whole past life, which caused trouble and suffering, burns in this fire.
  • You don’t have to wait until the dress burns down completely if you have already felt inner satisfaction. Collect the ashes or pour water over the remains of half-burned rubbish. And then throw the rag somewhere far away. For example, in the same river or garbage can.
  • Celebrate freedom. Now you can have some real fun! Invite your friends and have a reckless pajama party. After all, you are energetically free from ties with the former. Let the wine flow like a river; order a ton of sweets or sushi – depending on your tastes.


Method number 3. Surprise his new girlfriend: send a wedding dress to her

It also happens that after a divorce, a woman is left with a thirst for revenge. In the past, some girls acted unseemly and even against the law. For example, they wrote an obscene word denoting a woman of easy virtue with paint on the doors of a rival (well, you guessed what a strong word is). But we all remember that revenge is a dish served cold; so you can use a more elegant way of revenge. In addition, after it, your opponent will not leave the feeling of mystical fear and the expectation of an unhappy fate.

So, the option for the most vengeful is to present the dress as a gift to the new passion of the former right on the wedding day. Wrap the outfit in a bright package, sign a card with the wishes of happiness. It is not necessary to present the “gift” in person at the celebration. You can use the courier delivery service or postal services.

Yes, it is not her fault that she got such a copy. But since this person does not want to get to know you personally, and ask you for recommendations on the use of a new (for you, a long-forgotten old) guy, you will have to do so. Otherwise, how else can you remind the unfortunate of the fate that awaits her?

Method number 4. Sew several sets for newborns and sell (give away) them

And now – to more peaceful options. From the ruffles and ruffles of the wedding dress, touching gizmos for newborn babies will turn out. Therefore, if you like to needlework, and you have creative ideas – go ahead! Get the dress out of the closet and sit down at the sewing machine. The resulting charming caps and envelopes for extracts can be sold. Or give to those who are about to have a baby.

Method number 5. Donate to the needy

Another option is to donate the dress to a charity. Some establishments are engaged in taking unwanted clothes from the population and distributing them to the poor. So, if the dress is very beautiful and expensive, and you would like to do a good deed, please some poor girl. Maybe your outfit will bring more happiness to someone.

Method number 6. Arrange a glamorous photo shoot

A wedding dress can be used to create a special series of photos. Its meaning is to take a series of pictures in which you act in an “angelic” or “devilish” guise. For example, in one image you are in a snow-white dress and veil with an innocent smile. On the other – in sexy underwear of a bright shade (black, red or whatever you think is the most daring).

Divorce is a break in connection forever, and therefore getting rid of an old wedding dress and other reminders of the past is always useful. It is unlikely that you will wear the same outfit to your next wedding; and it is unlikely that your daughter will want to wear an “unhappy” dress. So choose for yourself the option to your liking and boldly say goodbye to the past. After all, only after we let go of yesterday, we have the opportunity to step on the threshold of the future. What to do with a wedding dress after a divorce: 6 mega-ways?

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