What to Say Instead of Hey or Hello on Tinder to a Girl? 100 Examples


What to Say Instead of Hey or Hello on Tinder? 100 Examples
What to Say Instead of Hey or Hello on Tinder? 100 Examples

Do you want to make acquaintance with a charming, beautiful, and smart girl? When you meet a girl on tinder, the text is everything, so every word must be carefully checked. How to stand out from hundreds of people who want to meet a charming beauty? We have prepared funny, cute, interesting, perky, humorous pick-up lines or phrases (that you can say besides simple hi or hello on tinder or the best way to say hello on tinder) become the first step on the way to the girl of your dreams.

100 Examples or Ideas of what to say a girl on Tinder besides “Hey” “Hi” or “Hello”

  1. You have a charming smile and probably a wonderful name. I really want to know him.
  2. You need the best guy, and that’s me!
  3. I’m in a great mood today. Let’s fly to the skies together!
  4. The day seemed gray and dull before I saw your photo.
  5. If you become my girlfriend, all my friends will die of envy.
  6. I just saw a photo of a princess … no, a goddess! And this is you!
  7. I’m the coolest and coolest guy in the world. Become a lady of my heart while it is still free!
  8. I am looking for that one and only one that will cook me dumplings, and I will give her flowers and wear them on my hands. I think it’s you.
  9. Girl, make the unfortunate man happy – tell me your name!
  10. Are you a guest from a fairy tale?
  11. I have my own apartment and a kitten. For a complete idyll, only you are not enough.
  12. I am looking for the one that will help me to spend my salary wisely.
  13. Today is a wonderful evening. Let’s make it even better and talk.
  14. I am a seller of happiness, but I can give it to you for free.
  15. There is a vacancy for a “girl for going to the theater” You fit perfectly.
  16. I want to invite you to a concert of your favorite band. Just give her name and your name.
  17. Such a charming girl must have an unusual name.
  18. Today is a wonderful evening! Let’s make it even more magical and get to know each other.
  19. I’ve always wanted to meet an angel. When I saw your photo, I realized that the angel is you.
  20. I bet with a friend that I can meet the most adorable girl in the world. And it’s you.
  21. Your smile illuminates the whole world! Please, become a personal source of light for me.
  22. Today I saw a photo of the girl of my dreams, and now I dream of knowing your name.
  23. Girl, do you want to meet the perfect guy?
  24. You wrote in your profile that you love the sea. I love him too. Let’s get acquainted!
  25. Girl, I saw you in a dream today. But I want to meet in reality.
  26. Your beauty captivates even through the screen, I really want to know your name.
  27. Lovely stranger, let’s get to know each other!
  28. You have an amazing look! I drowned in the depths of your eyes.
  29. Struck by your beauty, I forgot my phone number. Write me your number!
  30. What a delight your smile is!
  31. You indicated in your profile that you like coffee. I want to invite you for a cup of latte.
  32. Girl, I’m changing your free time for going to the movies in my modest company.
  33. Girl, when I saw your photo, I forgot my name from the shock. Have pity on the unfortunate – open yours to me.
  34. You have a cool bike! I also love cycling. Maybe we can ride together?
  35. Are you by any chance an angel who escaped from a boring paradise? If so, I can help you arrange a fun “vacation”.
  36. I am looking for a decent passenger for my white Mercedes. You fit perfectly.
  37. I really want to become your loyal and devoted knight.
  38. Your smile illuminates a gloomy day. And what is the name of the girl with such a radiant smile?
  39. Girl, please include me as the first item in your life plan for the next hundred years.
  40. I know for sure – in a past life, we ​​knew each other. Let’s continue this wonderful tradition in this life as well.
  41. Your beauty knocks me off my feet.
  42. I remembered where I saw you! On the cover of Cosmopolitan!
  43. It’s a pity that I’m not a cat. I would spend all my nine lives at your feet.
  44. Girl, your name is not Juliet? Not? Anyway, allow me to become your loyal and loyal Romeo.
  45. I found my Dulcinea! It is you! For your sake, I am ready to fight the windmills.
  46. Today is not my best day. But this is not a reason for sadness – let’s save the evening together!
  47. If beauty could kill, you would be the deadliest weapon.
  48. Are you an alien by any chance? I have never met such a beauty on Earth.
  49. I want to get lost with you in the mountains, or on a desert island, or in the center of Paris … Yes, anywhere – if only with you.
  50. You are the cover girl of a fashion magazine!
  51. Where did you hide your snow-white wings? After all, you are an angel!
  52. I change the carriage of free time to communicate with you.
  53. I want to admire the moon with you, or drink coffee, or swing on the ocean waves.
  54. When I saw your photo, I believed that fairies exist.
  55. I used to think that the brightest stars are Sirius and Vega, but now I know for sure that these are your eyes.
  56. You are gorgeous. Can I find out your name?
  57. You’re beautiful. I dream to share with you all the joys of life.
  58. The goddess Aphrodite was clearly your great-grandmother. You are the beauty queen!
  59. Hello lovely stranger! I have handcuffs to bind our destinies forever.
  60. If this was the last day of my life, I would like to spend it with you in a restaurant or in a movie.
  61. Are you the great-granddaughter of the goddess of beauty?
  62. I am drowning in your eyes, charming stranger! Throw a lifebuoy – say your name.
  63. Seeing your photo, I forgot how to breathe.
  64. Your smile is simply dazzling!
  65. I want to learn how to dance the waltz. Can you help me?
  66. I want to pick up the golden key to your heart.
  67. I am very lucky today – I saw your photo. And my failed day was saved.
  68. Are you not related to the Queen of England? You look so aristocratic!
  69. I read in the horoscope that today I will meet a real beauty. Seeing your photo, I realized that the horoscope was not mistaken.
  70. Hey! From the pictures I can see that you like roller-skating. I also love videos. Let’s ride together.
  71. You are the princess of my dreams. Only in them, you were in crystal shoes and a gilded carriage.
  72. Let’s try to find our happiness together?
  73. You are an angel! Give me wings and teach me to soar in the sky.
  74. Girl, did you do figure skating as a child? Not? And me too. As you can see, we have a lot in common. Let’s take a closer look.
  75. You have beautiful, bottomless eyes. I almost drowned in them.
  76. I didn’t believe that you can fall in love with a girl whom I only saw in a photograph until I saw your photo.
  77. Thanks to the internet for the opportunity to see your photo. You are beautiful!
  78. I do not envy your girlfriends – you overshadowed them all with beauty.
  79. You have a beautiful, mysterious smile. I want to solve her secret.
  80. When I saw your photo, I felt severe chest pain. Looks like Cupid hit me with an arrow right in the heart.
  81. I want to know the name of the owner of such a charming, radiant smile.
  82. You are so beautifully and stylishly dressed! Are you a stylist by profession or is it an innate sense of style?
  83. Girl, I’ve never seen such beautiful legs!
  84. Girl, I really want to taste your red lipstick.
  85. I really want to fit into your plans for tomorrow evening. I hope you don’t mind?
  86. You have charming, well-defined lips. And the lipstick looks just magical on them.
  87. Are you the princess who escaped from a fairy tale?
  88. Where are your angel wings? Have you hidden them or lost them? But it doesn’t matter: without them, you look even better.
  89. The vacancy of a companion for a trip to the sea or ocean is open. You are perfect.
  90. A beautiful woman like you definitely needs a bodyguard. I propose myself for this position. I will guard you anxiously and faithfully.
  91. You have such luxurious, long, and beautiful hair that even Rapunzel will envy.
  92. If I guess your name, I’ll have coffee and ice cream. The number of attempts is one million. Do you agree?
  93. Hope you like tea roses? I’d like to give a bouquet to such a beautiful girl.
  94. Your eyes are amazing. And the color of the eyes too.
  95. Your photos are great, but if I were in them next to you, they would be simply masterpieces.
  96. You have such a charming smile that even Gioconda will envy.
  97. You are just a dream girl. But I want not only to dream of meeting you, but also to meet in reality.
  98. I saw your photo yesterday, but did not dare to write. Then he did not sleep the whole night – he reproached himself for cowardice. Save me from a second sleepless night – state your name! I will not sleep until I recognize him.
  99. The fact that we are not yet familiar is a terrible misunderstanding, and it needs to be urgently corrected!
  100. I read that girls who prefer green in their clothes are bright creative personalities. Are you exactly like that?
  101. You are a stranger from my dreams. Let’s get to know each other?


Have you met? Now you need to develop communication. Compliment the girl, invite her to the theater or to the cinema, tell an interesting anecdote. In the virtual world, as in the real one, you need to try to stand out and be original.

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