What to say to a girl on a first date to a guy and what not to say?

What to say to a girl on a first date to a guy and what not to say? The first date is always an exciting moment for any girl. Especially if you already like this man. I want to interest, attract, and put myself in the best light. It is very scary to blurt out something wrong or to bury the beginning relationship under dead silence.

Yes, not all topics are suitable for a first meeting. No, and it’s worth it before you start. Most likely, the man is worried no less. What to say so that there is no unpleasant aftertaste?

What not to talk about?

First, it is better to understand which topics are best left untouched. Having avoided these sharp corners, further, in principle, you can safely continue to recognize each other.

You will still have time to find out about the shortcomings, but for the first time, it is better to hold your horses.

So, taboo topics:

  • “Chetyre kita”.

Religion, politics, a man’s income, and your former relationship are very hot topics. No torpedo, you should know that it’s heavy. You will still have time to recognize him from these serious sides;

  • Don’t get in his head.

No need to ask about the subject Or why he is silent. You, most likely, will not hear the truth, but where you can be put in an awkward position and make you lie;

  • Leave EMOs at the door.

Even if you did not have the best day, do not rush to notify your boyfriend about it. If you start whining and complaining about universal injustice, you can’t get bored and decide that he will have to listen to it for the rest of his life;

You are great if you have some achievements and financial success. A man may be embarrassed and think that he is not worthy of you. Or vice versa, you will put a gigolo on the tail;

Do not paint your plans for the gentleman about marriage, five children, and a house in the forest. Men are instinctively afraid of responsibility and such a rapid development of events. Don’t make him faint;

By giving a large number of compliments, you can expose yourself as insincere and involuntarily make it clear that you are pursuing some kind of goal;

  • Don’t flirt too much.

Shooting eyes, a languid voice, and throwing one leg over the other can signal to a man that you are easily accessible and desperate;

What to talk about on a first date with a man?

Avoid provocative questions and don’t be rude. You can easily come across as narcissistic and self-centered if you act like this.

Now that you know what not to do, you can move on to a normal date with some interesting dialogue.

What to talk about?

The most important thing will be not only to tell about yourself but also to let your partner speak. All people love when they hear about them. No and no word about it. Ask questions, show your interest.

For the following topics, which are given in terms of the number of dialogues:

  • Interests and hobbies.

Especially such a conversation will help if a man is clearly shy and makes contact with difficulty. Remember that a couple does not have to have the same hobbies. Therefore, if you do not understand anything about video games, you do not need to show your enthusiasm for this.

A man, maybe, will be pleased, but you won’t be able to support a further conversation, how and to divide him.

It is permissible to discuss joint leisure. Find common hobbies that both can enjoy, and the conversation will go;

  • Work or study.

It is not on the list of the individual courses so it is possible to see the position and it is not known in the future. To all that is in it, to all the words that belong to the classes, and to the parts of the company;

  • Family and childhood.

You can ask a man about his relatives. What information to share – he decides for himself. Perhaps he does not want to talk about some family members at all. Avoid talking about the work of your parents so that the man does not think that you are sniffing out your financial situation.

Not everyone likes to remember their childhood. If you are in the rest of the world, you will be able to see the grandma’s pies and trips to her for the holidays. If the topic is of interest to your gentleman, give him the initiative;

  • Plans on building and ambitions.

Such a conversation will appeal to sociable extroverts. It is appropriate if a man will soon finish his studies or his career is going uphill. If he has just been expelled or fired, then such questions can upset him and remind him of existing pambroubles.

You can talk about your ambitions in professional or creative activities. No in privacy. Talking about family, children, and a dog can scare a man off at first, and your relationship ends before it starts.

For a pleasant atmosphere, there will be a discussion that, for example, you want to go to Bangladesh or a conspiracy. You can even discuss a joint goal – to learn English and agree to enroll in courses;

  • Neutral subjects.

They will help fill awkward pauses in the conversation if any. Men like women who listen carefully to them. Be sure to remember what he says. These topics will come in handy on your next dates;

  • Attitude towards our smaller brothers.

Talking about cats, dogs, and other living creatures is an excellent indicator of the “quality” of a man in the role of your chosen one. He may not have a pet. A conversation can be built around whether he would like to get someone and why he has not yet done so.

Discuss why you like cats or dogs more. Tell me who you have a big weakness for.

A man may not show much interest, citing indifference. There is nothing wrong with this. No, it is not possible and there is a problem with it so it is still there.

Probably, communication should not be continued further, because you stumbled upon a frankly callous and possibly tinny;

  • Favorite music and films.

You can offer to go to the cinema or some concert next time. This will start a conversation about cultural preferences. Remember that everyone has different tastes. Therefore, if you do not digest Russian rap, you do not need to immediately make fun of a man.

Also in films. Find something that will be interesting to both of you (or equally indifferent). If a man offers to see something that may be contrary to your moral principles, politely refuse and be sure to explain the reason;

Almost all men go in for sports, went in for, or simply cheer for some sports team. Ask about his hobbies. Yes, men’s sports are not always interesting for women. But the gentleman is talking about the last football match, shut him up.

Be natural. No advance notice in the interrogations. And don’t act like everything has to go according to your plan. Leave room for improvisation. Build a dialogue, not a monolog.

Give out exactly the amount of information about yourself that you consider appropriate. Don’t overthrow it and don’t worry about it. If you show yourself to be a pleasant companion, then a second date is guaranteed.

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