What To Talk About With A Girl?

What To Talk About With A Girl? Girls love to talk a lot, who doesn’t know about it? And if we see our friends, then this chatter can go on for hours, although if you listen, it is difficult to understand what topic and what is the meaning of this conversation. However, it is difficult for men to figure out what to talk about with a girl.

Indeed, it is quite difficult for me and the guys to repeat this trick, and it requires a lot of effort. To a greater extent, this is due to the fact that both are tense and afraid to make a negative impression on each other, blurt out something wrong.

Now I will analyze the main mistakes of the guys and offer you 54 cool questions with which you can easily dilute any conversation and pass for a super interesting interlocutor.

What To Talk About With A Girl?

Ask the right questions (What is it?)

The main mistake guys make is to ask closed questions, which are supposed to have a one-word short answer:

“Where do you study?”
“Where do you work?”
“Are you alone here?”
“Do you like it here?”
“Do you want something to drink?”
“What’s your favorite ice cream?”

And others. Answers – “Yes / No / With nuts.” Even if she is too interested in the conversation, then the maximum can support the response:

“And you?”

And the conversation has reached a dead end, you urgently need to come up with a new question. And most likely, you will issue another closed and again awkward silence. And so on in a circle.

What to do?

By the way, do you feel? I have now asked open questions. The one we need. In general, this concept came from marketing (the art of selling), it is there that all these tricks are widely used according to the location of the client for a favorable outcome of the transaction.

We will say “thank you” to them and take advantage of their cunning. What is this animal – an open question? This is a question that involves only a detailed answer using your knowledge, experience, and feelings. Just what the doctor ordered.

Examples of open questions:

“Tell me, how did you choose your specialty?”

“What brings you here?”

That is, most questions that contain interrogative trigger words “how (do you think)”, “why”, “why”, “what”.

You can generate them on the spot, depending on what the environment or situation is around:

“Why do you think they put 2 tubes in a cocktail?”

Or have your personal list in stock, I will show examples of questions below.

Use the answers to your advantage

Now about the answers. Try to catch the details and “dig in” to them.

For example, you found a mutual friend and a dialogue:

– And under what conditions, where did you meet?
– Yes, a large company went to nature that year, he was with his wife, they met there.
– Understandably. Do you like to go out into nature? And what is the best way to spend time there?

That is, they noticed “nature”, developed the topic further.

Important! Don’t turn the conversation into an interrogation by bombarding her with questions. Try to “receive the ball” and also in response to tell some fact about yourself or an interesting story in the topic.

In the example about nature, you can screw in a funny story from some barbecue trip.

For your story to “ignite” it, there is a small secret. Tell it emotionally. If she is funny – smile during the story and chuckle (do not overdo it). The girl will catch this wave and also have fun.

If the story is just exciting, then stop in the middle of the conversation, shake your head (like “no”), you can take a sip and continue. It’s terribly intriguing and draws you into the plot.

And yes, do not answer the girl’s questions in monosyllables. Spread a little thought on the tree, so that she, in turn, can cling to the details.

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What to talk about with a girl: making the conversation interesting

1. Not all questions need to be open-ended. You really get tired of keeping them all in your head and formulating them correctly. They are vital to fill a pause or start a conversation so that the girl is included in it.

As soon as she also begins to answer and ask counter questions, you can relax.

2. Communication should be mutual. It is not normal if a man only asks, and a woman, so be it, condescends to an answer and is silent further. If this is the case, then there are 2 options:

– she has another man and communication with you is a burden to her;

– she is such by nature – she cannot connect two words.

Are these two options worth your attention? It’s better to wind up the conversation and say goodbye than to squeeze the clown out of yourself all evening.

3. Let’s get back to an interesting conversation. You can diversify and make the girl laugh with a series of “why” and “what for”, spinning the same question with a further “why”.

4. Take a look around – the situations around you, events, and scenery can lead to some topic. You are walking in the park, an athlete runs past you:

“Do you like playing sports? Could you run like this every day?

“Look how the cafe was decorated for the holiday. By the way, what are your plans for the New Year?

I think you will also be interested to read my publication 32 amazing topics for a conversation with a girl (opens in a new window), which will help you make the dialogue even more interesting and become in her eyes an even more attractive and desirable interlocutor who you want to meet again and again.

What To Talk About With A Girl?

3 original ways to fill awkward pauses when communicating with a girl

1 Smile broadly tilt your head to the side and look at her without looking up. There will be a reaction:

Why are you smiling/looking?
“Surprisingly, I feel so good with you. Even silence is good.


– I’m just admiring you. You are so beautiful, amazing.

Bingo. And the pause was filled and the compliment was made subtly, so that it would simply melt.

2. Prepare 2-3 funny stories in advance. It may seem very banal, but it always works.

“Oh, we had a situation here on Wednesday at work. I still laugh when I remember…”

Just don’t tell bayans from the Internet, otherwise, you will be disgraced when she tells you the end of the story.

3. Make a confession:

– Kapets, I want to make a good impression on you so much that I get worried and forget what I wanted to say.


It’s so embarrassing to be silent. Let’s see what we can order for dessert here. By the way, how do you feel about sweets?

– You are so beautiful and I am lost, like a boy in front of you. I chat with simple girls and don’t even bother. And you are special.

By doing this, you will defuse the situation and it will really become easier for you. When you voice your fear out loud, you stop holding it back inside, and then a huge amount of energy that went into this fight is released.

And now to the most interesting, if these questions still matter to you after reading, of course.

47 questions that girls answer for a long time and with pleasure

1. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

2. What type of people do you dislike?

3. What do you value in people?

4. How would you like to see your life partner?

5. Did you have to make a difficult decision that changed your life a lot?

6. Name 3 of your weaknesses.

7. Could you break the law to save a family member?

8. What would you spend 10 million rubles on?

9. At what age did your first love happen to you?

10. Describe your best vacation.

11. What did you dream of becoming when you grow up?

12. What is your motto or favorite quote in life?

13. Have you been abroad?

14. What language do you speak?

15. What does “true love” mean to you?

16. What were you afraid of when you were little?

17. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

18. If you could visit any country in the world and spend 2 weeks there, which one would you choose?

19. What is your favorite color?

20. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

21. What is the most memorable gift you have received?

22. Are you an owl or a lark?

23. As a child, were you closer to your mom or dad?

24. Are you a gambling person?

25. Do you prefer planning or spontaneity in everyday life?

26. What genre of book do you like to read the most?

27. Have you been seriously injured?

28. How do you spend New Year’s Eve, are there any traditions?

29. Where are you and under what circumstances do you feel happy?

30. What do you have in the fridge now?

31. How long was your longest relationship?

32. How do you feel about gay couples?

33. Do you like to watch any competitions?

34. Do you think the past has any meaning in a new relationship?

35. What quality do others find strange about you?

36. Do you like to dance? Do you dance when you’re alone?

37. Which celebrity would you like to meet? What would you say to him/her?

38. How would your friends describe you in three words?

39. What is your biggest dream in life?

40. What is your zodiac sign? Do you believe in horoscopes?

41. If you had one dish for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

42. What book impressed you the most?

43. What 4 qualities do you consider the most important for a man?

44. What movie made you cry?

45. What would you never be able to work? What is the most difficult profession?

46. ​​What is your very first memory?

47. What inspired you to choose your profession?

Secret Weapon: 7 Compliment Questions

We turn off sarcasm, turn on a serious tone, and raised eyebrows in surprise after the question. We speak sincerely and without pretense. Otherwise, your compliment-hook for a girl will sound like a mockery.

If you do not believe the statement in the phrase is true, then do not say it at all!

Well, if you can’t speak with the right intonation, practice on cats and only then try on girls.

48. What kind of perfume do you use? You smell so good!

49. What did you finish? So erudite (smart)!

50. Do you like visiting beauty salons? Your skin is so smooth and flawless, I want to touch it.

51. What sports do you do? Such a figure is ideal and athletic.

52. Have you studied music or are you naturally talented?

53. Can I just call you if I want to hear your voice?

54. Is there a free seat next to you? Can I sit down? I would like to spend this time with such a pleasant neighbor.

These hint questions will help you not only start a conversation, but also know what to talk about with a girl. Look for common ground and what unites you. Find a common passion or a common dream and offer to fulfill it together.

What To Talk About With A Girl?

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