What to Talk to a Guy? 10 Best Conversation Topics

In general, the guy should take the initiative in communication. This is an indicator of his self-confidence, erudition, and desire to prove himself. However, different situations happen in life, and it is better to have a plan in your head about what to talk about with a guy on a date or in a chat. If, for example, he is shy.

What to Talk to a Guy? 10 Best Conversation Topics
What to Talk to a Guy? 10 Best Conversation Topics

There are such situations. The young man really likes the girl, they go out for a walk and he gets lost. If you have ever had such a situation, then this article will be very useful to you. You will learn about the best conversation topics with a guy.

What to Talk to a Guy? 10 Best Conversation Topics

1. Hobbies

An excellent topic of conversation. You can find out what your new friend is interested in. And then draw conclusions about his lifestyle, character, temperament. Perhaps you have common values ​​in life.

2. Food

You will find out if the guy likes to cook, how he eats, and what his favorite dishes are. You can also discuss highlights from your travels when one of you tried an unusual exotic dish.

3. Travel

You can talk for a long time about who was in which countries and where you liked more. Maybe the young man went to some country, and he liked it so much that he would like to stay there. Let him tell you more about his impressions and feelings. And if you yourself have visited interesting places, tell him about it. The guy will also be extremely interested to know the details of your life.

4. Holidays

Each person has vivid and pleasant memories of any holiday. Maybe he was celebrating New Year in the mountains? Or went to Thailand for your birthday with friends? I think he will be happy to share such moments with you. You can also talk about how you celebrated in an unusual way.

5. Pets

Many people keep pets at home. Find out if he is a cat lover or a dog lover? Who lives at his house? Or maybe he doesn’t like animals at all? In any case, you can tell each other a lot on this topic.

6. Clothes

Actually, this is a favorite female discussion topic. But it can also be affected in communication with a man. First, you are good at it. Therefore, you will have something to say about this. Secondly, you can find out the preferences of the young man in style. And even suggest something to him from his own, feminine point of view (But it is delicate to do this if he asks for advice himself).

7. Children

You can not develop a conversation about children for many hours, because the guy will not be very interested. Yes, and he may think that you have not really met him yet, but you are already thinking about children. But on the other hand, he may have a younger brother or sister, nephews. When it comes to children, a young man can tell funny stories that you laugh at. You will also find out his attitude towards children.

8. Friends

He probably has friends about whom he can tell a lot of interesting things. You will understand what kind of people he communicates with and how they spend their free time.

9. Relationships

You can ask him a question about which girl he would like to eventually build a relationship with. Let him apply his imagination and tell about her qualities, attitude to certain things, how he would treat her. I would give gifts, speak sweet words, and the like.

10. Favorite places

What places does he like to visit in his city? Let him tell you where he goes and how they attract him. Or maybe there are places where, on the contrary, you are not very attracted to? It will be interesting. You can advise him of something from your preference list.

These are the main topics for communication with a guy. Pick a few that you like best, and you won’t have any awkward pauses in the conversation. On the contrary, emotionally interesting communication will be struck up.

What mistakes can you make when communicating with a guy?

1. Talk about work or school.

This is a trivial and boring topic that can evoke not the best emotions. We disappear all day at work or school. And on the contrary, I want to distract myself from all this, talk about something light and abstract. Laugh. In general, if you do swing this topic, then it is advisable not on the first date.

2. Talk about women’s topics.

The guy will simply be completely uninterested in what you tell him. If you describe your shopping, some female tricks, talk about cosmetics, etc., then the young man, at best, will nod his head, pretending to listen. Really thinking about how to get rid of you as quickly as possible. Start a conversation about topics that will interest both of you.

3. Talk exclusively about yourself, ask uninteresting questions, interrupt a man.

Your conversation should not sound like an interrogation. Also, he should not turn into an hour and a half monologue about himself, beloved. Communication should develop harmoniously: first, you are talking about something, then a guy, and vice versa. Do not interrupt your interlocutor in mid-sentence. Let me finish. Listen carefully. Be less distracted by your smartphone: when you tell a person a hundred things, but he does not look up from his phone, it is wildly annoying. Use your sense of humor. I also advise you to read the article 100 questions for a guy.

Now you know what to talk about with a guy and how to build competent communication. Good luck!

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