What to Text First a Girl on a Dating Site? 100+ Examples

What to Text First a Girl on a Dating Site? 100 Examples
What to Text First a Girl on a Dating Site? 100 Examples

What do you say in your very first message to a girl on a dating site?

We cannot arrange your personal life for you. But it is in our power to help you start a dialogue with the girl you like here are 100 best examples on what to text first a girl on a dating site?

All phrases are divided into several categories – copy and paste.

Compliments to the Girl on a Dating Site.

1. You have very beautiful eyes.

2. When you smile, you are even more beautiful.

3. You are very sexy.

4. You give the impression of a very cheerful and radiant girl. This is cool.

5. I look at your photos and it seems to me that you are a very charismatic girl.

6. You have a cool style.

7. You are one of the most beautiful girls that I have seen in my life.

8. When you enter a room, all eyes are fixed on you, I’m sure.

9.  You are very beautiful.

10.  You are a very effective girl.

11. You radiate confidence. This is impressive.

12.  I almost bumped into someone while looking at your photos.

13.  I can’t explain it, but you are not like anyone.

14.  You are very nice.

15.  You are so feminine.

16.  You are very elegant.

17.  You have a nice body.

18.  Judging by the photo, you have a delicate taste.

19.  I love your curls.

20.  I drew attention to you because of the profile description. You are very original / funny / witty / interesting.

Feelings, Emotions and all that to Message or text a Girl on Dating Site

1. For a long time I did not dare to write to you, but I really liked you.

2. I wasn’t having a very good day. And then I came across your profile. And my soul became warmer.

3. I look at your photos – and a smile appears on my face.

4. I liked you. I would like to know you better.

5. You remind me of the heroine of the movie “…”.

6. When I look at you, the song “…” is playing in my head.

7. Your profile is like a breath of fresh air among the same type of photos and quotes.

8. You have a very interesting profile description. A controversial idea, but I absolutely agree. Because….

Question Messages to ask a Girl on Dating Site

If the girl indicated personal information in her profile, spoke about her interests and hobbies, use this as an opportunity to start a dialogue.

1. For some reason, it seems to me that you are very good at dancing / singing, etc. (depending on what photos the girl posted).

2. I also love dogs / cats / parrots / penguins. The name of?

3. I read your blog / looked at your photos. You are doing great.

4. Funny profile description. I like it.

5. I also love this director. He has a new film coming out on Wednesday. I would like to go to it with a person who will not be on the phone for the entire session. Then we could exchange impressions. What do you think about that?

6. I finally found someone who also loves his books! What do you think “…”?

7. Do you like to travel? Have you ever been to….

8. You have a very interesting profile. Your favorite movie (TV series) -…? Have you read the book? What do you think?

9. It’s great that you love to play sports. How do you like extreme sports, such as snowboarding? This spring, I want to test my strength and go to the ski resort.

10. Your profile picture is… isn’t it? I always wanted to go there. Is it really as cool as everyone says?

11. Is that your dog in the photo? Cool breed. And here is mine (photo). We can meet and walk our idiots together.

12. You wrote in your profile that you love everything French. How do you like the movie “…”? Very atmospheric, I think.

13. Do you like Asian food? There is a restaurant in the center where both food and interior are on the same level. It “…”. I can introduce you to him.

Original and Best Things to send a Girl on Dating Site

The most creative and cute pick-up lines. Only use with girls who have a sense of humor.

Originality is good. But all these “angels falling from heaven” have already managed to make the girls sore. Such things should be presented lightly and lightly.

1. I need medical attention. When I look at you, my heart starts to beat faster.

2. I’m like hot chocolate without marshmallows without you.

3. I argued with my friends – they said that I did not have the courage to write to a beautiful girl. Going to the movies with the money I won?

4. I’m calling the police. You stole my heart.

5. I like you more than a day off without an alarm clock.

6. Now it’s clear who the song James Blunt – You’re beautiful is about.

7. Last night there was a shower of stars. Nice, of course, but you can’t compare.

8. Every curve of your body is beautiful. And the most captivating of them is your smile.

9. In order to capture such beauty, I am ready to become an artist or photographer.

10.  Do you believe in love from the first swipe?

11.  The man who is lucky enough to spend the rest of his days with you is the luckiest man on the planet.

12.  You look like my future girlfriend.

13.  On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re 11.

How to Ask a Girl out on a Date whom you met on Dating Site?

The sooner you bring communication into reality, the better. Not every girl agrees to meet a guy she doesn’t know anything about.

But there are a lot of brave ladies who think messaging without dating is a waste of time on dating sites.

1. You wrote that you love sunsets. Let’s go watch together?

2. I’ve been looking for a company for morning jogging / learning English / cooking classes for a long time. Let’s go to motivate each other for success.

3. Mistakenly ordered two cheesecakes instead of one. If anything, I’m in the cafe “…”. Even if you don’t like me, the cheesecakes will not disappoint you – they are really delicious here.

4. I know where the coolest restaurant / cafe / bar is in our city. Do you want me to tell you?

5. Our whole life is an attraction. I suggest not to oppose this and go to the park for a roller coaster ride.

6. How about a bike ride and admire the city painted with the colors of the sunset?

7. I liked you. How about we meet on Friday at “…”? I love live communication.

8. Today is world pizza day. I propose to celebrate this wonderful holiday in the restaurant “…”.

9. Right now, I would eat a plate of pasta, wash it all down with good wine, and then go to the movies for some movie. How do you like the program?

10. I have never gone bowling. Planning to fix it, are you with me? If you’re far from that, too, let’s screw up a bit and go get some pizza.

11. The weather is so great today that you need to take advantage of it. See you at the park? I will be in a beige coat and with a cup of coffee for you in my hands. Latte or espresso?

12. On Friday I go to a wine tasting. In my opinion, a great way to spend your time with benefit. How do you feel about red semisweet?

General Questions to Ask a Girl on Dating Site

If you haven’t figured it out yet, “hello, how are you?” – a phrase that will destroy your chances of dating. Exactly like “hello, what are you doing?”.

1. This is my first time in this city. What should I look at first?

2. What’s your ideal day?

3. What makes you happy?

4. What inspires you?

5. Do you rely on fate or do you prefer to take everything into your own hands?

6. If you could do anything, what would it be?

7. What do you think about “…”? – here you can ask about the mainstream series or the event under discussion.

8. What is a way out of your comfort zone for you?

9. Which celebrity would you go out to dinner with? I would like to talk to … and …. I think they had a very busy life.

10. I want to watch a movie that would turn my mind. Do you have any in mind?

11. What’s the last book you’ve read that impressed you? I still digest the “…” I read last week.

12. Do you have a “place of power”? I love this park / promenade / cafe. See how the view opens here (here you need to attach an aesthetic photo taken by you to the message).

13. What is the most overrated film, TV series, book, band and travel destination in your opinion? For me it …, … , … , …. And of course….

14. The weirdest tackle you’ve ever heard? I had this….

15.  What are the main pros and cons of dating sites and apps in your opinion?

16. What is your happiest childhood memory? I have it….

17. Are you a person from the past, present or future? I am probably a man of the future. I constantly plan everything. I would like to learn how to live in the present. Do you have that kind of talent?

18. You also think that “Hello, how are you?” – so-so way to get to know a person better? I suggest talking about the colonization of Mars, pineapple pizza and Japanese advertising.

19. What is the biggest disappointment in your life? Mine – when in childhood I learned that….

20.  What is taboo for you in a relationship?

21. Do you have an example to follow?

22. The most reckless thing you’ve ever done in your life? I still cannot believe that I decided on….

23. A movie that you are ready to watch a million times? I have this “…”. Seriously, I’m still waiting for him to get tired of me, but this does not happen.

24. Describe your week using only emojis.

25.  A movie whose title describes your life?

26.  What do you like about dating apps?

27.  Yoga and smoothies or pizza and TV shows?

28. Three qualities that you are proud of in yourself? My, probably, the ability to adapt to new circumstances, a sense of humor and determination.

29.  Do you believe that every person has a soulmate, a second half?

30. Do you know about Socionics? How do you feel about her, did you recognize your type?

31.  What is the most valuable online dating advice you would like to give to everyone?

32.  If you were offered time travel, would you go to the past or the future? Or sent everything to hell and stayed in the present?

33. A character in a book or movie that you would like to be like? I would choose….

34.  If we were at Hogwarts, what house would you be in?

Rules for Communicating or Texting with a Girl on Dating Site

  • Do not delay the correspondence. Scrolling through her photos, “swiping” or commenting on her photos and waiting for the weather by the sea is not an option.
  • “Mirror” her manner of communication. Use about the same number of emojis as she does. Write long messages if she likes to write poems. Write succinct and concise texts, if brevity is her sister.
  • Write correctly and check your spelling on the Internet if in doubt. “Opreore”, “koordinalno”, “meticulous”, “obstructed” – this is grammatical terrorism.
  • After a week – two regular conversations, it’s time to call the girl out on a date. If you drag out an offline meeting too long, someone else will invite her. In the online dating world, seven don’t wait for one.

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