What to Write to a Girl to Make Her Happy?

What to Write to a Girl to Make Her Happy? To please a loved one – it’s so nice! Scientists have proven that both parties get pleasure in equal proportions. In other words, we try not for others, but for ourselves. But seriously, many guys do not always know what to write to a girl so that she is pleased. Some of the “pleasant things” you have with us do not coincide at all, but it happens that nothing good comes to mind.

You twist the smartphone in your hands, turn it around, so you can’t think of anything, and put it aside. But in vain. Read the article and you will not have such problems again.

What to Write to a Girl to Make Her Happy?

What can make a girl happy: 6 main types of weapons

This, of course, will not be about actions, but about those things and words that can be sent on a social network or in a messenger.

1. Compliment or admiration for her appearance, intelligence, intelligence, personal qualities.

2. Words of support or empathy.

3. Joke: A funny picture, phrase, or meme.

4. A poem (short!) describing your relationship as a couple or your feelings as a man.

5. Cute and sweet treats. I will stop here in more detail. Many, I emphasize – many (not all) girls love all sorts of romantic and touching words. You know your friend better, I can just share them, and whether to send them or not is your personal choice. If the previous 4 points are universal, then this one is not.

For example, all these sweet speeches do not inspire me, they seem to me feigned and childish. Well, it disgusts me that an adult brutal man suddenly starts to lisp. But I am not a role model, but just one of them. In general, I warned.

6. Declaration of love.

The main feature of correspondence with girls

Don’t forget that girls are by nature emotional. And in order to evoke a response from her, your message must also carry some emotion.

Before sending, evaluate the emotionality of the message on a scale from 0 to 5, if it is below 3, then do not expect a return. For example, you want to cheer her up and send:

“Hold on!” – well, since there is a message, then I rate the message at 2 – most likely, the girl will not answer anything, or something like: “Uh-huh,” out of politeness.

“Hold on, Natasha! I’m with you! Everything will be alright!” – here, empathy and even encouragement are emphasized, pulling on 5. It is clear that in this case the answer will be detailed: “Thank you, Vit, for your support, I am pleased and now it is really important.”

And that’s all, Vitya is on horseback at once, they will be happy to receive signs of attention from him later and more. But from the first sender (soulless), the following messages will only annoy and be ignored.

And the difference is only 6 additional words (I also counted this with prepositions).

In general, when composing any message, remember about EMOTIONALITY. Of course, you don’t need to shove it where it’s necessary and not necessary, but it’s a must in your main or first messages in order to get a response in the girl’s heart.

Compliments to a girl in your own words

Let’s quickly run through the rules:

1. Write sincerely.
2. Emphasize her qualities, not external attributes (bag, hairstyle, clothes).
3. Calmly and confidently, do not fawn or flatter.
4. Rarity is the sister of value. In general, do not share.

Now examples. Phrases can unroll (complement as you see fit) or vice versa, reduce. They can be sent any girl without fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed:

  • You are very beautiful, incredibly smart, and interesting – a rare combination in modern girls!
  • You have the most beautiful and kind eyes I have ever seen!
  • You are so playful and turn me on so much!
  • You have become my meaning of life: I wake up with the thought of you and fall asleep;
  • You are so tender like an angel!
  • Your smile is the most beautiful in the world, my mood rises when I see it.
  • So I want to see you soon. Missed your eyes;
  • In my eyes you are the most beautiful girl in the world;
  • I can’t pick up a single flower to compare you, you outshine anyone with your beauty;
  • You are the most talented and amazing girl on Earth;
  • You are the girl from my dreams, I am extremely happy that we are near;
  • My life with you has become brighter and happier;
  • You inspire me to do bold things and become better;
  • You stole my heart, my extraordinary hooligan!
  • You are the only one in my heart, in my thoughts and in my soul, my most charming;
  • Every day I remember and rejoice: how lucky I am, because I have the most beautiful girl!
  • You are the most feminine and tender girl;
  • With you I feel loved and needed;
  • I can’t wait to feel you in my arms again;
  • You are like a breath of fresh air to me in this life routine.

Empathy or support for a girl

Of course, when appropriate. Girls really appreciate your ability to substitute a strong shoulder in time. No need to rush to solve the problem, just write that you are nearby:

  • We will get through this together.
  • I understand how you feel. Time will pass and it will get easier.
  • You are not to blame for what happened. Everything is formed!
  • Is there something I can do for you?
  • Don’t worry, I’ll be right there!
  • I want you to know that you are not alone in these moments. Hold on, honey.
  • This is just an unpleasant event that met on the way. There are no problems, there are tasks.
  • At the moment, you are no longer able to change anything, so do not waste so many nerves.

Humor: what to write to a girl to make her happy

There is where to roam, you can send classic cute jokes, or you can share various publications and pictures from VKontakte.

  • If you don’t respond within 20 seconds to this message, you will owe me 100 kisses! – You didn’t have time!
  • It’s a terrible thing, I was diagnosed and found you in my heart!
  • 1st message: “I love you!”,
    2nd: “Oh, sorry, I made a mistake!”,
    3rd: “I MADLY love you!”
  • Are all beautiful girls so mean? Or are you the only one unique to me?
  • I invite you to dinner with breakfast today!
  • Honey, you can always rely on me. Then we’ll turn around.
  • All I need now is a warm bed, a kind word, and unlimited power over you!

Any demotivators on the topic of relationships, funny gifs with animals come in well. Do not send only black humor or jokes about “giving / not giving women” and stuff like that.

In general, sharing pictures is a win-win classic. It does not oblige you to anything, it lifts your mood, reminds you once again of yourself. Just use it and don’t be afraid to overdo it.

This might come in handy later: How to invite a girl on a date: simple ways (will open in a new tab)

Poems for a girl

Maybe I’ll tell you a secret, but 90% of girls under the age of 25 do not like poetry. Later, when you get older, you start to find something pleasant in them, but before that – empty words. If you write them yourself, then it’s a different story. But the copied-pasted creations of unknown authors do not evoke any emotions.

There is a small exception – these are verses that vividly describe your relationship at the moment (for example, great passion or resentment from a quarrel). And here you are: “Look what came across, about us one to one!” And throw it to her. Then she’ll appreciate it. And penetrate.

By the way, if there was a quarrel, then such a verse will help to make peace.

Another exception, is when you see a beautiful verse that perfectly matches your feelings (feelings for her), then with the words: “I can’t express my feelings in words, but I found a verse that perfectly describes what I feel,” send a girl.

The positive effect is guaranteed. She will melt and smile until the evening walk, thinking about you.

Romantic phrases for a girl

  • My beautiful sun, gentle and gentle breeze, I can’t live without you, my treasure!
  • You are my unearthly love! My heart beats only for you!
  • You are sparkling like a candle flame and as bright as fallen snow.
  • You are a piece of earthly paradise, my treasure!
  • I am ready to endlessly tell you how happy I am that I met you!
  • I am attracted and enchanted by your gaze.
  • I would never trade your smile and your lips for anything.
  • Every cell in my body longs for you.
  • I do not find a place for myself when you are not around.

Declaration of love to a girl in your own words

The best option is to stop in the middle of the correspondence, when she writes something to you, answers, tells, and just write:

“I love you”.

It will be very unexpected (oh yes, how we love it), and it will also be very masculine: no dancing around the bush, just a statement of fact at the moment when you wanted it the most.

But if you want to furnish everything, beautifully, then below I will give a few approximate phrases that will help to defeat the girl. Or read a selection of love SMS on my blog. Spin them and twist them to your liking. But the main thing is sincerity.

By the way, you should not turn a declaration of love (in general, a very serious event) into clowning and drag in ridiculous poems or words that you obviously stole because you don’t use them in everyday life. Various “the light of my soul”, “an angel touched me with his wing”, “a bright star in the sky” – only emphasize the absurdity and artificiality of such a recognition.

Declarations of love that can be used in correspondence:

  • My girl, I love you madly! I dream every day to see you, your beautiful eyes, your gentle smile, touch your hair and hug you.
  • You are the most desirable thing in the world for me. The most necessary, the most necessary girl. I love you.
  • I am very happy that we met. Next to you, I forget about everything in the world and am very happy. I love you, my dear.
  • You are the most precious person to me. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  • You filled my heart, head, and soul. I love you very much, stay there forever.

Do not be greedy for emotions: one of my friends once complained that her husband never says that he loves her. On occasion, I asked him why? He replied: “I said at the wedding that I love you! If anything changes, I’ll let you know.”

Funny and sad at the same time. The young woman really lacks affectionate words and confirmation of love from her husband. What to do, we love with our ears.

To be honest, it was after this situation that I had the idea to publish an article to men about what to write to a girl so that she would be pleased. Positive emotions strengthen relationships. And everything that you give away will be returned to you a hundredfold, this has already been verified. What to Write to a Girl to Make Her Happy?

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