What to write to a man in SMS to hook and on thought about you?

What to write to a man in SMS to hook and on thought about you? However, the virtual reality is that the project is held against all the other people. Many couples do not have the opportunity to meet every day due to busy work and busy lifestyles. However, you can easily fall into the soul of a man even with the help of SMS messages.

These options also apply to correspondence in any messenger, which has now come to the fore for the interaction of partners at a distance at a distance. You can hook a man even in the process of communicating on a social network. The main thing is to know what to send him.

TOP 50 most successful phrases that you can send a guy

Some of them are relevant even after you met in person. Others will help to interest a man, even if you just stumbled upon his profile on the Internet and were fascinated by the photos.

The main thing is to observe the measure. Do not impose communication and do not expect instant answers. So, here is a list of the most catchy messages:

  • I learned something about you (it is important to focus on linking this SMS specifically to him, so that a person will scream and scream).
  • It seems that I forgot my eye on you, please return when we meet (there is a hint of a date, there is humor, the main thing is that the man understands him).
  • Someone thinks about you all the time (a little bit of intrigue and light flirting).
  • Well, what, after the restaurant, immediately to you or will we go the long way (many men love provocation and insolence on the part of the girl, this will firmly sit in his head)? No, it’s by the name of the day and the part of the partner is small.
  • Just kidding, what time will we meet? Today I’m taking you to one really cool place (guys love it when a girl sometimes shows some initiative in the candy-bouquet period).
  • I need you Today as a Man (Immediately a Mass arises and it doesn’t matter that we are talking about carrying heavy loads, for example).
  • I want you (after a couple of minutes) to ask for help (a very effective and intriguing message, the first part of which you can immediately get a fairly frank reaction).
  • I’m in the club right now, it’s a great concert. By all means Come (You You Give a man to understand that you will be a radaga motivation and guide to action).
  • Something interesting is waiting for you tonight (let him fantasize a little).
  • Red semi-sweet or black lace (and now flirting is planned)?
  • Let’s light it up tonight (short, bright and bold)?
  • Today I want to wear that same dress, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to handle the clasp. How about you come and help?
  • What are you dreaming about right now (even if until now he only wanted to go to dinner as soon as possible, after such a message, priorities can change dramatically)?

SMS to a man from which he will be delighted

  • What are your three most cherished desires? I promise that I will perform one of them this weekend (sounds pretty spicy).
  • I’ve been thinking about you all day today. I have never had so many indecent thoughts in my life (a real compliment for a guy).
  • Looking forward to seeing you (cute, romantic and a little playful).
  • How about continuing (intrigue is always catchy).
  • Do you want to print on a belom cone? Now and it’s supposed to be in the middle of the night (must be in the middle of the night)?
  • Smile! It doesn’t suit you to be so serious (yeah, but he already understands how he looks in your eyes).
  • Today my horoscope prophesied the most important acquaintance in my life. Who am I to argue with fate. How about chatting (easy and casual typical female flirting)?
  • I have never written to a man first. Maybe we’ll celebrate my debut (quite a good catchy phrase and at the same time a playful invitation to meet)?
  • You probably have a lot of fans, but I can try my luck (men love it when they see an attractive personality in them, even if this “heartthrob” is constantly sitting at home at the computer)?
  • Do you think virtual dating has a future (is it a great start for light flirting or a full-fledged dialogue regarding personal views on relationships)?
  • I hope you are not afraid of girls who text guys first (A little hint of their initiative, sounds pretty interesting)?
  • They say good girls don’t write to men first. Therefore, I am in your personal (the opposite sex is often worried about the image of a “hooligan” who is not afraid to drag her to the village).
  • What do you think, is there an ideal phrase to start communicating with a man (an adequate interlocutor will pick up a playful mood and not spoil it with vulgarity)?
  • If you were waiting for a sign of fate in order to change your life for the better, then here it is (sounds promising).
  • Do you mind if I wish you good dreams (a bias towards romance, relevant at the initial stage of a relationship, a man will probably think about you before going to bed)?
  • They say that dreams must come true. Therefore, I decided to write to you (a little naively, but gentle and sensual girls often catch guys).
  • I am sure that tonight you will be the main character of my erotic dreams (a hot message that activates a man’s fantasy and raises his self-esteem).
  • And how soon will you finally guess that I want to get acquainted (a little boldly, but relevant for modern de)v?
  • I listened to all the music tracks you sent me. Impressed, you have great taste (for many men, it is very important that a girl shares their hobbies).
  • Let’s try to describe each other in three words. I promise not to go too far into erotica (guys are attracted to compliments from the field of sexuality).
  • You know, if tomorrow was the last day for all mankind, I would rather spend it alone with you (Romance as it is) .3,
  • Postoyanno vspominaya two hatches and some other words. And I’m in a meeting. You are just super (yes, men love it when they praise their sense of humor).
  • I want to start getting to know you, but all the smart phrases have fallen out of my head. Will you help me (a little flirtatiousness won’t hurt)?
  • I can’t concentrate on work, our meeting is on my mind (a playful message that lets a man know that you are interested in him).
  • How to hint to a guy that I really liked him (for those who are especially dull, the proposed phrase should be used in relation to him)?
  • There is a promotion in the cafe – two cakes for the price of one. I urgently need your help, help me out (why not motivate a man to date such a small one)!
  • Bet with a friend that I have the courage to text the first guy I like. Now I have a box of champagne, how about sharing the winnings with me (in principle, there can be any pretext, the main thing is to show the man that you liked him)?
  • You really liked one girl. Do you understand what I mean (only a very narrow-minded man will not make out such a hint)?
  • I really enjoy talking with you. No, it would be even cooler to go somewhere together (the phrase is rather banal, but catchy with honesty and coquetry).
  • I dreamed about you today and it was wow (pretty hot, men react to this).
  • Everything reminds me of you.
  • There could be an original message here to get to know each other, but I’m not good at fantasy and therefore just hello (cute, modern and a little humorous, not bad).
  • I watched a horror movie the other day. Next time only with you in an embrace!
  • I hope you still have the strength for the best date in your life (relevant at any stage of a relationship, intriguing)?
  • They say that virtual dating is the strongest and longest. Proverim
  • The evening was just magical. I hope you don’t mind repeating (so the man will understand that you like it)?
  • I look at your photo and can’t believe that I’m so lucky (actual message, after a personal acquaintance).

You can interest a guy through virtual communication. No need to play again, so the plan and demonstration should be as high as possible. Everything should be in moderation.

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