What turns women on in men: 27 secrets of girls

What turns women on in men: 27 secrets of girls. Being a sexy man is clearly better than just being a man.

You can become one if you know what excites women in men and follow the simple tips that I will share with you now. The energy you radiate will help to easily attract girls, as, for example, in some movies, where women lose their heads just from the mere sight of the protagonist.

Please note that it’s not about the size of your muscles or wallet, but about the sensations that the girl experiences next to you. Shall we learn to give them what they need? Go!

What turns women on in men: 27 secrets of girls.

Beauty vs sexuality – which is better?

It’s great to be beautiful, of course. But this quality alone is not capable of awakening the girl’s desires and convincing her to trust you. When you make her feel how her femininity inside comes to life, when she begins to feel her softness, security, and that she is passionately desired, then you become irresistible in her eyes!

Paradox: a man can be outwardly very attractive, BUT not sexy and even repulsive to women.
Or it can be “average” visually, BUT at the same time insanely charming and sexy.

This happens because women are more emotional and less visual than men. For this reason, they will prefer a strong man to a handsome one. (I wrote about this in detail, see the link).

Okay, I will not disassemble and admit that cool cubes on the stomach, wide embossed shoulders, and biceps (oh, those arms) will make us turn in your direction and catch our eye. Such a body is the result of hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, and we give it its due.

But this is not the most important component in the rating of a man’s sexual qualities.

3 necessary exciting male attributes

1. Self-confidence.
The ability to trust oneself to get things done. Internal sense of stability. It automatically broadcasts to others: I am sexy and irresistible. By and large, all the tips further will contribute to pumping your self-confidence.

2. Sense of humor. This is a decisive factor in the matter of arousing a woman. Research-based at Stanford University has shown that girls find cheerful men irresistible and prefer them more than handsome guys. 

This skill can be developed. Let me tell you what will help you:

  • Watch more comedy shows, series, comedian performances, stand-up.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, they will help you notice funny moments, joke about what is happening, teach you how to make girls laugh.
  • Look around more often and try to notice funny situations, you can exaggerate them a little for brightness.
  • Keep a few ready-made funny conversation topics or stories in your arsenal.
  • Try to feel the measure, endless buffoonery is tiring.
  • Don’t be mean – racism, sexism, and others will completely nullify all efforts.
  • Make fun of yourself, your weaknesses, this is a sign of maturity and confidence.

Laugh loudly (in moderation, do not yell), do not cover your mouth with your hands.

3. Intelligence.
Knowledge and experience rule. Any girl would prefer a smart and intelligent man to a stupid boy.

You don’t need an IQ over 120, but you do need to be educated, which will make you an interesting person to talk to. Learn, learn something new, it’s very sexy. Read books, news, magazines, blogs. Connect with people who are better and more successful than you. 

What turns women on in men: 27 secrets of girls.

Behavior: 7 principles that turn women on in men

1. Move with power.
The first impression is made not by the face, not by the expression on it, and not even by the clothes.

In fact, people first notice how you move.

Research by scientists at Queen’s University in the UK showed that when they first see a person heading towards you, people try to answer themselves:

“What intentions does this person have towards me?”

“How strong is this man?”

Why is it important to you? If a woman catches a signal that you are moving sluggishly and unleashed, then this is a direct signal of your insecurity and weakness. And you don’t need it. 

To make a favorable first impression, you must move strongly and boldly. Walk like you’re aiming for something big.

Keep your chin parallel to the ground, back straight, chest slightly pushing forward (like the military does). The shoulders are lowered down, relaxed, the teeth are open. Looking down at your feet is forbidden!

You cannot know at what point an interested girl will look at you. Don’t give her a chance to see you as distant and pathetic.

2. Radiation of calmness. Communication with neurotics causes reciprocal stress, but if you have peace on your face and in your eyes, then your sexual attractiveness will rise to the heights. Women often fall into the trap of worrying too much about things they can’t control.

A person who is able to calm them down, reminding them that everything will work out and be fine in the end is the most sensual and desirable in the environment. You can read more about such men in the article about how girls see a real man.

3. Playfulness and lightness. Learn to gently touch it, it will add spice. If you learn how to do this, then the girl with you will feel more comfortable and secure and will no longer be able to resist your charms. Create situations and moments that require your touch:

– light handshakes

– hugs with praise/farewell;

– all kinds of games and “high five”;

– take advantage of the proximity of places where you can touch it
(cinema, joint photo).

4. Neat appearance. A guy who knows how to dress well is definitely very sexy. Men, as a rule, do not bother about this and dress in a way that is comfortable for them, and so that it does not hit the wallet. But if you want to increase your attractiveness, then start dressing like guys who are popular with girls.

A versatile and always working option: a beautiful haircut, trousers, a belt, a shirt with an unbuttoned top button, shoes. Clothing must be clean, fresh, and not wrinkled.

Additional bonuses: stylish glasses, watch, tie.

5. Maintain good posture.
Such men seem taller, more powerful, and, as a result, more attractive.

6. An open posture makes any person more physically attractive. Many works and studies are devoted to sign language. There is an opinion that the correct possession of them allows you to manipulate people in your own interests. But back to our poses:

  • Sit with legs apart, arms open and
    pointing to the side.
  • Do not fall apart, sit up straight, be concentrated
    and attentive to what is happening around you.
  • Control your facial expression.

7. Use your hands when talking about something.

How does it sound, right? But here we are talking only about energetic gestures. It looks very nice and makes you feel confident and sexy. Those who are more restrained in their manifestations look more boring, cold, and modest.

Hold them at a 45° angle and coordinate the movement with the pace of speech.

4 personal sexual characteristics

1. Confident voice.
You should not be afraid or embarrassed to speak, train the strength and power of your pronunciation. A firm voice speaks of your inner strength. He is the magnet that excites girls in guys. Speech defects with this approach go by the wayside, and your forced “r” can turn on even more.

2. Good level of physical fitness. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but a toned figure looks more erotic than a beer belly. If you take good care of yourself, then you are more likely to take good care of your partner, this will whet your appetite.

3. Possession of some kind of talent, whether it is playing the guitar, drawing, knowledge of a car, computer, knowledge of a foreign language, and so on. Please keep such talents as dexterous and far spitting, the presence of a cool collection of porn films, and a large fleet of tanks in tanks with you.

4. Good lover. Even with all the personal and behavioral sexual qualities, you will lose to a good lover.

  • Improve your outward sex appeal.
  • Move slowly in bed, don’t rush anywhere.
  • Master the technique of long foreplay (girls physiologically need a long foreplay to get aroused).
  • Explore the sensitivity of your partner, know what excites the girl and her erogenous zones.
  • Learn to kiss passionately.
  • Use your hands – passionately walk them all over your partner’s body. Constantly.
  • Tell her about your feelings (it is not necessary to confess your love, even the fact that you feel good with her now is already cool to hear).

5 character traits that no woman can resist

1. Courage is one of the most important qualities that attracts women with its crazy sexual energy. If you perform some fearless act in front of her eyes, it will immediately lift you above 95% of the men in her environment.

This could be a very real situation:

  • Rescue of an animal in trouble (remove from a tree);
  • Performing on stage in front of an audience;
  • Watching a scary scene in a movie with a straight face;
  • Save her from an insect (bugs, spiders, and others that we are so madly afraid of).

Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, this increases your rating of a sexy man.

2. Purposefulness. There is nothing sexier than a guy who knows what he wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. Today it is more and more difficult to find someone who knows how to set a goal and work on it.

3. Kindness. When you do something for other people without expecting anything in return, you are kind. Polls among girls show that the most preferred characteristic of a man is kindness.

More good news: studies on human emotional states show that volunteering and helping others reduce depression and prolong life. 

Besides, kindness does not require much effort. Try to listen favorably to those who crave your attention.

4. Honesty. This quality speaks of your high moral principles and is highly valued by women. Your honesty will automatically make you sexier among other guys. Live by your own rules, follow a lifestyle that you are proud of, and feel free to share.

5. Hardness. Learn to say no to things you don’t like and don’t want to do.

Verbal contact: phrases that turn girls on

An attractive man should be able to properly praise and compliment. Girls love compliments and want to receive them every day. The ability to correctly make a compliment is what excites women in men.

Let me tell you a secret: we are used to receiving and bathing in them. For us, compliments are the norm. And if they are not, then we believe that our value for this person is negligible and we discount him. But if you praise us, and what is even better, do it competently and in an original way, then you are a winner and you are guaranteed attention.

In short, this art is divided into 2 parts:

1. Compliments about what
is in plain sight.

Remember that you should not praise things, but a girl! It
makes you feel special, but needless to say, you (men)
love it too.

Instead of “Oh, pretty dress!” say: “The color of this dress
looks great on you, you become so bright in it.”

“It’s interesting with you, you know how to listen.”

“You are more beautiful on the inside than on the outside”

“You have such an amazing sense of taste, every time I
admire your choice of clothes.”

“You make me feel happy.”

“You are a fantastic designer.”

2. Deep compliments.

Keep going and take it to the next level:
translate what was just said into a discussion through an open question.

“How did you know that?”

Why do you draw such conclusions?

It is important here not to say this phrase with sarcastic overtones.
It is unnecessary.

Be honest and sincere when you compliment, don’t flatter, you always feel it. You can read a good selection of original and natural compliments to a girl in my other article.

What turns women on in men: 27 secrets of girls.

7 small but powerful men’s tricks

And here I decided to add different chips that will make you an inimitable charm for girls:

  • Master the sassy winks, this
    conspiratorial gesture is just so spicy.
  • Learn to express your support and presence
    nearby without saying a word: squeeze your hand, gently stroke your hand, back, nape
    (like daddy).
  • Pleasant and unobtrusive masculine fragrance.
    Splurge on high-quality toilet water of a famous brand, it will serve you for
    several years and, in fact, will come out cheaper than any low-grade pshikalok, which,
    after half an hour of being on a man, begin to exude sour amber (fu, bee).

Girls go crazy for men who smell good. I guarantee you will see results immediately.

  • Keep a longer look on the girl you like: 3-4 seconds is enough, then calmly look away for a while to the side (not to the floor!) And return to her again. It turns women on a lot.
  • Smile a little when you start listening to the one you like. By this you show your disposition and interest, you can tilt your head slightly to one side. It’s incredibly seductive.
  • Try to criticize and condemn others less, this is some kind of base masculine quality.
  • Thoughtfulness and seriousness on a man’s face looks very sexy and mysterious. This does not apply to when you

The final image of the sexiest man

Summing up what excites women in men, we can derive
the formula for the completed image:

– confident, which is manifested in body language and in the style
of speech;

– an interesting conversationalist with a sense of humor;

– kind, not greedy, playful, smart;

– well and neatly dressed, with a toned body;

sometimes mysterious and serious. What turns women on in men: 27 secrets of girls.

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