What women do men want to marry and why?

You have probably met such a situation more than once that a young man loves one, while marrying another. The same situation happens with women. No, let’s just make a reservation that not everyone is like that. Most marriages are still made for love.

No, it isn’t worth it in the city, the city is full of people, and it’s on the dog. Let’s see why this happens. What drives a man, why does he deliberately commit such an act.

What kind of women do men want to marry?

The most popular reason why a man loves one girl but marries another is that the object of desire is already taken. It can be either his ex-woman, or unrequited love. The young man could not put an end to these relations.

The most popular stereotypes according to which a man loves one woman, but at the same time marries another:

  • The girl is a skilled lover, which means she cannot be a good housewife.
  • For marriage, you need a girl who is immaculate, has not been in intimacy.
  • The division of a woman into those who are only suitable for close relationships, and who are only for the family.

These are common misconceptions that have been encountered in life for hundreds of years. To the extent that it is not possible to realize it. Usually all misconceptions are interconnected.
Common reasons for a man to marry one, although he loves another girl, are marriages of convenience, national traditions or obligations. By the way, that’s the situation, the little girl who loves it.

Why do men marry some, although they love others?

John Molloy, a British author of many books, conducted a study in which he interviewed about 5,000 suitors and found out by what criterion men choose their bride. Responses are made to the title “Why Men Marry Only Women and Don’t Marry”.

  • Too attractive for a wife.

Most men do not seek to tie the knot with luxurious women. Yes, it should be an attractive girl, with whom it is pleasant to go out “in public”, but, a bright beauty inspires in niyet.

A man likes a bright beauty, but he marries a more modest girl. Usually such young people are not self-confident. They have low self-esteem. Of course, they can look great, are able to reach certain heights, but they have a complex that comes from childhood.

Do you want one of the dogs, and do you want it on a drug?

This complete the package that is available for the rodents, and on one place in the year on the other hand. He has a certain block if he lives with a “gray mouse”. It’s one thing if a young man lives with a not very bright woman and everything suits him, and another thing if he likes a completely different type of women, but he does not plan to build a relationship with her.

A young man chooses an outstanding woman who is not interesting to other men, who is comfortable and reliable. He is always confident in her, understands that no one is looking at her. She doesn’t really inspire him either, but she doesn’t live with her, for some reason: perhaps her parents insisted, perhaps her future wife became pregnant.

At the same time, this young man is looking at another woman who is the opposite of his wife.

  • Too successful for a wife.

A successful woman, as well as overly beautiful and bright, always attracts the attention of people, she is beautifully dressed, takes care of herself, and is interesting. A successful woman cannot be simple, who bakes pies with pleasure.

With a successful woman there is something to talk about. She is educated and loves herself. Usually men like these girls. Sni Raise their self-esteem with them: “If she entered into a Relationship with me, then I’m worth something in this life, then I deserve it.”

A man does not marry a strong and successful woman because of his weakness. He won’t pull her. His wife should not be better than him. On no hochet in the dome of rivalry, he needs adoration and peace.

Of course, a successful girl inspires a man, but she does not cause a desire to marry. Before choosing a wife, a young man thinks about prioritizing relationships.

The winner is the woman who, without a doubt, gives him leadership and will not pull him over. Men need a wife who will be less successful than him, in whom he will not see a rival.

  • Too loved.

A man may love a woman too much, but he will not marry her in terms of being afraid to be vulnerable. He believes that love can seriously discourage him. He is simply afraid of his feelings and runs away from her.

In addition, there is an opinion among men that it is dangerous to love your wife. She will twist her husband as she wants. A man in love is afraid to appear vulnerable. He is ashamed of his feelings, strives to keep his strength and independence.

A man can also love a girl very much, but inside he understands that she will change. Therefore, he decides to keep this love in his memories as an ideal. But I have to quickly find a replacement for him. As a result, he marries someone else. At the same time, he secretly dreams and thinks about his former lover.

  • Imposed opinion of parents.

No matter how strange it may sound, there are still situations when a man is so dependent on the opinion of his mother that he listens to her in everything, does not want to upset her. In this case, if you did not come to court, then nothing will come of it. The maximum that he can offer is an open relationship.

A man will enter into a legal relationship only with the woman who wins the approval of his mother. Perhaps it is even better that you did not enter this family. Imagine what life would be like here.

  • There is no inspiration for exploits.

If you have been friends with a man for a long time, maybe even live under the same roof, and now he announced that he was marrying another, perhaps the reason lies in the fact that you do not inspire him, but only drip on your brains.

Men don’t tolerate that kind of attitude. They will give their heart with great pleasure to that woman who praises them, admires, is proud of their achievements, rather than the one who constantly brings them to white heat. In this case, they will run away to another at the first opportunity.

If you are faced with such a situation that a man loves you, but is going to marry another, then it is not worth it. So before you is a weak young man, with low self-esteem, which depends on the opinions of others. Let him go in peace. Try to find a man who will put you first.

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