What You Can Tell A Guy About Yourself? 100 IDEAS

What will I reply when a boy asks me to tell him something new about myself? 

When a guy someone says, “tell me something about yourself”, what do you normally say? What is your go-to answer? When talking to a guy they like for the first time or on date, many girls ask themselves the question: “What is appropriate to tell about yourself, and what is better not to talk about?” After all, a lot depends on your story. Therefore, down with tightness and silent silence! Your story should interest the guy as much as possible while creating that very aura of mystery around your image.

How to talk to a guy? or What to say when a guy asks you to tell them about yourself?
How to talk to a guy? or What to say when a guy asks you to tell them about yourself

How to talk to a guy? or What to say when a guy asks you to tell them about yourself?

Not only topics for conversation, but also the ability to conduct a dialogue correctly determines the course of further events. It is in your best interest to make every effort that everything turned out to be more than successful.

That is why it is important:

  • Speak succinctly, but succinctly;
  • Be confident when speaking;
  • Don’t mention your negative sides;
  • Listen carefully and do not interrupt your interlocutor;
  • Express your full interest in the conversation with all your appearance;
  • Be sure to ask the guy for his opinion on this or that issue;
  • Learn to see the line between “slightly under-saying” and “outright lying.”

What To Tell A Guy About Yourself? 100 IDEAS

And now let’s go directly to the topics on which you can talk with the guy. And, slightly opening the secret veil, tell him a little about yourself and express yourself.

1. Tell the story that you remember most from your childhood.

2. Describe your long-term favorite hobby to which you devote every free minute.

3. What are the three main virtues that you are incredibly proud of? And explain why.

4. Did you find yourself in dangerous life situations. How did you manage to deal with them?

5. What she dreamed of becoming as a child.

6. Which literally took your breath away.

7. Do you have many sisters/brothers. What kind of relationship are you in?

8. Describe your last trip and name the main attractions of the places you visited.

9. Tell us about the tastiest dish you’ve ever tasted. Do you know how to cook it?

10. Tell him what subjects at school were your favorite and were given very easily. And which ones, on the contrary, required additional efforts from you.

11. What factors most often cause you to be stressed?

12. Name five facts that no one has heard of before.

13.  Tell him what, in your opinion, should be the ideal relationship between a guy and a girl.

14. How often have you been wrong about people. What conclusions did I make after that?

15.  Which parent are you more like.

16.  Tell us about your favorite family traditions.

17.  What are your three favorite holidays and tell me how you prefer to celebrate them?

18. Tell me what your best friend’s name is. How many years have you been friends?

19.  Where can you most often meet your friends?

20. Uncover the secret of your name. Why were you named that way?

21. Tell us about your profession. What do you like about your work, and what responsibilities are a little stressful.

22.  Do you have piercings or tattoos.

23.  Tell him about your place of study.

24.  Why did you choose this particular educational institution?

25.  What funny things happened to you during school.

26. With whom did you sit at the desk. Why?

27. Express your own opinion about what is happening in the world at the moment.

28. Tell him about the mistakes of your youth that you regret and would like to correct.

29. What talent do you have. How it helps you in your daily life.

30. Do you have a pet. What nickname did you come up with? Why exactly a cat / dog / fish / parrot.

31.  What is the most valuable lesson life has taught you, under what circumstances it happened.

32.  What are you ready to “close your eyes” in a relationship with a guy.

33.  Under no circumstances can you forgive your chosen one.

34.  Do you have a special ritual that you perform every morning/evening.

35.  What can make you tears of joy?

36.  What do you usually dream about before falling asleep.

37.  What book can you reread an infinite number of times.

38.  Which movie caused you a huge range of emotions.

39.  To whom in your life are you immensely grateful.

40.  Who you would like to be like.

41.  Tell him about your most extravagant act.

42.  Tell him what you are especially proud of.

43. Do you have thoughts for which you feel ashamed?

44.  With what thoughts do you wake up in the morning.

45.  How do you usually behave in anger.

46.  What type of guys (internal and external) attracts you.

47.  As far as you are dependent on social networks, you could completely abandon the Internet at least for a short period of time.

48.  Do you always manage to resist the temptation.

49.  What worries you the most at the moment and why.

50.  Which celebrity you were lucky enough to once meet and get an autograph.

51. Educational institution or place of work.

52. Future or present profession.

53. What is this choice based on?

54. What are your career plans.

55. A little about the family: brothers, sisters, parents.

56. Briefly about family relationships. Only positive points.

57. Family traditions.

58. Favorite holidays.

59. Which parent is more similar.

60. A little about yourself: a place of birth. If not a native, then briefly tell about her small homeland.

61. Funny stories from childhood.

62. Childhood dreams of a future profession.

63. Has a childhood dream come true. If not, why not.

64. Favorite subject at school.

65. Favorite teacher at school.

66. What subjects did she dislike at school and why.

67. Relationship with classmates.

68. Errors of adolescence and adolescence.

69. What conclusions were made.

70. Positive character traits.

71. The main advantages of your personality.

72. Negative character traits.

73. Is it often a shame for them?

74. How do you try to eradicate negative traits in yourself, and if not, then why.

75. Life credo.

76. What causes respect in people.

77. What causes negativity in people.

78. The ability to understand people.

79. Gullibility or suspicion towards people.

80. Sociability or isolation.

81. Reasons for isolation.

82. Fears, phobias.

83. Dangerous moments in life.

84. How you overcame the danger.

85. Conclusions from the experience.

86. Hobbies and why this activity is of interest.

87. Talents: artistic, dance, vocal, and others.

88. Readiness for an independent life.

89. Household skills: the ability to cook.

90. Favorite dish.

91. Love of travel: impressions of the last trip.

92. An ideal relationship between a man and a woman.

93. What situations in a relationship can be forgiven.

94. Which is unforgivable in a relationship.

95. The presence of pets: the name and reason for choosing just such a pet.

96. Favorite music genre and why…?

97. Favorite genre of cinema and which pictures are the most interesting.

98. Best friend: what is her name and what is her value.

99. Is there a person in the life whom you want to be equal to.

100. The main goal in life.


And most importantly – remember, the worst thing you can do when talking about yourself is to speak according to a clearly prepared template script, carefully scrolling every word in your head. Do not be afraid to improvise, smoothly move from one topic to another, over and over again opening up to your interlocutor from a new side, this article is just an idea of how you can continue your conversation or what to answer when a guy asks you about yourself so create your own questions and the best way to describe yourself that suits you.

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