When Do Guys Start Missing Their Ex After A Breakup?

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup?
When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup?

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup? when do guys miss you after a breakup? There are no rules in love; we are all different and we all experience them differently, but we will all agree on one thing: breakups are terrible.

The pain of separation for a relationship end can be so strong that sometimes you have the feeling that someone had stuck a hand deep into our chest, ripped out our hearts, and left a painful void.

You feel as if a part of you no longer exists, as if you are alone in the world, unhappy and disappointed.

The intensity of the separation pain and the time it takes to get over a loved one certainly depend on the character of the person, the length of the relationship, and the reason for the separation.

But in any case, you have to admit that it’s not a comfortable feeling at all and that none of us want to experience it.

If we look at men and women, we will find that they do not act the same and that there are different stages of healing after a breakup.

At first, it seems that men get over their exes a lot easier and faster. After a short time, they seem to be leading their old lives again, soon find a new friend and pretend nothing has happened.

But is that really the case or are they just very talented actors?

When do men miss after a breakup? How do I know if he really got over me or if he misses me?

Let’s take a look into the depths of love pain and try to find the answers to these questions through a brief analysis of men’s behavior during the separation phase.

Here you can find out:

• Why does a breakup hurt so much?

• What phases do men go through after a breakup?

• 9 clear signs your ex misses you

When do guys miss after a breakup: Why does a breakup hurt so much?

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup? When do guys miss after a breakup: Why does a breakup hurt so much?
When do guys miss after a breakup: Why does a breakup hurt so much?

Behind love, pains is the science that helps us explain why breaking up with a loved one hurts so much.

Did you know that love affects our body in the same way as intoxicants? The same areas of the brain can be activated when we fall in love and when cocaine is used.

No wonder they say love is a drug.

Our brains release certain hormones that make us feel good when we do certain things.

For example, when we cuddle someone, we produce a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. It helps us build a deep connection with a loved one.

Then dopamine, also known as the “happiness hormone”, comes into play. When we fall in love, our brains overdo it a bit and start producing large amounts of these hormones.

We feel better and happier when we are with our partner that we want to keep these good feelings forever. So it could be said that these intense feelings of satisfaction are very addicting.

And then boom. The soap bubble bursts and everything dissolves in no time. When we break up with our partners, our brain stops producing hormones that make us feel good.

Basically, it’s like going through a cold withdrawal. Our brain and body are in a crisis and therefore in the first stages after a breakup, we are mostly not ourselves.

Why is that important?

Understanding how the breakup affects the body is important in order to better understand and find answers to how people behave after the breakup.

When do guys miss a girl after the breakup: Breakup phases for men

Because men and women deal with a breakup in different ways, the moment when men really miss their ex-girlfriend also occurs differently.

While with women the pain is very pronounced in the first phase and they miss their ex at the very beginning, this comes later with men.

And these are the basic stages a man goes through after the breakup:

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup? When do guys miss a girl after the breakup: Breakup phases for men
When do guys miss a girl after the breakup: Breakup phases for men

1. “I am finally free”

Men have huge egos and find it very, very difficult to admit that they too are beings with emotions and need to be loved.

They skillfully pretend to be cold and emotionless, but most of them hide a volcano full of emotion under their cold mask that will erupt sooner or later.

In the initial phase after the separation, the man behaves as if this freedom suits him and he enjoys life to the fullest. He goes out with his pals, drinks, and has fun.

It often happens that he immediately falls into short affairs or one-night stands immediately after the breakup without thinking. But it is actually possible to protect yourself from the painful feelings he is feeling.

Short one-night stands to act as a distraction from thinking about his ex and what he’s lost. His body is actually in a state of shock and it has not yet reached him what happened.

2. Cold shower

The second phase is the disenchantment phase or the phase in which he realizes what has happened and where memories, emotions, pain, sadness, disappointment, anger, and everything that was suppressed in the first phase now appears.

He realizes that it is not that easy to overcome a person who has been an important part of his life. It is precisely this phase that interests us because this is where the answer to the question lies buried: When do men miss after separation?

In this phase of sobriety, a man is aware of his feelings and most of the time he starts to win back his ex.

He may visit places he’s been with his ex to meet her and try to reconcile.

Plus, at this point, he usually avoids other women because if he still loves his ex, he’ll try to win back.

3. Acceptance

The penultimate phase of separation is actually acceptance. When he realizes that there will be no reconciliation with his ex, he accepts the situation as it is and tries to get on with his life.

He is quite vulnerable and unwilling to reconnect and build trust for some time, but he starts dating and connecting with other women again.

4. New life

And the final stage is the stage where he is completely behind his ex and is ready for a new relationship. He is closing a chapter in his life and preparing to write new pages.

What interests us most is precisely this second stage, when a man realizes that he misses his ex and still has feelings for her.

If so, then he will even use various psychological tricks and methods to get his ex-girlfriend back and let her know that he misses her.

When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup? When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you
When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you

I don’t want to confuse you further, but there is one more thing to emphasize; It’s also important to know why your ex might miss you.

It often happens that we don’t miss this one person, just the good time we spent with them. Memories that we’ve built and time that we can’t get back.

There are times when we know that this person is not meant for us, but we simply lack that feeling that we are with them.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to reconcile and return to our former partners, but it is a natural feeling that you are missing something that you once had and no longer have.

It’s also not uncommon for our ego to blossom and gain strength when we hear our ex misses us. It’s a real ego booster, but still, a completely wrong reason to miss it.

So before reading these signs that your ex-boyfriend misses you, consider how you are feeling and whether you want to be with him again, or whether you are just interested in how he feels.

If most of them apply to you and you feel the same way as him, then at best you can have a second chance. Either way, these are the most common signs he misses you:

1. He will block you from everywhere!

We introduce full breakout when we want to forget the person we broke up with. And now you must be asking yourself, then what is a sign that he misses me?

Well, contact blocking is a way of blocking the person we’ve been in a relationship with, but also all the emotions we feel for them.

This radio silence is just like a kind of chain that we put on our hands so that we are not tempted to contact our ex-partner.

If your ex has blocked you all over the place and not contacting you at all, it means that you are still very present on their mind.

He tries to forget you but fails and he takes all possible measures to make it happen.

His ego doesn’t allow him to admit that he misses you, so he uses blackout to convince himself that this is the best way to overcome you.

2. He has a new girlfriend

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup? When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you
When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you

Shortly after the relationship, you see him with a new girlfriend and you don’t understand how he got over the breakup so quickly? In short: he couldn’t get over it.

As I said earlier, in the early stages of the shock one goes through after a breakup, it’s not uncommon for a man to start new relationships.

But this is mostly a kind of comfortable relationship to take your mind off the breakup for at least a moment.

It may feel like the right thing at the moment, but it certainly isn’t because it can hurt another person’s feelings.

But in any case, when you see that he has a new partner or pictures in which he is overjoyed with her, you can be sure that he wants to distract his thoughts from you in this way or even arouse jealousy in you.

3. He checks your social media profiles

If you’ve ended the relationship on good terms, there is likely no need to block contacts, so you’re likely still friends on social media.

If you notice him liking or commenting on your posts, or if he regularly checks your Insta story or WhatsApp status, it is a good sign that you are still on his mind.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to make up with you, but that way you know that he is thinking of you at least for a moment.

At these moments, all kinds of thoughts can pop into his head and one of them can surely be that your relationship was nice and that he misses you.

4. He contacts you very often for no good reason

If for no particular reason you receive a message such as “How are you?” receive from him, you can be sure that he misses you.

It is one thing if he calls or texts you for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, but if he just texts you something out of the blue, it means he remembers you and misses you.

Especially when the conversation is mostly about your relationship. For example, if his message with “Do you remember the time we …?” begins.

From this, you can conclude that he has become nostalgic, but also that he has fond memories of your relationship.

Not only does it mean that he doesn’t hold anything against you and that he left everything ugly behind, but also that he wants to remind you of all the beautiful things you had together.

5. You see him often

When do guys start missing their ex after a breakup? When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you
When do a guy miss you after a breakup: 9 signs he misses you

In the breakup phase, there are moments when we want to see our ex more than anything. That’s why we’re employing some little insidious tactics to make this happen.

Do you feel like you and your ex have been seeing each other a lot more than usual lately? Do you see him often in your favorite café? In the park, he knows you’re going to run?

If the answer is yes, then it’s not so much a coincidence, and it’s not stalking either. Out of pride and ego, he will not openly ask you to meet you and talk, but rather try to find a way to meet you so that it seems random.

Direct hit! Also, if you really want to make sure he still has feelings for you, watch how he acts when he meets you.

Is he flirting with you, what is his body language like, is he trying to find a way to touch you, to hug you?

This all says a lot about his feelings, it is only up to you to read the signs correctly.

6. He asks about you

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you likely have some friends in common. You may have met some members of his family or people close to him.

When two people are connected through other people, it is not uncommon for them to ask about the breakup when they are not in contact.

So when you hear him ask other people about you, it means that the shock phase is over and that the phase has come when he becomes interested in you again.

Especially when he asks if you have a new boyfriend, how you are after the breakup, and the like, this is a sign that he misses you and wants to know if you got over him too.

Even if he’s only asking this to flatter his ego, you can take that as a good sign because you’re still on his mind anyway.

7. He’s jealous when another man is next to you

If you move around in the same circles, for example at work or with mutual friends, you can see how he behaves when another man is around you.

Or if he hears from a few conversations that you are meeting someone.

If he accidentally changes his reaction, starts joking about it, or makes any inappropriate comments, it means that deep down he is still jealous of the very thought that someone else might have you.

He still has feelings for you, and if he doesn’t admit it to you, his jealous reactions will be a sufficient indication that there is still a zeal somewhere that needs to be sparked.

8. He’ll call you when he’s drunk

The drunk says what the sober thinks has always been true.

If we drink a little, we get the courage to do what we wouldn’t otherwise.

We won’t mention tomorrow’s hangover and regrets, but the important thing to know is that if he texts you or calls you while drunk, it is important to know that he misses you.

Otherwise, he won’t want or his pride won’t allow him to call you, so the alcohol brings out all the emotions he’s trying to suppress.

9. He tells you that he misses you

Did he ever tell you that he missed you? At least through jokes and humor?

We often use humor to cover up uncomfortable truths and feelings that we don’t want to face, and we hope the person they are addressed to can still read them.

If he happened to tell you that he missed you, then he really meant it.

You have to understand that men find it much harder to deal with emotions and to acknowledge and show vulnerability.

Trust him and know that it probably took him a lot of time, courage, and suppression of his pride to admit it to you.

It should be emphasized again that this doesn’t mean immediately that he wants to be with you again, but in any case, it is an indication that it could happen.

Whether or not it will happen depends only on the two of you and the overall situation, as there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.


women and men fall in love differently, but also fall out of love differently. While women immediately show their pain and suffer, men suppress it as long as it does not surface …

And when he shows up, you feel like you’re missing the person you’ve been with and the relationship you’ve had. Then you have to face the demons of the emotions that have so passionately suppressed them.

The fact that one of your exes is missing doesn’t necessarily mean you want to reconcile, but it is certainly enough to know that there is a chance for a fresh start.

First and foremost, think about yourself and your feelings.

Do you want to be with your ex-boyfriend and experience the same thing all over again? Do you miss him so much that you would give him a second chance?

The most important thing is that you are happy and if you think your happiness will be with him then try to read these signs in his behavior. If they apply to you too, then maybe you can try again.

You never know where your luck will go! 😉

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