Where the members of the British Royal Family spent their honeymoon?

Where the members of the British Royal Family spent their honeymoon? No matter how annoying the royal protocol is, we should not forget that in the life of royal persons there is at least one noticeable plus – the opportunity to spend unforgettable weeks alone with a partner. We tell you how and where Elizabeth II, as well as her closest relatives, celebrated their honeymoon.

King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

The couple got married when the future ruler was still called Albert, Duke of York, and the lovers knew each other from an early age. For their honeymoon, the couple chose the Polesden Lacey estate, owned by socialite Margaret Greville. Here they walked carefree, played golf and tennis, got to know each other even closer. After they were supposed to go to Glamis Castle, the residence of Bowes Lyon, however, the weather in Scotland turned out to be so terrible that Elizabeth instantly fell ill with whooping cough.

Queen Elizabeth II and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Shortly before their honeymoon, the couple left for Broadlands Manor in Southampton, owned by Lord Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle. Elizabeth and her husband celebrated their wedding in Birkhall, not far from Balmoral Castle – they spent three weeks here. One of the corgis of the future queen, Susan, also went with them.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

The wedding was held in secret – no one was delighted with Edward’s idea, because he abdicated for the sake of love. The couple got married in the castle of Cande near the Loire Valley, and they invited only 20 people to the celebration. They later spent time at Wasserleonburg Castle in southern Austria, a place Wallis described as incredibly peaceful and cozy.

Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon

As much as the world dreamed of Margaret’s marriage to Peter Townsend, the royal court decreed otherwise. After the lovers parted, they vowed not to marry anyone else. However, Townsend broke his promise four years later by marrying Marie-Lucy, who looked suspiciously like Margaret.

The offended princess decided to take revenge – she married almost the first person she came across: he became a photographer who hovered around her all the time. The marriage turned out to be incredibly unsuccessful and toxic, unlike the honeymoon. The couple embarked on a six-week Caribbean cruise on the royal yacht Britannia. Margaret now and then arranged festivities, showed up in amazing evening dresses, and sunbathed.

Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York

Curiously, the couple knew each other since childhood, but Andrew, the youngest son of Elizabeth II, proposed to his beloved only at the age of 26, four months after they began a relationship. First, the newlyweds held a party at the Claridge’s Hotel in London, after which they went on a cruise around the Azores near Portugal. They completed their vacation with a five-day trip across the Atlantic

Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales

Elizabeth’s heir followed in the footsteps of his elders: he and his bride spent their honeymoon first in Broadlands, then in Balmoral, and after resting on the estates, the newlyweds went on a Mediterranean cruise on the good old Britannia. In the letters, Diana noted that “the three months spent with Charles allowed her to finally sleep,” but she did not mention anything about a nervous breakdown. Her husband spent too much time painting, practically ignoring his wife, and she destroyed one of his works in a rage.

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Immediately after the wedding, the couple went to the Seychelles – they immediately rested right after they got together after a short break in 2007. On the private North Island, where the lovers lived for 10 days, there was not a single curious onlooker who would immediately leak the photos of the spouses to the network: only Kate, William, and the staff of butlers scurrying around the villa.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

After more than 30 years, the prince found the courage to propose to Camilla, and, according to tradition, took his partner to Birkhall. Later, the couple went to Greece, where the Duchess of Cornwall talked with Orthodox monks, painted in the company of Charles, and discussed philosophical issues with the abbot of the monastery on Athos.

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Like William and Kate, this couple also sought to hide away from annoying paparazzi. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s honeymoon took place in East Africa, where the newlyweds got acquainted with wildlife and walked through safari parks.

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi

The lovers barely had time to get married – coronavirus restrictions were in effect in the UK, and the couple hastily got married two weeks after the quarantine was eased. Immediately after the modest celebration, they went to France, but stressed that they would like to relax “more extravagantly” – in Kenya. Where the members of the British Royal Family spent their honeymoon?

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