Where to go with a girl: 7 perfect dates


A date invitation is stressful. However, all the difficulties, alas, do not end there. New questions arise: “What to talk to her about?”, “Is it worth giving something?”, “How to impress her?”. And one of the most difficult problems is where to go with a girl? How to understand her tastes about establishments? Where can I invite her? The answers are in this article.

What will she like?

The easiest way is to ask the girl herself. For example: “I invite you on a date. Where would you like to spend it?”. This will save time and save you from long and difficult thoughts. However, sometimes you want to prepare a surprise or it seems that asking a direct question is not a very delicate act. In order for the date to be suitable for a girl, you will have to study her personality. For this you can:

  • view her pages on social networks – published posts, section “About Me”, photos, music;
  • ask mutual friends, colleagues, her relatives about her;
  • listen to what she says most often;
  • invite her to take the test for fun.

You can even offer a test to determine your favorite place to date. Warn your companion that the answers will be announced later. Then arrange a meeting with her according to the results of psychological analysis.

Sometimes just watching your partner is enough. Her usual actions, personal things speak volumes. For example:

  • buys cute things like pens with nibs, reads books (genre plays a role) – romantic, light, soft nature;
  • uses red lipstick, wears high heels, often wears skirts – a passionate, but incredibly feminine personality;
  • loves sweaters, T-shirts with cartoon characters, paints nails with bright or multi-colored varnishes – a strong, charismatic, cheerful person;
  • often thinks about something, prefers non-standard colors, the design of things is a creative, vulnerable, resourceful individuality.

The last tip in choosing a location: don’t forget about yourself. The chosen place can delight a companion. However, if it causes discomfort for a guy, his interlocutor will feel it. The situation will become tense, the conversation will not stick, and as a result, the romantic rendezvous will fail miserably. It is better to stop at a compromise, if such a need nevertheless arises.

Where to go with a girl?

1. Classic move.

Sometimes it is difficult to find out the character of your chosen one in just a couple of days, or she is a very reserved person. For such cases, there are classic dates. Most often they are appointed in three institutions:

  • a cafe;
  • restaurant;
  • cinema.

If little is known about the girl yet, the first option will be optimal. A cafe rarely have a clear specialization of cuisine and offer a European standard, but varied menu. Here, the lady of the heart has more chances to find a dish to taste.

Restaurant – the location is more difficult, if only because it requires compliance with the dress code and knowledge of etiquette. Such a choice is suitable if it is immediately clear that the beloved is accustomed to such establishments. At the same time, it will be necessary to warn her about the destination so that she has time to prepare. Such a rendezvous, alas, will not be a surprise.

Last place for romantic classics – cinema. This is a common way to hold a meeting. However, if you buy tickets for a movie that your companion does not like, you can get into trouble. Melodramas are romantic, but what if she’s a big fan of comedy or a mysterious thriller lover?

2. Individual strategy.

This subsection is intended for those who have already managed to get to know their couple at least a little. In the center of everything – her hobbies and interests.

If a girl is fond of hand-made, needlework, painting, she will not mind going to an exhibition. She loves poetry, books – why not take her to the apartment of novice writers?

Plays the piano – Philharmonic. Loves rock – live music concert. He cannot imagine himself without the world of fashion – a huge shopping center where you can fool around by trying on different images. At the same time, offering yourself as a model for her couturier-imagination would be a great idea. Temperament also matters, introverts are more fond of solitude, and extroverts, on the contrary, are noisy, crowded places.

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3. Animal world.

Animals are a feminine weakness. If they are fluffy, cute and friendly. Therefore, it is better not to lead her to look at iguanas, snakes or other reptiles, unless she is their obvious fan. More often a girl’s heart is torn between puppies and kittens. They are a win-win way to win her over. Rabbits, pandas, raccoons, hedgehogs, squirrels and koalas are also touching. Where to go:

  • exhibition or competition of animals;
  • zoo, reserve, reserve;
  • animal shelter;
  • ranches or farms.

The last point is ideal if the chosen one does not disdain to help animals – feed, clean wool or skin, for example. If she is not afraid of horses, this is a great opportunity to invite her for a horseback ride. Communication with these animals relaxes well, which means that the meeting will pass without tension.

4. Privacy.

Do you want to be alone with her? Why not? This is especially good if the girl is a clearly expressed introvert, a closed person. It will be much easier for her to open up and trust the guy without the presence of strangers. If there is no familiar secluded place, suitable:

  • the roof of a high-rise building at sunset or after sunset, when the stars are visible;
  • beaches in the closed season for swimming – it is better to take a blanket with you, a thermos with a hot drink;
  • walk along the uncrowded streets, parks;
  • a country house (you can rent a cottage at a camp site) or a summer house;
  • rest at home – movies, games, dinner (if you have known each other for a long time).

5. A lot of fun.

Experienced together emotions noticeably bring together. To please your companion and make her remember a romantic meeting for a long time, you can make her laugh. To do this, it is enough to bring the partner to / to:

  • amusement park;
  • aquapark;
  • the circus;
  • laughter room;
  • rollerdrome or ice rink.

A performance by comedians, student KVN, which is often free of charge, will do. Or you can prepare a funny program especially for her – write, for example, a speech of a city guide in a funny manner with jokes.

Viewing children’s photos, practical jokes, playing with water pistols or cooking fights in the kitchen will also be comical. It will be fun for her to make her own cocktail, bake a cake together, smearing each other with flour, or draw a funny face on cookies with cream. Or the face of your chosen one.

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6. Nature.

If the area allows, you can go to hike. Better for a while and in a proven place. Wandering through an unfamiliar forest, a mosquito attack or a long absence of a shower will not particularly please her.

Another kind of good date picnic in the park. This is a wonderful way to talk heart to heart, to get to know each other better. After a snack, you can take a walk or feed animals, birds.

Finally, bike rental is an equally amazing idea. Sporty, fun, easy.

7. Dance floor.

If dancing is clearly a weak side, it is better not to take samba or waltz courses. But places like:

  • night club;
  • open disco;
  • beach parties.

They are more often held after sunset, and those around are too caught up in the rhythm of the music to notice anyone around. This will allow you to loosen up and still make a couple of hit moves.

Small flaws and missing the rhythm will not push the girl away. But the opportunity to dance with the guy she likes will greatly cheer her up. The chances of a successful date will increase markedly.

There are different places where you can go with a girl on any – the first date or the tenth. It is important to take into account her personality type, desires, but in no case forget about her preferences. Ideally, the right establishment already contributes to the relaxation and rapprochement of the couple. So a conscious approach to such a choice will eliminate half of the problems and help you have a good time.

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