Where to go with a man on a first date?

It so happened historically that women have a richer fantasy than men. And good ideas come to mind more often.

And this is another argument in favor of inviting a man on a date herself. No, that’s what it’s about.

Where to go with a man on a first date – TOP 50 ideas

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So, you chose the option of asking your date on a first date. The question arises: where? Lots of options. It all depends on the two of you and your preferences. Therefore, pay attention to the following ideas and you will definitely find something suitable.

Start a relationship with sin – gluttony

  • Picnic. Suitable for the warm season. Take the food and let him take care of the drinks. And if you like snowy weather, you can stock up on tea in a thermos or hot chocolate.
  • Culinary masterclass. Fun, useful and very close.
  • Eat ice cream. In mini-boutiques, you can collect according to your own preferences. A great way to get to know each other.
  • The truth is in wine. Go for a tasting. Or arrange it yourself.
  • Try several dishes. Useful for a change of scenery. Not that it was worth it in one month. Eat at different places.
  • Фестиваль еды. If you take what you want in the year. No way you want to eat because it is self-explanatory, so you can see it in the park.
  • Shared breakfast. Why is a date always dinner? Break the system.
  • Prepare a joint dinner. Suitable For Those Who Are Not Afraid To Stay At Home On The First Date (Or Maybe You’ve Been Friends For 10 Years And Now We’re Dating).
  • Tea ceremony. Either find a thematic place, or organize it yourself.
  • Dinner at the restaurant. standard. Nothing needs to be invented.

Get closer to art

  • Master class by drawing. It’s fun and atmospheric. Sometimes wine is poured at such events.
  • Karaoke. If disgrace, then together. A great idea for a vacation and, again, brings together.
  • An evening of live music. Almost every institution hosts such events. Enjoy a delicious dinner while listening to local artists.
  • Stand up. Humor and laughter bring people together. Find out if performances of failed KVN-shchikov are held in your city.
  • Let’s Dance! Suitable for those who like to move, learn new things, and are not afraid of trampled feet.
  • cinema. It is considered not the best place for a first date. Partners almost do not communicate. But if the film is interesting, then there will be something to discuss.
  • Go to the museum. Interesting exhibitions are often held here.

Do you want to protect your life?

Open air

  • theme park. Feel like a child riding the rides and eating cotton candy. You can even knock out a soft toy for your prince in the shooting range.
  • Outdoor activities. Concerts, film screenings or performances are often held outdoors. And most importantly, it’s free.
  • Walk around with coffee. Just sitting at a table is boring. Be careful with the name and it is nice.
  • Look at the stars. Guess the constellations or make up your own.
  • Tourists in the same year. There are probably places you haven’t been to yet. Explore them together.
  • Meet the sunset or sunrise. A beautiful setting will become even more beautiful if you add your favorite snacks.
  • Visit the zoo. A large number of animals will give you new topics for conversation and a little return to childhood.
  • Rooftop picnic. Altitude, no one around and beautiful weather. Why not arrange a date right here?

Healthy lifestyle

  • Go in for sports together. Choose the best value in the room on the test. Even if it’s only once.
  • Bowling. Rolling balls is fun! And the first date should be fun.
  • Walk on horseback. Very good for health. And it can be the beginning of your joint hobby.
  • charting. Spice up your date with adrenaline and competitive spirit.
  • Billiards. Bowling little brother.
  • Pentball. They didn’t have time to start dating, but they already shot each other. But it’s really very exciting.
  • Walk on bicycles and rollers. Why walk when you can ride? Bicycles can even take you to the picnic area.
  • Be kids. Find a playground and have fun on it. Preferably at night, so as not to shock mothers with children.

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  • House with the ghosts. Want even more adrenaline? Posetite the component in the street and the sale in the country of the region. But be careful.
  • Ice rink. Winter alternative to roller skating. Some cities have indoor ice arenas available at any time of the year.
  • Position of the canyon park. Vivid memories are guaranteed.

And some more unusual ideas

  • Hike on a quest or quiz. A great option to see how smart your boyfriend is.
  • Приют для животных. Neobychno. No two of them potentially mine, it is hard to believe that the people who live there, say, the corm and in the winter.
  • Beach, water park or pool. Water is relaxing. And it’s also a good excuse to see each other half-naked.
  • Устройте фотосессию. Proceed by the crass locatry in the water and photograph the drug.
  • Say in “Truth or action”. Suitable for home date. There is no better way to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Delay rates. Posetite sportivnoe event or just people watching in the park. Bet who and what of the observed will do now. Play for money or interest.
  • Night at the theatre. An interesting event, especially if timed to coincide with an event. Ideal for creative individuals.
  • Visit a fortune teller. Very unusual. You can find a budget option, and then laugh heartily at the predictions.
  • Journey to nowhere. Get on public transport together, and then get off at an unfamiliar stop.
  • Proved by second-hand, antiquarian magazines and bars. There will be something to discuss.
  • Arrange a trip to another city. A change of scenery always sets in a romantic mood.
  • Date in the library. Read your favorite books to each other.
  • Plant a tree. Find out if such events are held in your city. Start your relationship by saving the planet.
  • Go to an interesting place and shoot Tiktok.

Arrange an unforgettable date for a man. Even if your relationship does not develop, he will definitely not forget you.

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