Where to meet a girl: 7 places to meet

Where to meet a girl: 7 places to meet! Appearance is put in order, phrases for acquaintance are perfected, topics for conversation are selected. But what’s next? The most important dilemma is brewing: where to meet a girl? In what places do you generally look for strangers who would suit your interests, were they open to communication? The following 7 places can be the answer to these questions. The options are different, so they are suitable for men of all types and will help you find the chosen ones according to your interests.

1. At the dance.

Nightclubs come to mind first. But no, it’s not about them. It is not difficult to meet a girl there, but usually only for one night. For those who are not satisfied with this option, there is a good alternative – dance circles. They are completely filled with women. A rare man will decide to go to such courses voluntarily. This is a benefit for those who are looking for dating girls.

It is better to give preference to ballroom dancing, as they are paired. In such groups, ladies are especially acutely experiencing a lack of partners and will be happy with almost any guy, just not to dance with a chair or another young lady. Enrolling in these circles has many benefits. Having discovered the dance world, a man:

  • will meet different women, will be able to choose partners both for dancing and for relationships;
  • see how girls move, behave in a relaxed atmosphere, better study their character and habits;
  • improve self-esteem, loosen up, open up (dance therapy does an excellent job with psychological blocks);
  • he will learn to dance himself (ladies love guys who can move or at least try to learn it);
  • will have far fewer competitors for the attention of the dancers from their group.

Of course, there is a risk that ladies “slightly over 30” or, conversely, teenage girls dance in such ensembles. However, it is unlikely that even a small town includes only one dance studio. As a rule, there is a choice and most often considerable.

There are only two problems left: how to know for sure if the woman you like has a boyfriend/fiance/husband, and what to do on March 8th. But the first difficulty is solved by the method of a direct question or by the presence or absence of a ring. And the second … Well, sometimes a sudden business trip or an urgent trip to relatives comes in handy.

Where to meet a girl: 7 places to meet!

2. Courses of foreign languages.

Another place where there are not many guys. And most of those available are schoolchildren preparing for exams and entering a university. Not only are the chances of meeting an interesting, purposeful girl quite high, but you can also improve your knowledge of languages.

Of course, first of all, group lessons are meant. But there are also lessons with tutors who only deal with 2-4 students at a time. The first option allows you to get a large number of acquaintances. And the second one is suitable for those who love solitude and face-to-face communication. By the way, the language that a girl learns sometimes reveals some of her qualities:

  • English/Spanish — practical, open, ambitious;
  • French – romantic, dreamer, connoisseur of beauty;
  • German – pragmatic, purposeful, strong-willed, logical;
  • Italian – curious, easy-going, impulsive;
  • Chinese/Japanese/Korean – extraordinary, introvert, thinker;
  • Greek – refined, with a soft character, creative;
  • Czech/Polish – sociable, workaholic, knows how to manage money.

And it’s too early to discount the teacher herself (courses are more often taught by women). A young beauty teacher without a partner is a very common case.

3. Gym.

The fitness room is a great place to appreciate a girl’s figure. But the actions and habits here betray the woman’s attitude not only to her appearance, but also to her health. If she takes good care of her body, she will most likely be attentive to the well-being of her young man. In addition, the behavior of the athlete also shows her character.

  • looks in the mirror or takes selfies more often than she trains – obviously dependent on public opinion, requires a lot of attention;
  • comes to the gym for a maximum of half an hour – needs support, does not like haste and multitasking;
  • works according to a clear chronological scheme – appreciates order, organized, stubborn, purposeful;
  • carries barbells and dumbbells, from the look of which it already becomes difficult – strong-willed, ambitious, independent, leader;
  • visits the gym irregularly – very busy or creative, fickle (in interests, not relationships), sometimes absent-minded.

It is here that you can find a partner without bad habits. Ladies who visit gyms regularly are also distinguished by good discipline, cheerful disposition (they rarely have a bad mood), openness and energy.

Distinguish a “busy” young lady from a free one sometimes you can by … clothes. Girls who are not in a relationship more often prefer tops, shorts, and athletic leggings. They often wear sets so that the top and bottom do not differ from each other in color. Women who have a couple are more likely to choose t-shirts / tank tops, sweatpants or breeches.

The former are not afraid to exercise with weights (barbells, dumbbells, platform for leg press, etc.), while the latter pay more attention to stretching, endurance (exercises on the rug, step).

Where to meet a girl: 7 places to meet!

4. Supermarket.

Not the most common place to meet, right? However, it is easier to start a casual conversation here than it seems at first glance. What phrases can you start with:

  • “I’m looking for a gift for my sister/mom/aunt, but I’m completely clueless about cosmetics/perfumes/soft toys. Can you help me?”.
  • “Girl, tell me which bar/dessert/yogurt tastes better.”
  • “Which chocolate do you like best? Let’s do this: I will treat you, and for this you will allow me to get to know you.

The supermarket is a great location to study the character and habits of a stranger. It only takes a minute to observe how quickly and carefully she chooses products, whether she uses lists, whether she counts calories, etc. But the most important thing is the contents of her shopping cart:

  • cereals and pasta – the more she buys them, the more likely she is not free;
  • diet foodsbreakfast cereals – often appear in carts with emotional and self-critical (sometimes too much);
  • cottage cheese, chicken, eggs (especially in large quantities) – an athlete, smart, rational;
  • sweets – either she has children, or she is sensual, kind and cheerful;
  • chips, crackersinstant noodles – sociable, but sometimes acts in impulses of emotions, sometimes frivolous;
  • sausages, meat (pork, beef) – the fatter the food, the more jealous, reckless their customer;
  • sour and pickled products – does not know how to yield, dominant, stubborn.

And if her basket contains men’s accessories (especially trendy ones) or baby food, pacifiers, this is a reason to turn around 180 ° and go look for another candidate.

Naturally, specifically approaching and looking into her cart is not a good idea. It is enough to carefully trace which departments of the market it enters. When she moves away from the rack, you can come up and see what exactly she took, if you could not understand right away. But without fanaticism, because the drive to the station for “stalking” is an unpleasant joy.

5. Cafe.

Immediately disclaimer: girls rarely go to cafes alone. Usually they like to meet with girlfriends or relatives. But why then is this place suitable for dating?

  1. Girlfriends love to run to the restroom for a long time. This is a great opportunity to approach a stranger left alone and ask for her number. She is less likely to refuse, because she will know that her friend will return soon.
  2. You can treat the lady you like with a cocktail or dessert by passing the order through the waiter.
  3. In the heat or, conversely, severe cold, girls drop into such places to drink hot or refreshing drinks. Without girlfriends.

On weekdays, you can see lonely young ladies during a lunch break if there is a business center or just a large company near the establishment. Sometimes the same thing works with coffee shops/canteens near colleges and universities.

In general, acquaintance in a daytime cafe has its advantages:

  • cozy atmosphere, beautiful interior, raising mood;
  • comfort (comfortable chairs or soft sofas) and delicious food to help you relax and set you up for frankness;
  • lack of haste (except for lunch breaks);
  • free Wi-Fi, which allows you to immediately find each other in social networks or show interesting videos / pictures if the conversation suddenly ended abruptly and an awkward silence hung.

Of course, for such an acquaintance you will have to take a certain amount with you. But, as a rule, when meeting girls, they are embarrassed to accept expensive treats. So large bills will not be used.

6. Speed ​​dating.

Speed ​​dating is a good way to get acquainted for those who are tired of meeting young ladies who are either not free or not eager to communicate. To take part in such an event, it is enough to find the place and date of its holding, and then register. As a rule, registration takes place online, so everything can be done very quickly. Sometimes a material contribution is required (but not always), which is then spent on printing questionnaires, renting a room, etc.

Speed ​​dating has recently been gaining popularity, which means that such meetings will be organized more and more often. To the main benefits can be attributed:

  • real date – you can evaluate the appearance, voice, habits;
  • agreement to meet – participants come there in order to find a couple;
  • time saving – you do not have to look for interlocutors;
  • romantic atmosphere – the design of the rooms corresponds to the event;
  • anonymity of results – contacts are exchanged only if the sympathy turned out to be mutual.

These meetings are sorted by age, city, less often by interests. Even if one evening turned out to be fruitless, this is not a reason to give up. You can go again, but in this case it is better to choose another dating club so as not to meet with the same candidates.

Where to meet a girl: 7 places to meet!

7. Internet.

No matter how banal or frivolous this method may seem, it is really effective. However, before you meet a girl on the Internet, you first have to find out how and where it is better to start. A few notes to help you along the way.

  • If you want to meet a foreigner, it is better to look for her on Facebook. There are a lot of “dummy” girls on international dating sites, who at best will simply waste the guy’s time, at worst they will also empty his wallet.
  • Mobile dating apps are the fastest way to find a candidate for a first date.
  • It is better not to choose women with top profiles for dating. First, they are often more demanding and fastidious. Secondly, a large number of men already write to them.
  • Sometimes hashtags help searches. In the same Instagram with their help, you can find a free, open to communication girl.
  • Before writing to a pretty stranger, it is advisable to first study her profile. Namely, her wall, profile, saved pictures, old photos and videos. Some finds sometimes discourage any desire to get acquainted, but they save a lot of time that could be spent on the wrong person.
  • Almost every social network has communities for dating.
  • Groups about upcoming city events or specific interests are great places to find your soul mate.

To understand where to meet a girl, just look through this list and choose a couple of places that would seem the most comfortable. Self-confidence and convenience of the situation for a guy are very significant. After all, a relaxed state helps him gather his thoughts, show his courage, show himself from the best side. Women also notice this calmness and confidence, so they are more willing to get acquainted with such a man.

Where to meet a girl: 7 places to meet!

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