Where to meet a man? 8 places to meet

Where to meet a man? 8 places to meet. Where to meet a man – strong and reliable? Is it even possible to get acquainted with such a person? The answer is no, it’s not possible. Unrealistic if you look in dubious places. Or if you sit at home and wait for the weather by the sea, hoping that the “prince” will appear out of nowhere, pick you up and take you into the sunset. For those who are ready to take responsibility for their own happiness, to make efforts to achieve it, there are always opportunities. The following 8 places will help you find interesting men and successfully attract their attention.

1. Cultural bars/pubs.

Of course, we are not talking about loud alcohol parties, where the goal of every second person is to get drunk in the trash or rent someone for the night. There are establishments that men visit just to relax, to have a cultural rest, to chat. As a rule, such bars have a number of specific characteristics:

  • live music or at least a certain genre of it – more often jazz, blues;
  • the presence of “intelligent bouncers” to keep order;
  • the right of the bartender to refuse service to the client if he is already drunk enough;
  • pleasant atmosphere, cleanliness of rooms, tables, comfortable furniture;
  • waiters in a neat decent form or self-service.

Also, the chances of meeting a man with a man increase if the pub is located near business centers, large firms, IT companies.

The atmosphere of these establishments is conducive to long-term frank communication. People really come here for pleasant conversations, mental relaxation. Smooth moderate music, subdued light, quiet hubbub of voices, high-quality and tasty alcohol make it easier to start a simple conversation. And the same atmosphere makes it grow into an exciting conversation.

The main thing is not to touch on any difficult problematic topics. It is unlikely that anyone would want to trade their relaxed state for hyper-concentration or perplexity. But light humor, flirting will come in handy.

Where to meet a man? 8 places to meet.

2. Trainings and seminars.

Where, if not in the courses, to look for serious men who care about their future and are serious about their own development. Naturally, we are not talking about pickup skill clubs. This category includes training on:

  • personal or career growth;
  • business ideas, offers, novelties;
  • opening your own business;
  • the nuances of a particular niche;
  • communication skills.

If the seminars are also paid, they require homework, and the guy is ready to invest his time and effort into this, he is really determined. Moreover, at such events it is easy to meet both young ambitious newcomers and already established men who do not want to stop there, just sitting still.

At the same time, the former have an enviable energy, it is easier to direct them (not to change or re-educate) to strengthen a specific (already existing) trait. The latter are more thoughtful, rational, responsible.

Advice: do not sign up for trainings, in the essence of which there is at least elementary knowledge and desire to receive them. It will be very embarrassing to smile incomprehensibly when a young person decides to talk about the topic of the last lecture.

3. Exhibitions.

Usually, guys either do not go to exhibitions of crafts, folk costumes, flowers, dishes at all, or appear there with their wives. Animal shows are more often of interest to men who have children. Therefore, the choice of such events will have to be approached thoughtfully.

You are more likely to meet a free stranger at exhibitions dedicated to:

  • science, discoveries, innovations;
  • cars, technology;
  • industrial goods;
  • numismatics, philately;
  • weapons, equipment;
  • medicine, tourism.

Most of these topics are not the most familiar or exciting for women. But there is no point in proving otherwise. We can say that there is no knowledge in this area yet, but it would be interesting to go in, look around, learn the basics. Guys will like this position much more than trying to pretend to be an expert against the background of a clear lack of even an elementary understanding of the topic. And if you ask a young man to explain a couple of points, you can not only expand your horizons, but also extend the conversation, arousing male sympathy.

Sometimes men visit art galleries, sculpture galleries and similar cultural institutions. It will be easier for a girl to find a common language with such visitors. Even without understanding classical/contemporary art, she will be able to keep up the conversation about tastes, preferences, associations.

4. Airport.

An ideal location to immediately identify free candidates. Married people walk with rings, wives, children. Those in a relationship – with flowers, soft toys. They constantly look at the phone, smile touchingly at the screen, run to souvenir shops, because “damn-again-forgot-her-gift-will-nag.”

A particularly flashy case is a guy examining the contents of his suitcase in surprise. Here it is immediately clear – either the girl / wife, or the mother collected. The latter are most likely free, but very problematic in life. Free ones are usually:

  • looking at magazines
  • communicate on mobile with friends,
  • staring at the clock face
  • watching the planes
  • Generally speaking, they are rarely in a hurry.

The atmosphere in the waiting rooms is often conducive to sincere conversations, lightness, openness, friendliness. This is a great basis for an interesting conversation.

For those who are looking for an already established adult man, airports are also a good place. Airplanes are not the cheapest mode of transport, so they are usually chosen by people of at least average income. By the way, meeting in the salon itself is also a good option. And you can fill your free time, and suppress the fear of flying or heights, and in addition, do not miss the chance for a pleasant acquaintance.

Where to meet a man? 8 places to meet.

5. Mobile applications.

Many single men deliberately avoid dating sites. But mobile applications (or mobile versions of social networks) are installed by guys much more often. It saves them time, is more portable, convenient, or just becomes part of the job (in the case of social media).

Special mature guy trait: does not sit in these applications for days. Comes one to three times a day, not always daily. After all, he has his own affairs and life outside of virtuality, which he is in no hurry to abandon. A few typical characteristics of such a candidate:

  • all photos are absolutely adequate, without compromising evidence, a large number of effects, frames, filters;
  • the wall is filled with interesting informative posts, announcements of events, good humor or something like that (no quotes);
  • there are no flat jokes in the questionnaire, and the main fields (name, age, city) are completely filled out;
  • not a very large number of friends (more than 300 – a family man or cheated, as a rule);
  • literacy in one’s own records (not necessarily an ideal level, but quite high).

To get a chance to chat with such a man, you yourself will have to remember the spelling rules. An interesting completed questionnaire, decent photos are no less important parts.

6. City festivals.

If a guy attends fairs, concerts, city competitions (of course, not for the speed of drinking alcohol or the number of bottles broken on his head), he has many interests, he is open to everything new. These are very good qualities, since it will hardly be boring with such a person, he is ready to develop, try something with his partner.

But a drop of observation still does not hurt. It is better not to get acquainted with men who every now and then:

  • buy alcoholic drinks, obviously not counting their quantity;
  • afraid to move 10 meters away from their friends;
  • awkwardly stand aside, hesitant to experience the benefits of the festival;
  • cling to other people, interfere with them, scandal;
  • use a lot of obscene language;
  • not averse to stealing something from the shelves;
  • too often criticize, complain, just whine.

Usually a cultured adequate guy can be seen almost immediately. Most likely he is there with friends, and it will be embarrassing to get acquainted with them first. Waiting for them to separate is also not particularly interesting. How to be?

You can catch a pretty stranger’s eye and then wave, smile, wink, or blow a kiss. But biting lips erotically or taking sexy poses is not at all necessary. At such events, the general mood is more cheerful, relaxed than coquettish-playful. It is highly desirable to comply with this mood.

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7. Charity evenings.

At the mention of such places, the pretentious events of very wealthy gentlemen come to mind. The most expensive champagne, gourmet delicacies, chic guest outfits, a huge chandelier inlaid with real gold and diamonds. But is it always like this?

In fact, charity evenings can be ordinary:

  • apartments,
  • trade fairs,
  • concerts,
  • theatrical performances,
  • street performances.

Simply the purpose of such celebrations is to raise funds for help. Even if the guys visit such places not for the sake of support or without realizing their contribution, they still show an interest in healthy quality recreation. Here the advice is approximately the same as in the paragraph “City festivals”.

Usually money is collected from the sale of tickets. But sometimes, right during the entertainment, volunteers come up to the participants, offering to make an additional voluntary contribution. An adequate response to such proposals, and even more financial assistance, is a good sign.

8. Sports events.

Sports guys who regularly monitor their body and health, not chasing Schwarzenegger’s parameters, often turn out to be very interesting personalities. You can look for them in gyms, but there they are usually focused only on training. But it will be easier to chat with such guys before the competition for bench press, traction, kettlebell / barbell lifting and wish them good luck before the start.

Girls who do not like heavily pumped up men can take a closer look at:

  • runners, athletes;
  • roller skaters, cyclists;
  • skiers, snowboarders;
  • football players, basketball players.

And among the arm wrestlers, swimmers, there are both strong men and just smart young men. In general, any more or less safe sports, championships and competitions for which are held in the city, are suitable. Words of support before or congratulations, a positive assessment after the event will increase the chances of meeting and liking a young person.

Where to meet a man is no longer a question. Another thing is where to get enough desire, courage to start a conversation with such a guy herself. Here self-confidence, a drop of initiative and, perhaps, a few female features will come into play. But the result of the efforts made will surely give a due reward.

Where to meet a man? 8 places to meet.

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