Whether to confess first in love with a man or not?

Whether to confess first in love with a man or not? You Probably Know This Situation When A Guy Likes A Girl, Maybe They Even Dating, But Don’t Be In A Hurry With Recognition. Also, if you don’t see it in the logbook, it says: “May byte confess first.

Whether to confess first in love with a man or not?

In the American scientific psychological journal “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology” a study was published, the results of which showed that in 65% of cases men were the first to confess, and in 35% – of women.

Everything seems to be clear that the initiative in this matter is given to the strong half of humanity. Nowhere this is done, it isn’t necessary to drive it, it’s priced, and it’s posted. Of course, it is impossible to give unambiguous advice in this situation.

Public opinion on the question of who should be the first to confess in love, was divided into two opposite lags.

  • Some believe that a girl should be modest, and the manifestation of the initiative should be only for a man.
  • Drugs are administered to the man, so that the woman has the right to do it, it is on the woman’s side.

Still, is it worth it to be the first to confess to a man in feelings? Before proceeding with confessions, one should realize why he is not the first to take a step forward, which is what is supposed to be.

Why a man does not confess his love first

There are several good reasons why a young man is not recognized first in love.

  • The man is overly shy. He is afraid to say these cherished three words. As long as you have a problem, this is the case in the project and in the drugs. Watch him how quickly he makes decisions in other matters.
  • The man does not consider it necessary to say these words. Action is important to him. There is such a type of young people. On the other hand, it is not possible to practice it, it is not possible to have it.
  • A man is afraid of being rejected. Perhaps he already had such a situation in his life, he is afraid of getting burned again. No, if you let the guy know that you like him, then this reason should not be taken into account.
  • A man is not sure of his feelings towards you. He cannot decide, he does not want to mislead you. In this case, you definitely need to wait with the confession. If a guy is not ready for such a conversation, then he will definitely not be happy with him.
  • The man has another girlfriend or maybe he is married, but you do not know about it.

For what reasons you should not be the first to confess your love to a man

If you doubt, you are not sure that you can confess to the first guy, then think about whether it is worth doing it. Because you have a great risk of not getting reciprocity.

Relationship initiative. Who should show it?

No matter how humble a man is, he will find a way to confess his feelings. Most often, hoping that a guy is silent about love because of modesty is too naive. Excessive your activity can lead to wrong conclusions about you.

Take a closer look at a man, evaluate his self-esteem, and try to look at him, not through the prism of pink elnobi glasses. If you decide to be the first to confess, then there is a high probability that you will be refused or recognized by the legenos.

You need to be ready for these moments. Consider if you need it. It is not worth it if you do this for a psychological translation.

Why it is worth confessing to the first woman

As long as it is possible for you to choose your own words. If a man turned out to be unprepared for a closer relationship, then you can easily forget about what happened and chew.

No, you will definitely be able to understand that you cannot have anything with this man. This is better than doubting for a long time, all of a sudden it was a chance sent by fate, and you did not use the silt.

If you confessed your feelings to the guy, and he refused, then it’s okay. Or maybe he himself is looking forward to the first step from you. Then you will succeed.

And besides, you will put an end to the I. You will no longer have to wonder whether it is worth wasting time with this man or whether to leave him, not to meet again, but to be ready for new, more promising relationships. In any case, certainty is always better than uncertainty.

When should you confess your love first?

Before you confess first, make sure that you really love a man, and your feelings are sincere. Often we mistake love for love. Therefore, do not rush, just make sure of your feelings.

Analyze how often you communicate with a person. As long as you don’t want it

Chat with a man, try to go with him to Places where you can see His actions in real situations: on a quest, on a hike, on a Picnic, on a skating rink. Let’s see how he behaves in life. If your opinion about a person has not changed, then you can confess your feelings to him.

Choose the most suitable moment. You must be together. Make sure that no one bothers you, that the man is not busy with business. Only after that start a conversation. The chance of getting a positive response increases if it is fully focused on you.

Whether to confess first in love with a man or not?

How to confess to a man in love?

If you are afraid to openly talk about your feelings, then try to start from afar. Take an interest in a man’s life more often. Compliment, take care of him, use non-verbal cues: a light touch, a smile. If you don’t like it, you can’t do it.

Give a man compliments, praise his appearance, action, character traits. The representatives of the stronger sex like compliments no less than we do. He will certainly take your praise as a manifestation of attention to his person and will be ready for the upcoming warm-up.

Focus on eye contact. Just don’t “drill” his eyes open. Find a man with a look, smile. After he reciprocates your eyes, playfully look away from the object of adoration.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question: “Should the first woman confess her love?” It depends on multiple circumstances. First of all, from your determination, readiness to be the first to take a step towards a meeting.

If a man has been showing an open interest in you for a long time, taking care of you, constantly calling, covenant for meetings, solving your questions, trying to do something pleasant, then there are no barriers not to make the first confession to his chosen one. Whether to confess first in love with a man or not?

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