Whether to forgive the betrayal and betrayal of a man – is it worth it?

Whether to forgive the betrayal and betrayal of a man – is it worth it? The betrayal of a loved one is always a strong shock for a woman. She now faces the question of how to continue to live, is it possible to forgive a man. If she decided to forgive, then how to do it.

Is there a difference between betrayal and betrayal

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. It depends on the conditions under which relations are built between a man and a woman. By the way, that’s what it’s supposed to be like for the economic project. Be careful of the parts that are not allowed. They can freely “walk to the left.”

However, if this is done, you should pronounce “Na Beregu”, by the private country and the city, and the city. Betrayal is perceived with internal attachment to a person. This question is key to our sense of security.

It is a basic need. In this case, not only physical betrayal, but also correspondence, flirting, an affair threatens our security. It’s up to you to eat emotionally and to decide what to do.

Does it make sense to forgive betrayal

Betrayal of a loved one is always painful. Just the thought of it can throw you off balance. If your EMOs go off scale, it’s hard to control yourself. Be sure to read it before you start it.

The issue of parting should not be approached in a fit of feelings, return to it after you have weighed all the pros and so on. All emotions should be thrown aside. You can forgive betrayal if you cannot imagine life without a loved one. Then the suffering will only increase.

When a cheating partner repents of his deed, sincerely asks for forgiveness, is ready to do anything, you can think about it. After all, each of us can make a mistake, of course, if betrayal is an isolated case. It often happens that a man, having betrayed once, never takes this step again. Appreciates and loves a woman even more.

When You Shouldn’t Forgive Betrayal

By the situation, it is not possible to make a statement. If you have an emotional partner in front of you who not only cheats all the time, but also does not try to hide this fact, every time after a love affair he asks for forgiveness, then psychologists recommend thinking about whether it is worth forgiving him.

How to survive the betrayal of a loved one?

As a rule, such men are not correctable. This is the “eternal walker”. On the other hand, the project is carried out and the clothes are in the air. Such relationships are doomed, whether you forgive or not. It is better to part with him so that it does not hurt every time.

How to survive betrayal

Surviving betrayal is not easy, but no matter how painful this moment is, If you decide to forgive, it is important to forgive betrayal and let go of the situation. If you forgave in words, for show, then further relationships are impossible.

Ask about it, it’s about two of the details, and part of it. Betrayal is a crisis in a relationship. This situation can lead both to a break and to a transition to a new, higher level.

Stages of experiencing betrayal

Physiologically you should, so that the preparation of the objects is possible in seven 5 stages:

  • Denial and shock. You just can’t believe that you are in such a situation. It’s unexpected for you. Your reaction can be twofold: in the form of EMO-rational excitation or, on the contrary, inhibition.
  • Aggression. You experience anger, aggression against the one who betrayed you.
  • Wine, when the wine is there, you should wait for it. She begins to engage in self-discipline: I misbehaved, paid little attention, treated my beloved badly.
  • depression. The woman suffers from apathy, irritability. She has reduced social activity. Life loses all meaning.
  • Acceptance. No matter how difficult the situation is, gradually the woman accepts the fact of infidelity. She returns to her usual way of life, enters her rut. Life takes on colors again.

Psychologist’s advice on how to forgive betrayal

If you decide that you are ready to ask for the betrayal of a man, then the following tips will help you:

  • Don’t keep it to yourself. Share your experiences with loved ones. Thus, you will get rid of negative emotions, you will not begin to accumulate them in yourself, which will lead to mental and physical imbalance. Allow yourself a few days to be unhappy: beat the dishes, cry, scream. After the release of emotions, you will be able to act in accordance with common sense.
  • Not that it is necessary in the future of the country. Subsequent to the sale of the wine, it is necessary to keep the wine on the same level.
  • Control your emotions, don’t quarrel with a scandal. The fact of betrayal will have to be accepted. It has already happened. Express to your loved one your feelings that you are experiencing pain, fear, resentment. Don’t go into a You position, don’t blame. Talk about your feelings in the “I-position”: “it hurts me”, “it’s unpleasant for me”, “I don’t know how to trust now”. Not “pushing in the face”: not in the face of it. This will only help for a short time. The next day, the negativity from your own behavior will poison your life.
  • Keep your distance. The best thing is to get away and relax. A change of scenery will put everything in its place. If there is no way to leave, then start visiting the cinema, theater, exhibitions. This will help you forget about the pain, thoughts will gradually begin to come in the right direction.
  • That is what you are saying about yourself, it is proposing that you are not aware of the words that are in you. Change your hair, update your wardrobe, be interesting. Nothing boosts self-esteem like the looks of other men. No one should try to cardinal dimensions, which protect against two characters.
  • Take care of yourself, find hobbies for yourself, go out with friends, go to cafes, live your life. Start self-development, increase self-esteem.
  • After the emotions subside, analyze what caused the betrayal. If the problem is in the promiscuity of a man, in the fact that he is constantly drawn to new novels, in his nature, then do seul. If the reason is in you, then think about how to change some features in yourself so that it does not happen again. Or maybe you decide not to change anything in yourself, that in front of you is not the right person to yourself

Learn to love yourself. Every woman has the right to be a little selfish, of course, within reasonable limits, not to the detriment of others.

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether it is possible to forgive the betrayal of a loved one. It depends on your attitude towards Kuzhchina, whether you have the strength for this act, what you personally perceive under the word betrayal. In any case, whether you forgive or not, but try to adequately get out of the situation in which you were embroiled.

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