Which man will not change, and which one will easily go for treason?

Which man will not change, and which one will easily go for treason? Betrayal is always painful, and living through it in a way that makes your life even better can be far from horseback. When Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé, she created a music album out of her suffering and made good money from it. And you still whine to your best friend about the injustice and look wistfully at the hidden bottle of wine.

Therefore, for ladies with a fine mental organization, the conclusion suggests itself: choose the man who will not look for entertainment on the side. But how to do it in an era of permissiveness? Don’t you think that it’s not possible and not worth it if you don’t like it? Perhaps, indeed, loyalty has become a rudiment?

Is the change worth it?

According to Freud, monogamy is the suppression of natural instincts. But on the other hand, it is precisely this side that is necessary for the existence of civilization.

Historically, marriage was based not on love, but on advantages: she is of noble blood, but poor as a church mouse, and he, although he cannot boast of titles and family estates, is able to provide her with a prosperous life.

Accordingly, the common offspring inherits everything that both parents generously or not so generously endowed him with. This is where the stumbling block lies.

From a biological point of view, love is a mechanism that increases the duration of the union in order to raise offspring, which for a long time depends on their parents. And romances on the side do not allow any of the partners to relax and enjoy life: a man cannot be sure that he is the father of a potential heir, and a woman cannot protect her children from the appearance of competitors who require attention and financial injections. As a result, even in the most “wise” couples there is a tense atmosphere.

Ponyatno, that practical and all that physical. And it’s pretty easy to do, even if you’re together around the clock, and you know how much time he usually spends in the shower and which way he gets to work.

How do you know if a man is cheating?

No est men who just can’t resist the temptation and walk past an attractive stranger. It is about them that they say that the grave will fix the hunchback, because at the stage of courtship they can make an effort on themselves and focus on one object, but when enough time passes and the feeling of novelty disappears from the relationship, they will again take up the old.

“Chronicle” is not possible to control the degree of flight and individual subjects. Therefore, between those who cheat on everyone and always, and those who changed once under the influence of an oppressive atmosphere in the family or for other understandable reasons, there is a huge difference. The first “fix” can not be. Therefore, if you are not ready to sob into your pillow for years or drive your rivals away from the faithful, you should learn how to calculate.

TOP 7 signs that he will cheat on you

  • He hides your relationship and does not allow you to advertise it.

We all enter relationships hoping we’ve met the best. And while the flaws of the partner are not yet noticeable, a person who is honest and open has a desire to show the whole world: “She is the most beautiful and talented, and she is with me!” While you think that happiness loves silence and “respect” your man’s desire not to show your idyll on social networks, he gets to know others and does not deny himself anything.

  • On it is proposed, not known on calls and messages.

Unexpected disappearances always raise questions. It would seem that it is much easier to take care of an alibi in advance, but many traitors, oddly enough, try to avoid unnecessary lies, and pretend that nothing happened. Because it’s not what it’s supposed to be like, it’s just a matter of course: Didn’t reply for 2 days because I was busy! I don’t have to report to you!”

  • He fiercely defends his phone.

Yeah, everyone knows it’s bad to read other people’s text messages and all that, but if he turns the display away from you when you’re together, puts the phone face down, and when you reach for his cell phone to check the time, he goes berserk, that’s bad sign. Most likely, he is afraid that you will accidentally see something that was not intended for your eyes. For example, frivolous messages from his colleague, with whom they “just had dinner once.”

  • His friends are misogynists.
Photo by cottonbro: Pexels

Yes, your beloved is a well-mannered decent man, but then why does he feel comfortable in a toxic environment, where his friends in front of you can afford the expressions “all women are fools” and “what to take from her, she is a woman”? Devaluation of the opposite sex is if he belongs to a society that disrespects women and believes that they are needed only to satisfy needs, it is safe to say that one day his behavior will change for the worse.

  • He loves himself too much.

In his own eyes, or, in the opinion of his adored mother, he is a king and a god, and can afford to transgress morality. Psychologists call this narcissism. He believes that he has the right to more, and is not obliged to play by someone else’s rules. How can such “happiness” go to one?

Of course not. His calling in life is like the sun to give light and his attention to all the women of the World, And They, in turn, are obliged to please Him. Such people do not admit their guilt, even if they are caught at the crime scene. If so, that’s what you’re doing – on the other hand, you’re going to be in the form of two rods and more than two people.

  • In his family, cheating is the norm.
Photo author Mikhail Nilov: Pexels

He calmly talks about his father’s passions and reacts dryly to your indignation: “What’s wrong? He is a man, he can!” And since it’s possible for an authoritative dad, then your faithful one will very quickly introduce this ideology into your relationship. One of the unobvious calls is the manipulation of finances. You think that he is against your career, so that you are less tired and pay more attention to yourself, but in fact, he wants to cut off your escape routes. When you want to slam the door loudly and get away from the traitor, but there is nowhere to go.

  • You were his mistress.

More precisely, a savior from an insidious mercantile girl who encroached on his savings and a sagging sofa, and dreamed of ringing such an important bird. Oddly enough, many women are firmly convinced that this story will not repeat itself with them, and they will never be in the place of a deceived girl. Because they cook deliciously, they don’t look into someone else’s wallet, they don’t suffer from headaches. No ability to be responsible for one’s actions does not depend on what kind of woman is next to a man.

Intuition is another way to analyze what is happening and draw the right conclusions from it. Therefore, you should not turn a blind eye to alarm bells in the hope that then everything will resolve itself. If at the initial stage you already see a lot of disadvantages, believe me, then there will be even more of them.

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