Which women do men marry and why?

Which women do men marry and why?

“It’s all about us, men, you understand. But you don’t know one thing: why do we love some, and marry others?

From the movie “Men”

Can we say that men marry a certain type of woman? If this were the case, then all smart, reading women would have been married long ago, because they would adhere to certain tactics in communicating with men.

Why is everyone so obsessed with getting married? What is the global goal of marriage?

Why do people get married?

“We all need a witness to our lives. There are a billion people on the planet… Is that what someone’s life really means? No in the brakes you will need it if you want. The good, the bad, the terrible, the ordinary, all of it, all the time, every day.

We say: “Your life will not go unnoticed, because I will notice it. Your life will not pass without witnesses, because I will be your witness.” From the movie Let’s Dance.

Each of us knows from childhood that at a certain age he will have his own family. This promotes the society in which we live and the parental family.

All advertising on television is aimed at solving the needs of the family, husband, wife, children.

What human needs does marriage solve?

  • Instinct of discourse and motherhood.

No matter how ancient this need is, it is inherent in all living organisms evolutionarily. People marry to continue their kind. Seeing your children grow is a kind of illusion of immortality.

It is more convenient to watch how a child born to you grows in a family. The child is not only a carrier of genetic information, laid down from parents, but also learns the rules and norms, absorbs the knowledge transferred from them.

  • Recognition and belonging to a particular social group.

By getting married, people realize that they have acquired a new status supported by society. Even when applying for a job, the factor of a married man or woman matters.

Although in practice this does not always work. And the man himself feels differently in the status of “married”, because the society around him thinks so.

  • The need for support, approval, integrity of oneself as a person.

Man is a social being. He wants to be respected, supported, and sympathized. It is necessary that his actions and deeds be approved. To be near a person who contributes to the self-development, and self-actualization of his personality.

Thus, the mother is looking for the possibility of procreation of her kind with a companion who is exact.

3 criteria for a woman to marry worthy men

Which women do men marry and why?

According to a survey by GoRabbit magazine, men do not like mercantile women who are not interested in anything other than money, and they believe that a man “always owes something” to them. This list also includes women with chemical addictions, egoists and “immature” women who do not know how to take responsibility for their actions and do not engage in self-development.

And what qualities of girls do men find attractive for marriage? It is difficult to talk about appearance, and, despite the generally accepted idea that women with “forms” are attractive for marriage, they marry women with completely different body types. Most likely, when it comes to appearance, men prefer feminine girls more.

  • Femininity.

Femininity is a broad concept that includes a lot of qualities. A man wants to protect such a woman, next to her he feels like a strong and confident man, a protector.

A kind woman is a woman who will not manipulate a man, she is serious about relationships, knows how to piro. Such a girl has a big loving heart, to which she listens. Don’t worry about it and care.

  • Mystery and variety.

“Then you will want to see many people. And if you want your husband to love you, you must embody all the women in the world. Be always new, different. Let the morning dew of novelty always sparkle on you, be like a flower, which nick design

Jack London. «Lunnaya Valley»

  • Mind and tact.

A smart woman always has something to talk about, she knows how to behave in society. With such a woman it is easy to solve common family problems, she looks at the situation sensibly. It’s easier to communicate with a smart woman, you don’t need to explain something for a long time, she understands even perfectly.

“He went out with her, somewhat peaceful: with a well-read @ calmer – she vaguely knows box h box

Francoise Sagan. “Nemnogo Solnsa in Holodnoy Vode”.

A man appreciates the feeling of tact in his woman very highly. A tactful woman will not violate the personal boundaries of her partner, she always knows what is acceptable in a relationship and what is not.

  • Self-confidence and unobtrusiveness

A confident woman knows what she wants and can convey it to her man. He knows how to present himself favorably in society. A self-confident woman will not dwell on such trifles as a broken nail or a heel that has come off.

Unobtrusiveness is a very good quality of a girl, she will not call her man twenty times a day, demand constant attention to herself.

  • Calmness and adaptability.

Men, despite the popular belief that they love bitchy women, are more likely to enjoy sleeping. When communicating with a “bitch” a man produces hormones stress. And the man prefers to rest at home and relax from the stress that he experiences outside the home.

The adaptability of a woman is the ability to adapt to the environment, analyze the situation and remain condess. Since marriage is a joint activity, it is more comfortable to start a family with an adaptive woman.

  • The ability to be a friend to her husband.

A wife is a friend, this is a woman who will not betray, will always provide support, no matter what situation a man finds himself.

  • Self-esteem and desire for self-development.

A woman who values ​​herself as a person, self-sufficient, is attractive to a man. It is always interesting with such a woman, she develops together with a man. She can not only “take” what a man offers her, but she is also able to “share” with him her happiness, sense of humor, freedom, love, and joy.

A woman who is able to develop stimulates her man to develop.

“A woman is a“ gasoline ”on which a man rides. For the sake of a woman, we do most of the things”

Natalya Pokatilova. “A successful man is the work of a woman”

In order to live with a woman all his life, a man marries a girl with such qualities, next to whom he will experience spiritual comfort and self-confidence.

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