Which zodiac sign are you in February?

Which zodiac sign are you in February? The two zodiac signs that fall in February are Aquarius and Pisces. Discover which zodiac sign you are if you are born or have your birthday in February, the horoscope, the most important facts, characteristics and personality traits of these zodiac signs of astrology.


Zodiac sign Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Date: January 20th to February 18th
Element: air
Quality: fix
Symbol: water carrier
Planet: Uranus
Important personality traits: Humanistic, visionary, unpredictable, rebellious
Strengthen: Open, Compassionate, Leading, Straightforward, Honest
Weaknesses: Cold, distant, stubborn, impatient
Best Love Compatibility: Twins

As the zodiac symbol indicates, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer who blesses the earth with his mystical powers. It is the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, committed to the well-being of all. People born in January under Aquarius zodiac sign are generous people who want to make an impact on this planet. They devote much of their time and energy to improving this world. They are born with an originality of thought and an intelligence that makes them brilliant thinkers and problem solvers. However, they can sometimes become very obsessed with what they want, making them rigid and inflexible about the way they want to achieve their goal, especially when they have an idea in mind.

Men and women of the Aquarius zodiac sign also like to flirt if they like someone. Aquarians (air signs) like to communicate their ideas and thoughts. As such, they tend to have an active social life and many friends. With a fixed quality, this zodiac sign can be very adamant about what he or she believes, but that doesn’t mean an Aquarius doesn’t accept opposing viewpoints to their own. It is difficult to influence an Aquarius when logic does not support these beliefs.

Which zodiac sign are you in February?

Zodiac sign Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Date: February 19th to March 20th
Element: water
Quality: mutable
Symbol: Two fish swim in opposite directions
Planet: Neptune
Important personality traits: artistic, gentle, altruistic, emotional
Strengthen: compassionate, helpful, communicative, dedicated, loyal
Weaknesses: gullible, deceitful, forgiving, fearful
Best Love Compatibility: Aries

This zodiac sign likes the company of people. Men and women born under the sign of Pisces are extremely compassionate and always willing to help those in need. They are dreamers who build castles in Spain and are known to be distracted almost all the time. Being the last of all zodiac signs, natives with a birth date in February can be very intuitive. They also have an artistic sensibility and their love of music is evident from a very early age in their lives. They are helpful and put the needs of others ahead of their own.

Pisces are gentle and romantic. They expect long-term commitments from their partners and tend to be very caring and considerate of the person they love. Pisces have good communication skills and expect a high level of transparency with their loved ones. People of this zodiac sign are creative and a large part of their ambitions will be focused on professions that feed their original thoughts. Which zodiac sign are you in February?

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