Which zodiac sign are you in June?

Which zodiac sign are you in June? The two zodiac signs that fall in June are Gemini and Cancer. Discover which zodiac sign you are if you are born or have your birthday in June, the horoscope, the most important facts, characteristics, and personality traits of these zodiac signs of astrology.

Which zodiac sign are you in June?

Zodiac sign Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Date: May 21st to June 21st
Element: air
Quality: mutable
Symbol: Twins
Planet: Mercury
Important personality traits: intelligent, optimistic, motivated, loyal
Strengthen: communicative, flexible, intellectual, versatile
Weaknesses: impulsive, inconsistent, indecisive.
Best Love Compatibility: Lion

The Gemini symbol represents two different facets of a personality that coexist in people born in late May or early June. Led by Mercury, Gemini natives are excellent communicators and creative in their expressions. This zodiac sign is always looking for new encounters as if trying to find their other half. Gemini can persuasively show you the big picture and the positive sides of any situation. You tend to be versatile and witty. You could say they touch everything, but they have no control over anything. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. These qualities and personality traits make them captivating and also very likeable. Being a mutable zodiac sign, they are flexible and always able to adapt to any situation.

When a Gemini man or woman is in love, he or she must first feel intellectually compatible before physically committing to his or her partner. True flirts and seducers, they can attract many lovers until they find one who can match their energy and intellect. Lovers of freedom, they need their own space. With this zodiac personality, any form of routine or monotony ruins their enthusiasm and excitement.

Which zodiac sign are you in June?

Zodiac sign Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Date: June 21 to July 22
Element: water
Quality: cardinal
Symbol: crab
Planet: moon
Important personality traits: emotional, friendly, nature lover, psychic, creative, committed
Strengthen: loyal, intuitive, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, passionate
Weaknesses: sensitive, withdrawn, distant, anxious, suspicious
Best Love Compatibility: bull

Since this zodiac sign is ruled by the moon, it is very emotional. Cancer men and women take time to put their trust in people, but once their trust is earned, they will be friends for life. You have a stronger sense of intuition than any other zodiac sign and often know things much earlier than others. They love seclusion and abhor social gatherings with pretentious interactions. They find solace in finding different ways to connect with their inner selves and the divine. As keen observers, Cancer men and women are good at understanding those around them, even if their psychic nature means they lack supporting facts and figures. Not always, realists, they celebrate the ideal due to their imaginative nature.

When a Cancer, male or female, is in love, he or she is generous. Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are very caring and love to protect their nearest and dearest. It won’t take them long to fall in love, and once they do, they are committed for the longest time. Your loyalty knows no bounds. They are very imaginative and have a creative mind that is activated when they do things they love. Which zodiac sign are you in June?

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