Which zodiac signs lie the most?

Which zodiac signs lie the most? We are all guilty of lying for one reason or another. Be it out of embarrassment, out of cowardice, to save face, to avoid hurting a friend, to escape from a difficult situation, or to pretend to be a saint when committing a sin. However, lying can go even further, for example when someone tries to manipulate you into doing something against your will. Astrology, which has so much to tell us about the psychology and personality of men and women, can also help us spot liars. There are indeed common personality traits among the zodiac signs that lie best and most.

Let’s find out which zodiac signs are the most manipulative and lying.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The most deceptive and manipulative zodiac sign of them all. No other sign of the zodiac is so adept at lying and manipulating. This water sign could lie to you and look you straight in the eye and still see nothing but fire. It is good at hiding its emotions, making it very difficult to penetrate its mask. A mask that really lets you see nothing. Although the manipulation itself is usually a reflection of the toxic behavior of the person himself, it can also serve as a way of dealing diplomatically with sticky situations and thus alleviating problems and difficulties.

Scorpions sting at unexpected times and slink quickly from one place to another. You will never be able to understand their hidden intentions because Scorpios are naturally good at separating fact from fiction. This nocturnal water sign sees straight through veils and darkness. They are good at observing situations and noticing things that slip out of their own eyes, so this knowledge becomes their strength when forming lies. Should you anger a Scorpio, he will remember any personal information and use it against you at the right time.

Men and women born under the Scorpio zodiac sign can be self-focused, selfish, and always need to handle things their own way. If deception and lies allow them to do this, even if someone close is hurt in the process, they don’t mind. If you harm them, they will destroy all your dreams and hopes. They are so passionate about love and life that any disappointment or pain can lead to hurting the innocent and the weak. Although they wouldn’t make big public declarations of love for you, Scorpios won’t think twice about going to war against you if they get hurt.

Which zodiac signs lie the most?

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Geminis aren’t exactly the vicious liars type. Just because this zodiac sign talks so much (unnecessarily), they speak without thinking, often to keep the conversation interesting and lively. One could go so far as to say that this zodiac sign is quite a gifted liar. When you’re speaking so seamlessly as if you’re actually telling the truth, it’s bewildering to think about how casually you’re lying in your own interests or pretending to be someone you’re not.

This zodiac sign is super intelligent, with a wide range of knowledge. Your creativity is inspiring, which is shown in the ability to lie. They can juggle between two situations or thoughts as they are first-order wanderers. However, this makes it difficult for them to focus their attention on a specific topic for a long time. In order not to embarrass themselves, they could conjure up brilliant stories for you without much difficulty. Your charm is contagious should they decide to talk to you. This air sign is a jack of all trades and a master of nothing. They will blow you away with their multifaceted characters. Therefore, when they lie, they unconsciously distract you.

Men and women born under the Gemini zodiac sign could be so divided that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. They can provide you with two conflicting opinions and structures that are so beautiful to you that you would be speechless at their persuasive abilities. Also, their impulsiveness makes them lie and become notorious for their lying competence. If their dark side is triggered or fueled, they might engage in anything that detaches from emotions and seeks short-term gratification.


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This is a zodiac sign that is constantly trying to balance everything. Perfect diplomats, they could easily lie while trying to present themselves as the best person. One could put it this way: Whatever is said has a touch of a lie. Their charm and manipulation are natural, which helps them lie incessantly. It’s a series of lies that they tell one after the other, so that more and more often they forget the chronology of the lie.

Although they always try to be the problem solvers and standard-bearers of peace and harmony everywhere, there is always a price when they have to lie to themselves and others. They end up trying to please people and trying to charm everyone over and over again. This drives them to take the balancing act to the extreme and overwhelm themselves just to fit into a situation. They are very selective about what they need or want, and will do anything within and beyond their power to get it.

By hook or by crook is exactly the kind you want. They’re great at faking things, but behind that sweet smile they paint on their faces, there’s always intent. They are different people, at home or outdoors, imposing their will on those closest to them while at the same time feigning their feelings in public to be perceived as the calm and true.

Which zodiac signs lie the most?

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

A liar through and through, this sign would lie to you like it’s no one else’s business. Although it is difficult to spot this characteristic of a crab in the first few days, it would eventually be spotted. Being mostly nocturnal, they can hide their lies and easily shield their face from others in broad daylight. It is a highly emotional sign, always seeking the love of those they trust. But not every day can be all sunshine. Therefore, they would lie in order to be accepted and validated in every moment.

Cancer men and women distrust almost everyone. Precisely because of their ability to spot liars around them, they are in a better position to become liars themselves, using everything they perceive about the other to their own advantage. However, they have no intention of causing unnecessary harm to other people by lying.

They are true lovers and want everyone around them to be comfortable and happy. Even if things go wrong, they would continue to love you unconditionally. Hence the motivation behind her lying habit always to keep someone in her life. Which zodiac signs lie the most?

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