Who cheats more – current statistics around the world?

Who cheats more – current statistics around the world? Experience and stereotypes suggest that men are more prone to cheating. However, recent data suggests that women also often change, only it is not so advertised. Let’s figure out with the help of statistics who cheats more often: men or women.

What affects the statistics of changes?

It is not so easy for an ordinary person to admit that he cheated on his soulmate. Cheating can lead to separation, divorce, reputation problems, loss of trust, worsening relationships with children.

At the same time, cheating is like a game. You have to mocked and really learn how to hide it, play the mutants, the sociologists who hr. And all this so that the truth never comes out. It is this trend that American researchers are talking about.

It is this trend that American researchers are talking about. Dr. Psychological Nammy Nelson believes that there are some, possible, izenesis even more Tw.

Generations of women feared punishment for infidelity. Back in the 20th century. they depended on their husbands financially, and the law was on the side of men. For deceit, a woman could be deprived of her life, mutilated.

Nelson is supported by sexologist C. Cooper-Lovett. His experience shows that in private conversations, women admit that their infidelity will always remain a secret for their husband, and they will never admit it.

But the tendency to hide cheating is not the only thing that makes it difficult to collect the right statistics on who cheats more often.

Some people are characterized by a tendency to show off, the desire to show themselves as reckless, not afraid of anything. They talk about betrayals that never happened, for the sole purpose of showing off in front of friends.

And if women are more inclined to hide deceit, then boasting in this matter is the lot of men.

But there is another factor that can have a big impact on statistics. What is considered a change? This is the only time that it is half as long as it is 6 months. There are those who are ready to say that they are cheating if they constantly meet with someone for more than a month.

A where are the ones that are halfway between the two countries.


It’s not worth mentioning about the new age, and it’s not like that. Here attention is paid only to adultery.

How often do people change?

  • Proved In the USA, a sociological study showed that 20% of husbands have cheated on their wives at least once. Among married women, only 13% of respondents admitted to infidelity.
  • Another survey is currently being conducted in the US. Participants fill out an online questionnaire. Since the study has not yet been completed, there are no final results. Interim data show that almost 67% of men and 53% of women cheat. All of them are married.
  • In accordance with a study conducted in the great match, infidelity was admitted more thick. By the way, in 1990 this indicator among wives was 10.5%, and in 2010 it was 14.7%.
  • Survey data in Italy show that 55% of husbands and 34% of women commit adultery.
  • According to unofficial data, worldwide 52% of husbands and 48% of women cheat on their spouses.

Probably, all this information can be considered true only to some extent. Indirect evidence of this is that spouses suspect each other of cheating much more often.

So, in the UK, about 79% of wives believe that their spouses are cheating on them. Men tend to accuse their wives of being unfaithful 62% of the time.

Recently, questions about treason are becoming more and more specified. So, in one of the studies, also conducted in the United States, a question was asked about cyber sex. 40% of wives and 30.5% of husbands admitted to such a betrayal.

Cheating in relationships without marriage

According to the Levada Center, more and more young people choose cohabitation. Among women, such relationships are considered acceptable by 65% ​​of respondents, among men – 76%.

If we take the representatives of the older generation (at the age of 55), then 52% are loyal to cohabitants, 52% turn out to be

This data is vague, as it suggests that those who co-edited refer to the nude tolt In what poche:

  • Cohabitation is not marriage. Nobody talks about responsibility and obligations. They are only assumed. In this case, one partner can assume responsibility, and the second will consider that he is free.
  • Starting to live together, the parties did not take oaths of allegiance and promises. This fact for many means that sexual relations with another person are not treason.
  • Some see cohabitation as a stepping stone to marriage, where a person has the choice of whether to stay with that partner or try to build relationships with others. To make a choice, you need to find out if you really feel better with this person than with someone else.
  • If it isn’t in the passport, it’s too late for the drugs that are part of it. Therefore, statically the number of changes may be greater.
  • However, cohabitation can also be considered a period of conquest of a partner, which means that all attention should be paid to negno. Then there should be less cheating.

Most of the respondents in the surveys consider cohabitation to be analogous to marital relations. PARTNERS maintain a common budget, have children, celebrate holidays and vacations together.

In addition to the position, it means that this is the case:

  • According to the UK National Statistics Service, among men in a relationship, 57% of oce ^
  • Information from Russian researchers indicates that 76% of young men who are not married but are in a relationship have cheated on their partner at least once. Among girls under 25, that figure is 12%. True, in women 30-35 years old, it already grows to 54%. In men, it decreases to 60%.
  • Bulgaria’s Internet sources indicate that 70% of the stronger sex, and 60% of the weaker sex, go for infidelity. However, official statistics do not confirm this.

Changes in imagination

Most researchers and specialists in family relations believe that yy b yu ^.

Prior to the data obtained by the sociologists of the United States services, they decided to commit adultery Analogous to those who are interested in it, provided in Western Europe.

In modern society, it is difficult to imagine a woman or a man who, at least for a second, once would not think about what it would be like to build a relationship with another person.

A glimpse, a description of a playful scene in the film, a joint team of iffe will suffice. The fantasy of the game is benign and it is possible to say that it is not a button in real terms, not in the world.

However, there is also another statistic. Among men, 55% of respondents do not support deception.

Statistical data in the USA show that about 81% of people of both sexes oppose cheating.

This information leaves many questions regarding the statistics of infidelity, including the question of who is more prone to infidelity – men or women.

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