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It’s no secret that everything in the world obeys certain laws. One of them is the law of reproduction. Only the strongest, genetically healthy individuals have this right. In packs, this hierarchy is especially noticeable. But it will not be about the animal world, but about human society. Namely, about alpha males or alphas of the human world.

The content of the article

But where there is alpha, there will always be beta and omega. There will also be a conversation about them, but a little later, because this category of men is needed by society no less than alpha.

Alpha male traits

Alfach has certain traits. He always stands out from the crowd. He has certain manners, habits, behavior, appearance, character. This is a leader with outstanding qualities and a special mindset. He himself chooses those who are worthy to be near him, whether it be a woman, a life partner, or his team. His behavior is that of a leader. He will never pay attention to the unworthy, will bring those who are not dangerous closer to him, will keep under control those who can claim his place. This suggests that he is well versed in people. The psychology of relationships is his forte.

It turned out an interesting image, a kind of man-dream of many women. But is everything so simple and how desirable can such an instance be? Before choking on saliva on the alpha, you need to take it apart on the shelves in more detail.

“Childhood, adolescence, youth”

As a child, the little alpha amuses everyone. It is immediately noticeable in any sandbox: its bucket, the scoop, all the more, and no one has the right to touch that truck. He will always come up with a bunch of games and make everyone obey his rules. Only he can break them. Other children will not even argue, because an attempt to establish at least some justice will lead to the fact that the rebel will immediately be showered with sand, and even fed with it. And there is a risk that the one who dares to go against the grain will automatically be sent to the very last level of the hierarchy, that is, he will become an omega.

As a schoolboy, an alpha can go in two ways: either he will be a recognized leader, as in studies and sports, or he will become a threat to the entire school and the torment of the entire teaching staff. And there, and there the alpha will reach the heights.

The youth of the alpha male is similar to school years: either he is cool in the educational process, or he has a clear brigade that keeps the whole neighborhood in fear. At this age, the alpha starts a relationship with the opposite sex. And, of course, he will choose. You can run around him naked, but if he doesn’t care, then he won’t even lead with his ear. Alfach always chooses a girlfriend himself.

It is noteworthy that with age, alpha expands its boundaries. He cannot control only his sandbox: he needs a rather large area of ​​power, because the crown grows with him. As an adult, the alpha male realizes himself in everything: in his career, in love relationships, and in society.

Professional activity

Here it is more difficult. All bosses cannot be, and the leader, being an alpha male himself, will never bring another leader closer to him. Alpha, who is not a director, will be realized in another field. He will always find his niche. It can be an innovator, a gray eminence of a department, or just a mega-lover of the enterprise. In any case, he will not be left out of work and will do his business the way he needs.

love side

As for the love front, here the alpha has no equal. He always decides for himself which woman will be next to him. But it’s worth saying right away that “Cinderella” and “mice” can not even dream of a warm place next to it. Alfach will choose a lady to match himself: a strong, bright, accomplished woman. Well, or a girl with powerful potential.

Do not rely on the loyalty of the alpha. He will seek to cover as many females as possible, speaking the language of the fauna. This is normal, because it is vital for him to constantly increase his power and maintain his position. If an alpha man marries, then only in order to calm the nerves of his parents, solve career issues, that is, for the sake of a questionnaire, register an heir, or, if a woman is from an influential environment, and help expand his boundaries. But the stamp in the passport is not a guarantee of his monogamy. He will still look for diversity, and family life is not included in his circle of interests.

When choosing an alpha for family life, one must be prepared for the fact that there will be no peace in the house. Yes, the house will be a full bowl, the alpha cannot afford to live in a shack. It is always comfortable housing with elements of luxury. But the morale leaves much to be desired. It is about life next to alpha that they say “like in a golden cage”. Endless scandals, scenes of jealousy and other showdowns – the neighbors will say “thank you” for the constant “performances”. It is useless to beat the dishes, the alpha cannot be redone. And the worst thing is that in these relationships you can lose yourself. In an effort to establish peace and harmony in such a family, the woman who is the most leader runs the risk of becoming that very “mouse” if she does not take into account the true state of things. The result will not be long in coming. As soon as a mouse appears in the alpha’s house, he gets rid of it without regret.

Sometimes, of course, the alpha acts differently. He can give his last name to “Cinderella” or “Mouse”, but only for a specific purpose: so as not to interfere with life. Such a woman will “keep quiet in a rag”, swallow everything that her dearest husband puts on her plate, and endure all his antics. This only makes sense for an alpha. For a woman, this state of affairs is humiliating. But, to each his own, because some ladies are able to mimic in such a way that a mosquito will not undermine their nose. They are so comfortable and this is their comfort zone, or ceiling.

As for the heirs, then there is no need to worry. Alfach is always kind to his flesh and blood. It is very important for him to know that he has reliable rears and his savings, and knowledge will not go to the left. But such an attitude is possible only for children with good inclinations. If an alpha child does not meet his requirements, then such an offspring should live in exile. Alfach will not waste his time and effort on him. Alfach will pay alimony according to the law, but he will not waste his time on mumbling. It is much more pleasant for him to invest in a bastard who is a match for his father than in a legitimate rot. So, giving birth from an alpha, you need to make every effort in education so that the offspring can claim the mercy of the father.

Living with Alpha

If you are lucky enough to drag the alpha into the registry office, then you should heed the advice of psychologists. In any case, they will make it possible not to become a “gray shadow” and not only to maintain, but also to strengthen their positions. Then there is a possibility that the alpha will stay in marriage for a very long time, and possibly the rest of his life.

You need to take care of yourself. It is already clear that a bathrobe and curlers are prohibited in the alpha’s house. The male should wake up next to the beauty. So, either get up half an hour before the awakening of the alpha to meet him almost in an evening dress, or learn to sleep so that not a single curl is wrinkled. Exaggerated, of course, but understandable. Fitness is strictly required. Even the birth of a baby is not an excuse. The body of the alpha female should be perfect. Style should be in everything, from hair clips to socks. Manicure, pedicure, hairstyle, make-up: you will have to spin a lot. No time? This is a woman’s problem!

  • Thrift

There may be an assistant in the house to keep it as clean as it should be, but not being able to bake pancakes for breakfast can be a fatal mistake! The lions have a female hunting, so you have to master several dishes so that the alpha is confident in his female.

You need to hone your design skills. The task of the partner is to make the house not just cozy, but luxurious. Alfach will provide such an opportunity, it’s up to his woman. But there is one caveat: the style of housing. You’ll have to go with the alpha. And if he prefers high-tech, it is not permissible to arrange “a la village hut” in the house.

Alfach will never choose a simpleton. 3 classes of the parochial school is not about him. So, you have to have a diploma, and preferably two. Moreover, the profession should be prestigious. He doesn’t need a valeologist. But a lawyer, an economist, in general, something from this category, will just roll in to him. In this case, you will have to endlessly replenish your knowledge base. The task of an alpha woman is the ability to keep up a conversation on any topic: from a donut recipe to a device for a hadron collider. It is necessary to understand many things: in painting, in architecture, in music, in technology.

Among other things, you will have to study etiquette. And God forbid give him an ordinary fork when he is eating a beluga. You can pack your bags.

  • Education of heirs

Giving the children of the alpha to the nannies is a gross mistake. The law of nepotism works clearly for him. Only close relatives can access genetic copies of the alpha. Raising his child, you need to make a lot of effort to ensure that a worthy replacement grows up. In short, you need to nurture the alpha. The child must receive a chic education in order to shine on the family Olympus. Yes, the alpha will allow the child to be a pianist, but cool and famous. But the pianist, who plays for the amusement of visitors to the cheburechnaya, will not be in his house.

  • Intimate side

A burning question. Shy and bigots may not even try to get close to the alpha. He must be surprised, amazed, driven crazy. In sex, you have to be able to do everything. There can be no “fu, this is indecent”. So, if a woman was chaste, then you will have to spend a lot of time watching porn content and put into practice the knowledge gained. It doesn’t matter if something doesn’t work. Alpha is not a fool, he understands perfectly well that everything comes with experience. The main thing is to show your readiness for learning and the desire to please your spouse. Nothing further complicated.

  • Communication rule

And here is the most important question. How to behave around alpha? The main thing is not to argue. The last word is always his. Alpha will always listen to good advice, but he will make the decision himself. In dealing with him, the rule “a man is the head, and a woman is the neck” works flawlessly. It is important not to fall asleep with this wisdom and that’s it, it’s in the bag. It is very important not to adopt a master-servant or boss-subordinate behavior pattern. You must always remain in your place of honor as the “alpha wife”: strong, strong-willed, having her own opinion.

Being close to the alpha, you need to give him a sense of freedom. Do not call unnecessarily or with an attempt to find out the geolocation of the alpha, and even set a time frame is generally trash. Do not touch his phone, computer, social networks and other places where he likes to spend time. There, of course, there will be a lot of things that are better not to know. Do you want to go home to your native Khatsapetovka?! This, of course, does not apply to women who “themselves with a mustache” and do not depend on alpha, but the lucky “Cinderellas” should think about it. And in general, any lady should understand that if a husband bought a diamond ring for his mistress, and a diamond necklace for his wife, then the tongue is locked: the status of the wife is much more revealing.

Maybe a beta?

Alphas are attractive to everyone, no doubt. They may not be handsome, but at the same time they are able to reach the stars. Life with them is comfortable and sweet, full of drive, and not the most positive. But, before you take a swing at such a male, you need to correctly assess your strengths and capabilities. And if there is at least some doubt, can you turn your eyes to the beta?

Who is a beta male? This is a man who is always next to the alpha. He falls short of just a little bit, and that only because he has a certain wisdom. Beta is also smart and strong. He is also capable of much and has a certain position in society. But living with him is much calmer than with an alpha. Beta males are faithful and monogamous, they are focused on the family and very loyal in relationships, it is much easier, cozier and more comfortable with them. This is the category of men that can make the life of any woman a fairy tale. So maybe a tit in the hands is better than a crane in the sky?

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