Who is real woman and 9 tips on how to become one?

Who is a real woman and 9 tips on how to become one? The expression “real woman” carries a deep and for many mystical meaning. Some believe that only a lady who has managed to achieve unprecedented heights in her personal and social life – and, of course, in the material sphere, is worthy of such a flattering epithet. For others, this concept is limited by the unique female charm and attractiveness. So what makes up such a unique concept, and how do representatives of the two sǝxes view it?

First of all, do not succumb to the power of delusion that being a real woman is a happy opportunity prepared by Fate itself for a select few. No matter how trite it may sound, but all women are born the same and with equal opportunities and potential. And what a woman will become over time – an “ordinary gray mouse” or a bright, charming, and successful lady in all respects – depends only on the strength of her desire and desire to be loved and happy in all respects.

This is what is a stumbling block for many “ordinary” women, since the lack of desire for self-improvement and life achievements does not contribute to personal growth and magical transformation of appearance. The ideas about the “real woman” or the female ideal are the same for both sǝxes and consist of the following nuances:

1. Femininity.

Of course, this quality is in the first place in this case. The very sound of this word reminds a woman of her belonging to the beautiful “weaker” sǝx. It is femininity that is the main tool of ladies in the art of attracting male attention. And this is not necessarily about the conformity of the figure and appearance to the prevailing fashion standards. Femininity is the complete opposite of masculinity, forcing men to remember their best and strongest qualities and strive for their maximum manifestation. The concept of femininity is a unique combination of tenderness, fragility, and defenselessness, causing a man’s desire to protect and become a reliable support. The presence of femininity is ninety percent of success on the path to the goal of becoming happy in personal relationships.

Who is a real woman and 9 tips on how to become one?

2. The ability to create comfort and coziness in the house.

Whatever conditions life offers her, a real woman will always be able to turn these conditions into at least suitable for a comfortable existence. Any man wants order and a warm atmosphere to reign in his house, and a hot dinner prepared by the caring hands of his beloved woman awaits on the table. The ability and desire of a woman to maintain a home are among the priority requirements of men to their chosen ones.

3. The ability to love.

This is a quality without which the concept of a “real woman” has no right to exist. The ability to give light and warmth, to show sincere concern for others, to share sorrows and hardships with them is a special property, love, which is sometimes inaccessible to the most exquisite beauties. It is in the ability to love, understand and forgive that the true strength of any woman is hidden, turning her into the only and necessary for a loved one.

4. External attractiveness.

Even if God did not reward a woman with the features of Marilyn Monroe or another idol of female beauty, nothing prevents her from looking attractive and well-groomed. The rule of a real woman is to look perfect in any situation, no matter what stripe – black or white – now prevails in her life. And being limited in funds to visit expensive salons and gyms, such a woman will always find 15 minutes for daily sports and will not allow herself to go outside – and even more so – to meet her beloved man – sloppily dressed or with unwashed hair.

Who is a real woman and 9 tips on how to become one?

5. Individuality.

“Zest” – this is the name of the special charm inherent in any representative of the fair sǝx. It is not uncommon for a woman who is not endowed with special external data to literally attract the people and men around her, forcing them only to wonder what secret is hidden in this extraordinary lady. Nature itself gives a “zest” to someone, endowing a person almost from birth with an amazing inner charm, while someone is quite capable of “inventing” and “making it work” on their own, wishing to attract men to themselves and arouse their sincere disposition. Of course, only a real woman is capable of this!

6. Purposefulness and a wide range of interests.

In order to succeed in anything, a real woman must be, first of all, an educated person and a developing personality. A common stereotype from the times of house building that the role of the fairer sǝx is solely to keep the hearth does not work in favor of a woman striving for success and the most complete self-realization.

Undoubtedly, the ability to create and maintain a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house is one of the indispensable qualities of a real woman, but in order to be interesting to your loved one and others, you should not limit yourself to endless pastimes within four walls, which consists only in cleaning, cooking and watching not conducive to the personal growth of female series.

7. Optimism.

Not a single goal will be achieved if you do not believe in your own strength or do not love this life. A real woman is an inexhaustible source of optimism and vitality, generously sharing them with people close to her. And since a true lady must be happy in everything, then for this she must first make her inner circle happy.

8. Self respect.

The attitude of others towards a person depends, first of all, on his attitude towards himself. A real woman knows her worth, is confident in herself and knows how to convey this to others. This has nothing to do with arrogance or arrogance, she just will not tolerate disrespect and any insults from anyone, even from a loved one.

9. Wisdom.

If you put together all the qualities that a real woman should have, and do not add the concept of “wisdom” to them, all other components will simply lose all meaning in life. The wisdom of a woman is not necessarily the presence of rich life experience. This is the ability to make the right decisions, sometimes to the detriment of one’s own convictions, the ability to smooth out sharp corners in relationships, the ability to forgive and give a loved one a chance to correct their mistakes. It is solely thanks to the wisdom of women that many couples maintain their relationship in difficult and even critical times for them. A woman’s ability to empathize and forgive gives her magical power over circumstances and binds a loved one to her more strongly than any bonds.

As you can see, among all the qualities that make up the idea of ​​a real woman, there is not one that could not be developed independently. Of course, in this, as in any other work on oneself, it is required to observe a sense of proportion, not bringing oneself in the pursuit of the ideal to states close to a nervous breakdown or physical exhaustion. After all, you see, a real woman must certainly look healthy and attractive.

Who is a real woman and 9 tips on how to become one?

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