Who should take the first step in an existing relationship?

Who should be the first to take a step forward in a relationship and towards reconciliation? It often seems to us that nature is so arranged, a man must take the first step in many aspects: when meeting, to move to a new stage of relations, in quarrels and conflicts. However, in fact, it is better to exclude any use of the concept of “should” from communication between partners, because pressure negatively affects mutual understanding.

The first step in getting to know

Let’s imagine a situation, you like a man, but he does not take any steps towards you. I visit you with thoughts to come up first, but it seems like it’s accepted that it’s exactly what he should do and why we should but but but but but but but but but but but grand now.

  • The man is shy and just afraid to approach you.
  • On is afraid that you will not love him back. Complexes, fear of being rejected, rather play a role here.
  • A man is not used to taking responsibility for his actions and actions. He believes that it is easier not to take a step, so that later you do not have to answer for it.
  • He is visited by doubts whether it is worth building a relationship with you. This may be due to the fact that he is not distinguished by certainty, does not understand what he wants.
  • Features of education. In childhood, parents of an overprotective type do not allow the child to make decisions, or an example of upbringing is a family where the mother takes the dominant and dominant role. In this case, the man builds relationships, expecting the woman to take matters into her own hands.

Why don’t girls make the first move?

If a man is shy, then, as a rule, this can be regarded as a positive quality. Although there is a risk that in important decisions of already living together, he will also be indecisive.

You may not take action. It is enough to start with non-verbal signs of attention. To those who are simple, that is the sign of the words. Often it is enough for a man to flirt with a woman and then he will start conquering himself.

Position a man and you can push him to action by following a series of practices:

  • Be attractive.

Watch your posture; dress attractively, clothes should not be untidy; put on makeup, but not defiant; use a pleasant perfume scent. Appearance is very important for any man.

  • Be friendly.

A soft smile, pleasant speech, politeness – all this disposes men to themselves.

  • Show some care.

You don’t need to wear cakes to him or take care of him like a child, and also impose your help, if you are just starting to make contact, this will repel a man. You need to care unobtrusively. Let’s say you work together. He, being nearby, begins to look for a pen to write down important information. Prepare to break it down so that there is no problem. Perhaps this will help to get to know each other better.

  • Pay attention to yourself.

Hold your gaze, casually touch his shoulder, drop an object on the floor. To that it is not possible to say that it is private.

It is not necessary to have a part in the project, but it is concrete and it is possible to have a plan. However, it should be understood that excessive indecision can negatively manifest itself in the relationship itself.

All dating stories are individual and there is no one right recipe by which you can start building them. Remember, it doesn’t matter who you approach to meet, what matters is how you are able to harmonize.

Who should take the first step in an existing relationship?

In a relationship, sooner or later, there comes a moment when the partners do not understand each other, do not hear what is provoking In a conflict, unfortunately, there is not always the ability to calmly speak, which is accompanied by resentment, and sometimes we are silent. When people are offended by each other, the question arises “who should come first for reconciliation?”.

According to statistics, the vast majority of women believe that a man should do this. Men, on the contrary, more often believe that a woman should be more flexible and come up on her own in order to resolve the problem. As a result, it turns out that everyone sits and waits for the other to come up and take a step towards.

On the other hand, it is only on the next problem that it is not necessary. In some families, the woman comes first, in others it is the prerogative of the man. It is important to understand that the most important thing is to keep peace and tranquility in the family. Any conflict can be resolved, a compromise can be found. The main thing is to find a common ground and calmly discuss everything.

Only two partners do not have to do with the name of the premier, with the initials in the rocket. However, some rules should be followed:

  • Be sincere. Don’t overthink or exaggerate. The conversation is best conducted in an atmosphere of honesty and openness.
  • Offer to talk, but if the partner of the goka is ready to talk, you shouldn’t put pressure on him, let him cool down, discussions should take place with a cold mind.
  • Try to keep the conversation calm, without sharp emotional outbursts. Men negatively perceive women’s tears and tantrums. It may close again.
  • Don’t take your initiative as a uni keepe, and invariably talk over the gins. Keep in mind the idea that you are acting for the good of the relationship.
  • Praise yourself for being able to take a step forward. In fact, a person who is not selfish, strong in spirit, and has a flexible character can come up for reconciliation, which in itself is a positive characteristic. Of course, you do not need to inform your partner about this, trying to show your superiority.

If you are a partner, you need to contact the owner of the country:

  • Don’t push your partner away. Taking a step towards reconciliation is difficult for everyone. Therefore, if a person has found the moral strength in himself to approach, it will be difficult for him to accept the refusal.
  • If you still don’t want to talk at all, offer to talk later. But be clear about how long it will take you to cool down.
  • Don’t dwell on your grievances. Even if the partner offended you greatly, try to understand his story and hear the position. Perhaps he didn’t mean to offend you.
  • Try to speak softly, do not shout. Negative, sharp emotions have not yet helped anyone to reconcile.

Every relationship has its own rules. What is normal in one family may not be in another. The same goes for initiatives.

There are families where a man, regardless of whether he is right or not, goes to put up with a woman first and considers this absolutely normal, does not experience negative emotions about this.

There is also a reverse situation in which a woman calmly comes to her lover and improves their relationship, because it is very difficult for a partner to do this. If you are in a situation where “who’s first?” resolved, and the relationship can develop calmly and harmoniously, bypassing any difficulties.

Therefore, it does not matter who takes the first step, find a scheme for solving any problems that is comfortable for you.

It is important not to set boundaries and requirements and not to decide who owes what and to whom. It is important to live and act in such a way that the main thing is the state of happiness and harmony.

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