Why a guy does not want to live together – psychologist’s advice?

Why a guy does not want to live together – psychologist’s advice on how to behave to a girl? Perhaps you are familiar with the situation when you meet a young man for a long time, the relationship is trusting and close, but there is no transition to a new level. You can’t constantly arrange meetings on the sly, sooner or later there comes a time when you should think about a joint relationship. However, this does not seem to be part of his plans.

It’s pretty common to hear this kind of story these days. A woman is ready for a serious relationship: living in the same territory, marriage and children. The man, in turn, is satisfied with periodic meetings without joint life and obligations.

Why does the guy not want to live together?

Let’s figure it out, why is the young man not ready to move to a new stage of relationships?

Consider the possible reasons:

  • The habit of living with mom.

If a young man lives with his mother, he may be completely satisfied with this. Mom will see all the other functions: cooking, laundry, ironing, cleaning. Not only that, my mother is also able to regret, to understand.

There are a number of men who are so accustomed to living together with their parents that they are not ready to exchange their mother’s love and care for independence and isolation.

  • He does not want to change the foundation of his life.

The young man, simply put, is used to living a certain way. Let’s say he has a bachelor’s house, in which his own order and on has no desire for someone to make changes.

For example, he has the right to scatter things or go to bed as much as he wants, or do what he likes. You can invite friends to visit or go on vacation with them without reporting to you. His territory, his rules.

  • Doesn’t even think about the need for cohabitation.

Men sometimes do not attach importance to some issues that are important to women. Perhaps he just didn’t think about moving in, and you didn’t raise this issue, because how the waiters would stop and.

It was easier for a young person if you talked about the moments that bothered you and clearly, they suck nonim touch. There is a chance that in your case the problem does not even exist.

  • Afraid of responsibility.

Perhaps he is afraid of obligations, and he does not want to take responsibility for you. On the other hand, it is possible to do this in the future.

Strong and responsible men are not afraid of this. But those who do not like to be responsible for their actions and decisions will be frightened by such a prospect and they will try to delay the discussion of this issue as long as possible.

  • He is afraid that he will not be able to cope financially.

There are men who, on the contrary, have increased responsibility. In this case, he tries not to promise what he doubts. Suppose he has a source of income, but it is not sufficient, he does not have his own housing. He wants to discuss the question of joint asking until the tore, until you believe that all the ses with and.

Why does the man not want to move in?

  • Not serious.

The problem, perhaps, is that the young man does not consider you as a future life partner. D, he feels sympathy and likes to spend his free time in company, but plans n s r ag.

It’s convenient and comfortable for him without food and he won’t want to change anything, because besides being shy from the side, maybe he’s generally a person who is not ready for a serious relationship and the matter of his windiness.

  • Afraid to take the first step.

On you long ago go to a new stage, but does not offer you to move in, due to the fact that he is afraid of. In this case, the problem with the lack of communication. You will most likely have to take matters into your own hands.

  • The imprint of a negative experience.

It happens like this, mut muhus who was in a relationship, after a failed relationship, is afraid to move on to a joint dream, net This happens because he believes that life will ruin your union.

On the other hand, the problems that occur are not that simple, and that the drugs and the unknown are. It is important to discuss this point with him, which will help you change his point of view.

  • Not being aware of the subject.

It is not necessary to do so, so that you can carry out the most important things, and you will not have to worry about it. Perhaps you gave a reason, or maybe such an option that he is confident in himself, and as a result he does not know how to trust.

The problem is that it is necessary to return it, and that it is possible to do it on a specific basis. When it is possible to do so, and to press one way.

Only having learned and understood the reasons for the unwillingness to live together, there is an opportunity to move on.

How to behave if a man does not want to live together?

  • Understand yourself.

To begin with, you should decide for yourself how important this step is for you. If you think that the transition to a new stage is neodymium for you, then it means both.

If you yourself doubt the need to organize a joint life, it may be worth postponing the decision.

  • Straight Talk.

Of course, if you want to resolve any situation, it is important to talk. Clearly state your position, but you should not put pressure, men cannot stand pressure. It is worth speaking softly, specifically conveying why this is important to you and what it will give him. List the positive aspects of living together.

The conversation may not work out the first time, so come back to it after a while, but the man must be exactly right.

  • Show him the benefits of living together.

During meetings, when you stay with each other, you have a chance to demonstrate to your chosen one how advantageous it is to stay together for more time. You have the opportunity to wake up, fall asleep together, take care of each other.

For example, a man appreciates when a woman pampers him with his favorite dishes, or takes care of him. Organized by the call, it’s on by the name of the day.

  • Make up your mind.

If all actions do not bring the proper result and the young man broadcasts his unwillingness to share his life with you, you will have to make a decision on your own.

If you see that he is not ready to take responsibility or is not serious, you should think about whether you can wait for the moment when he has such a desire. If you take a risk, that’s a moment and it’s not a problem.

To the extent that the situation is one of those two. Just at this stage, there is a great opportunity to dot all the “and”, as well as see exactly how you solve the problems that have arisen and find a way out.

If you manage to resolve the situation and come to a point where you will blow the sun thick. If you don’t want to do it

Relationships need development. One stage is followed by another. Prolonged fading at one level and the lack of dynamics negatively affects the movement forward. The transition to a new stage is necessary in a timely manner, but all this must be initiated by two people. Otherwise, if one is ready to move, and the other wants to stand still, the relationship is not able to strengthen and progress.

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