Why a husband does not tell his wife that he loves – how to behave?

Why a husband does not tell his wife that he loves – how to behave? “Husband does not say that he loves.” Unfortunately, this problem is coming to me more and more often. Let’s try to figure out why a man is silent about love, and what a wife should do to hear these veve.

Why does a man not talk about love?

Men and women are very different, they seem to be from other planets. The main difference is in their level of emotionality. Representatives of the stronger sex are pragmatic. For them, actions matter, not words.

It often happens that a marriage, where the husband is showered with compliments every day, quickly breaks up. Since usually romantic men, apart from beautiful words and nothing insignificant surprises, are not capable of anything.

As soon as domestic difficulties begin, romantics feel an emotional crisis.

They do not like the natural demands of a woman in the form of family support, help around the house. As a result, their relationship falls apart.

Women are more emotional beings. They have a need for words. When they do not hear declarations of love, they get the feeling that they are not loved. Their self-esteem goes down. Although most of the problems here are far-fetched.

It would seem, well, what’s so complicated here, just three words “I love you.” However, this is sometimes an unbearable burden for men. For them, it means more than words. This is a sign of serious intentions.

Men do not say “I love you” in the following cases:

  • There is a fear of losing independence. For men, love is an action. This expression is considered a mandatory promise that must be fulfilled. In this case, he is not sure that he will be able to keep his promise.
  • Afraid of being rejected. Sometimes a man is not sure of your feelings, so he does not yet say the cherished words.
  • For men, the words “I love you” are the analogue of “I will never leave.” This is very serious. They are not sure they can do it.
  • Character features. Someone may say “I love you” several times a day. For some, once in a lifetime is enough. Why repeat the same thing every day, because everything is clear anyway.

  • Settings. Often there is an opinion among men that all this tenderness is only for wimps. For such men, the topic of love is taboo. You will wait for its manifestations only in actions, which, mind you, is not enough.
  • Sometimes a man does not talk about love, because he himself does not experience a deep feeling.
  • Strict upbringing. In families where the boy did not hear such an expression of feelings from his father to his mother, where he was inspired that it was a shame to show emotions, where any expression of feelings was regarded as weakness, men grow up for whom words about love are a big problem.

What to do to hear words of love from your husband?

Provided that there are few things that need to be done:

  • When talking, pronounce the man’s emotional state. For example, I see that you are upset, it seems to me that you are saddened by something, I guess that you are delighted.
  • Talk about your feelings, reveal your experiences. This is how you create a positive example.
  • Do not demand a word of love, do not show aggression: “if you do not say that you love me, then …”.
  • Support any conversation about feelings that a man starts, do not interrupt him, do not make fun of him. Let him speak.
  • Say that it is important for you to hear from him a manifestation of feelings, that you suffer without these words. Don’t speak in accusation concept. Talk in “I position”: “I would like to hear from you …”, “I love it when you tell me …”.
  • Not in the panic, it’s that long before it’s too late.

In order to be able to see the psychologist of the blue blocks, which are possible to develop the emoji. In this way, you will learn how to communicate effectively with each other.

Common female mistakes

Often women in communication make the following mistakes:

  • Waiting for the cherished words silently. Don’t be silent about what you want. Feel free to speak, because you do not live with an outsider. Don’t expect him to guess, don’t screw around. Just tell him.
  • Grievances accumulate day by day. It is not necessary to attach to the resentment, to the involuntary husband. No matter how you hide, all the negativity will still look out. Talk, negotiate. You need to talk about the problem right away, and not when the emotions already go over the edge. If you accumulate negativity, then you will be constantly annoyed, dissatisfied. Now look at yourself through your husband’s eyes.
  • Don’t make a claim. If you constantly make demands, then you will only accumulate indignation. So a man, with any “arrival”, he begins to defend himself. And then a scandal is not far off because of the words that you pay little attention to me, do not talk about love.
  • Watch your tone while speaking. Psychiatry was written, about 80% of the information was not available, and it was not possible. When you lack words about love, then in a calm tone ask: “I miss this so much.” A man will gladly respond to a request, not a demand. He didn’t know you were in such trouble because of those three words.
  • Understand what you want. To that, it’s up to you, in the room you’re in. What exactly are these words, under what circumstances. If you really think about this moment, then something will fit in your head.
  • Become the kind of person you can fall in love with. Often, after many years of marriage, women become less attentive to their husbands. They do not show love, care, do not thank, do not admire their man. Help your husband see in himself the girl he was in love with before. Let go of all grievances, negative emotions.
  • Do not forget not only to demand, but to give in return. Remember the last time you said “I love you” to your husband. Usually women expect these words from men, they do not take the first steps. Do it yourself, give a gift, make a surprise. You will notice how you will be reciprocated.

How to understand the love of a husband?

It often happens that a woman, not hearing a word about love, begins to doubt her presence. Try to understand the situation. Asked about this in one word: “Scoly you are here in your home?”. This will put all the dots.

If a man loves you, and it doesn’t matter if he tells you this or not, then in the first place he has you, your chuvster and suvyter. After all, so much goes unnoticed in life. You need to stop, pay attention to the main little things and thank your man for them.

Spend time every day listing what you did good for your husband, what you received from him: maybe it’s a kiss, a cup of coffee, an open car door, a phone call. And you will understand how much he does for you.

If you have not heard words of love from your husband for a long time, then look at your behavior, how you communicate with him. Start talking and doing “pleasant things” yourself, ask him, and do not demand the phrase “I love you.”

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