Why a man avoids dating a woman he likes?

Why a man avoids dating a woman he likes? If you are not familiar with such a situation, you can believe that you are lucky, because this kind of “gift”, and, except for a gift in quotation marks, it’s hard to call it, it’s frankly unpleasant to receive. Everything seemed to be normal, the obvious sympathy on the part of an attractive man aroused a natural interest, but suddenly something went wrong … Well, why?

What could be the reason for the avoidance?

It would seem, what kind of psychological “Newton’s binomial” is hiding behind such an elementary question. If there are other things to do with power:

  • cooled off, sharply disappointed, realized that he had made a mistake in choosing a lady;
  • cannot forgive the inflicted insult, insult, humiliation;
  • burning, painfully jealous, suspecting of treason, or maybe at the very “stigma in the cannon”;
  • this is not characteristic of his zodiac sign, if you believe, of course, in all these astrological gizmos;
  • lost confidence, caught in betrayal;
  • an introvert by nature, he generally does not need anyone for constant communication.

It’s up to you, you’re about to drop it off, and it’s on the same thing as the name of the girl and girl. If you have become attached to musicated with all your heart, you want to preserve and increase the sweet growths of you, you, you ^ In no case do you go aside, do not let the problem take its course, fight for your choice, teach the person you like the new rules of a warm, mutually interested friend in another union.

After digging into the works of psychologists, you can find many versions: why a man started a “game of hide and seek” no longer initiates dates, sits in a deep ambush, and even contacts “from the underground” irregularly. We present the most interesting of them.

What are the origins of the “guerrilla” behavior of a friend

If you see it when you are there, it is important to know that the prices are not:

  • On the other hand, it is possible to see where the chambers are.

Painfully compares you and the old passion in all respects, guesses on the coffee grounds of assumptions in what you are similar, and in what absolute opposites. He calculates the options for losing and winning in a novel, a creative union, collective work with someone like you, and so far will not make a final decision: to be or not to be your couple.

  • Also, it is necessary to understand the subject and prevent it.

It seems that he hasn’t gotten into his head yet, and he likes you too, but maybe it’s worth “making legs” before everything has gone too far. He is a free bird, an eagle or even a vulture-vulture, who loves to hunt for inexperienced “swallows”. And then you look around, fall in love with yourself and the end of “freedom for parrots”, and she is so sweet. Because and then it is possible to do that, and that it is not so great in the plane on the blue sky.

  • He does not believe one iota in the fact that you are such a clever and beautiful woman who has chosen such, in his opinion, unworthy applicant as companions, partners, lovers.

If a man began to ignore

Endless fear that your eyes are about to open right now, you think that he is you: don’t do, don’t d ^ You snort contemptuously, sobered up from a brief hobby, rush away, so why wait for this humiliating moment, it’s better to prepare retreat routes in advance and escape.

  • Your new man is an amateur puppeteer, and maybe even a professional.

In the eternal search for a ghostly happiness 3, a rich party, a successful young lady, the ability to match to perform all the best. In order for you to swallow the hook more firmly, you must be tormented by mysterious disappearances from your horizon.

When the “goldfish” with the cherished “tugriks”, “cabbage”, “piastres” (believe the appearance of the ill-fated “currency” does not matter) or daddy almost Croesus will burn with passion and misunderstandings, then our gigolo will appear again on the stage .

  • Ego corroborate two carcasses, you can collect them, you can do it, you don’t have to.

To work in the name of catching up and overtaking you on the way to all these Olympuses is not his creed, but to accompany a brilliant, accomplished business woman, winner of student olympiads, an asterisk in creativity, a famous blogger, a legendary journalist, a stubborn an athlete with real titles and awards is not his role.

  • However, it is not possible to solve the problem of the future world, and it is important to know that it is only for people.

In our, in simple everyday language, he is a workaholic, his only love is his profession, everything else has no right to distract him a priori, including some meetings with you. The case is not hopeless, especially if you share your passion for the business of life and “burn” with him.

  • Alas, it’s all about your physiological incompatibility.

Moments of intimacy with you turned into torture for him, to offend you with this confession, he considers it to be your inadequacy. Therefore, I decided to complain from the juvenile “battlefield” in English, without saying goodbye and looking for what the oughs would do.

Keep in mind that this option is not a sentence for you, it’s just a statement of fact. Now, it’s not possible for a trooper to take it up in the mail on the street, it’s not possible to call it a day. There will be that contender for your heart, for whom modesty and inexperience will become your main virtues.

  • Your fan is too attached to his mother’s skirt and spends almost all his free time with her.

If you are not familiar with his closest senior relative, who claims to be sovereign in the house, then she still gradually finds tasks for him so that he does not run away for a long time. But if you know her, but she didn’t approve of the sky, I’ll wedge into this brand and

  • You met a typical, bright, lone hunter unshakable by female tears.

You should consult the interested parties on the post and not post “tick the winner”. Talkative or silent is another matter. If you are lucky, then at least it will not spread the details of your hot romance to the whole world, otherwise the whole district will know about your habits during love pleasures, and he will safely go for “new romances” to the next enchantress.

All the collected observations of psychologists, of course, cannot follow individual characters, habits, national customs, unpredictable natures, the disappearance of which can be explained by completely exotic habits. They are rather exceptions, usually taking Since confirmed rooted rules  ension.

So what to do?

Your task, my dear reader, is first of all to identify the reason for avoiding meetings with you of your boyfriend, friend, a character who seems to be in love with you. Are you feeling like one version and in the next game?

The next step: look around, analyze, observe, experiment. Are the conclusions disappointing? Do you want it? So you got involved in some nasty story with the last.

Wave your hand to “uncle” and be like that. While it is being played: I will, I won’t come to meetings, I’ll make an appointment, I won’t make an appointment, you will already be moving away with that very legendary female gait “from the hip” and you won’t shed a single tear. Have we guessed the plot of the happy ending?

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