Why a man does not call after sex:

Finally the long awaited night. You invited him to your place after a wonderful evening. The sex was good. However, the next day, the guy disappeared. He does not even want to correspond, all messages remain unread. Hence the question: why does a man not call after sex? Are they all cables, thinking only about one thing.

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A week is normal

The 21st century is the period of clip thinking. People are obsessed with time, they constantly process information and cherish every free second. Not surprisingly, the relationship develops just as quickly. All have long disowned the ideals of “not before marriage.” Sex happens on the third or fourth date. There is nothing wrong with that, because intimacy is an integral part of love. If partners do not fit together in bed, then they have no future. Therefore, it is better to disperse in advance.

No wonder you are so worried about why a man does not call. Suddenly something went wrong? Didn’t he like it? Do not draw premature conclusions.

The speed of the call may depend on the character and social status. If a person is busy, then it is difficult for him to find the right moment for negotiations. It is worth giving him time for self-realization. As a result, he will surprise with a creative romantic gesture on the day off.

If the guy is shy, then you should take the initiative into your own hands. Why wait for someone else’s actions when you can arrange a new date yourself? Perhaps you can make a real male with character out of a shy person.

Psychologists believe that a week is a normal time for a guy to get in touch with a new lover.

Male selfishness

However, the fact that the partner escaped cannot be denied. It is during sex that a guy decides whether he likes you or not. He fully appreciates appearance and vigor. Perhaps he will be really disappointed, but he will not find the strength to say “yet” in himself.

You shouldn’t get upset. Such “fugitives” do not deserve your attention. You just have to enjoy good sex and find someone better. After all, a true guy will look into your eyes like a cat from Shrek and will never leave.

It is interesting to communicate with “three” students, but long-term relationships are usually built with “excellent students”.

Should you call first?

Often, guys perceive women’s calls as an infringement on personal freedom. The exception is shy people, on the contrary, they will appreciate the fact that their shortcomings are accepted.

Therefore, calling immediately after sex is not worth it. It is enough to continue communication by SMS or in a social network. If a partner stops responding to messages, you should suspect something is wrong. Even the busiest person will be able to “scribble a couple of lines.”

Don’t run after people who don’t respect you. They don’t deserve attention. It is better to focus on communicating with a person who is happy to spend time in your company all the time.

How to get a man

So that the guy does not run away, and you do not have to wonder why the man does not call after the first sex, you should adhere to the following rules.

Communication should be simple and not feigned. It is better to start making fun of your beloved right away. Show that you care about him. Happy people are ready to talk about anything but laugh out loud. This is how the first communication should be.
Nobody likes when a date turns into a job interview. What is your name, what do you work for, how much do you earn – all these questions should be asked unobtrusively and naturally. Be feminine and the guy will not want to go to another.

The first time should take place in the most intimate setting. You shouldn’t make love in a public place. The guy decides that you are too available, which means that you won’t be able to build a serious relationship.

A man should approach purely on an intuitive level. It is necessary to abandon rationality. Love is not about objectivity. This feeling occurs on a chemical level. Therefore, to the beloved should be drawn. If not, then don’t waste your time.

It is also worth remembering that guys are attracted to self-confident ladies. You should not show your own complexes and experiences on the first date. It will push the person away. After all, many people want ease in relationships. Few people want to solve other people’s problems.

You must love yourself for who you are. When a girl is self-confident, she radiates an invisible energy that attracts. Therefore, it is worth getting rid of internal demons. Then, problems in the relationship will never arise.

Men are capable of causing emotional pain. However, any trouble should be met with a high head. Remember that you are a strong girl who will definitely find a person who will be there. Perhaps now he picks up the phone to call and confess his own feelings. I hope they are mutual!

Why doesn’t a man call after sex? Reasons if a man does not call

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