Why a man does not call and write to a girl?

It’s nice when a man shows sympathy, starts talking and asks for your phone number. But what if, after all this, he still did not call? At this moment, various doubts come into your head, you feel confused and involuntarily look at ekraf all the time

Why don’t men call back? What does this mean? How to act in this case and what is the important question to ask yourself?

Why a man does not call and write to a girl – TOP 5 reasons?

When the Man suddenly disappears from the horizon, perhaps the girl’s first thought that she did something wrong did not please Him. No, in addition to this, there are at least 5 reasons why this happens.

  • Newness in yourself

Sometimes a man is too timid and indecisive. Perhaps when he took your phone number, there was a suitable environment that gave him confidence, he was cheerful, easy to communicate with, you were located.

But Having Arrived Home and Reflected, the Inner Critic began to “gnaw” the Man, Convincing that he is not worthy of you, that you will reject him. In addition to that, it is not necessary to say that “live”

Perhaps he:

  • does not know what to say, where to invite you;
  • afraid of being intrusive;
  • afraid you didn’t even remember his name;
  • thinks that you will laugh at him, reject him.

Try to understand that all people are different, and what is easy for you will not necessarily be easy for another.

  • Other priorities

Any person has his own life, things that require attention, care, work, communication with other people. Just because you like each other does not mean that he spends all his free time thinking about you – and this is normal, especially if you hardly know each other.

The feeling of sympathy sometimes does not arise immediately, and some people generally do not approach too quickly, are distrustful of unfamiliar people and prefer to act gradually.

  • He wasn’t going to call.

Sometimes a man takes a phone number without initially planning further communication. This usually happens if:

  • the girl was too intrusive and he did not want to explain to her that there could be nothing between them;
  • he just wanted to assert himself or show off in front of his friends;
  • he was in emotional strife and at that moment the introduction seemed like a good idea, but in the morning it was no longer so.
  • Force Majeure

In a person’s life, many unforeseen situations can arise. For example, an emergency at work, financial difficulties, illness of a close relative, even a sudden return to his byiy. Sometimes life is unpredictable and makes its own adjustments.

Why doesn’t the man call? On the phone and not connected

Perhaps now he has other urgent needs and simply does not have the time or energy to start.

  • Method «pikapa»

Sometimes a girl can find herself in a strange situation for her. She meets a guy, their communication seems to her just perfect, and he is the man of her dreams. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand the components, to prepare it in the restor, it is not necessary to pay for it.

Of course she gives him her phone number. No word on the plan, but to the “magic” wecher and not by the river. And it’s hard to believe that he suddenly “changed his mind”, and his feelings cooled down.

Sometimes behind such behavior is the desire to make the girl worry, think about him, wait for a call, not find a place for herself in thoughts about what went wrong.

In this case, the man appears as suddenly as he disappeared, does not really explain anything, or gets off with on-duty phrases. But he achieves his main goal – she is immensely glad for his attention and tries even more so as not to spoil anything.

What to do if he doesn’t call?

To begin with, it is worth analyzing the circumstances of your first meeting or the situation in which he took the phone. What were his intentions? How did he behave? Worried and timid?

Or was the decision so spontaneous that he didn’t really recognize you? In this case, even the phone number taken does not mean that he was really going to continue communicating.

It is important for you to realize that there can be an infinite number of reasons why a man never called, and only a small part of them are really related to you. Most likely, his life circumstances, motives, fears, doubts and so on are related to this.

If you really really liked a man, it’s probably better to take the first step yourself and look at him. If he willingly continues the conversation, offers to meet, and you hear interest and joy in his voice, then you made it easier for him and dispelled doubts.

But if this does not happen, and he conducts a dialogue out of politeness or does not answer the call at all, this is also a good result, because you will understand that he is not interested in communication. And that is quite normal, people do not have to like everyone.

At the very least, You will stop tormenting yourself thinking about him and waiting for his step, missing other opportunities that are around You.

Why is it important to you that he calls?

If you like a man, waiting for a call is quite normal. But if most of the thoughts are concentrated on this, if the girl is tormented by doubts and tries to understand why exactly he does not call, then this can lead to soul-searching.

You involuntarily begin to think about what you did wrong, why he might not like it, and the voice in your head always finds a number of reasons, and all of them are connected precisely with you and with your shortcomings, the significance of which one wants to exaggerate.

This voice is your inner critic. It is usually “inherited” from parents who often criticized the child, pointed out his shortcomings, often repeated negative attitudes, for example: “If you behave like this, no one will be friends with you”, “Nobody loves a slut”, etc.

The inner critic is activated in situations where you make a mistake or encounter the indifference of another.

It negatively affects self-esteem, makes you doubt yourself, causes a lot of social fears, does not allow you to take the initiative and be yourself. And the more you listen to it, the greater its impact on you.

If a man took the number and did not call back, it is not so important why this happened, because, most likely, your meeting was fleeting and did not mean anything yet. Much more important are the emotions that you experience because of this, your reaction to what happened.

To better understand yourself, answer the following questions:

  • Why is it important to you that he calls?
  • What was your first thought when it didn’t happen?
  • was it connected with the search for flaws in oneself?

If yes, then this is a good reason to work on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Indeed, instead of waiting for a call from a man, it is better to enjoy life, communicate with friends, make new acquaintances, because the world is full of opportunities and promising relationships.

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