Why a man does not invite to his house for tea and what to do?

Why a man does not invite to his house for tea and what to do?

“A woman begins by repelling the onslaught of a man, and ends by cutting off his path to retreat”

Oscar Wilde

Each story of the development of relations between a man and a woman is unique in its own way. And at the same time, this story goes through certain stages, characteristic of all relationships.

Stages of development of relations between a man and a woman

According to the research of the American psychologist, Ph.D. Susan M. Campbell, the development of a relationship between a man and a woman takes place in five stages.

  • romantic stage.

During this candy-bouquet period, partners tend to idealize each other. They get to know each other for the first time, they tend to attribute character traits to their beloved that do not exist. It seems that they are halves of one whole.

  • Fight for leadership.

The idyll collapses, and passion recedes somewhat. It turns out that the beloved and the beloved are not so perfect. At that stage, disappointment comes, and claims to each other appear.

  • Stage of acceptance (stability).

If this is the case, you should plan for the part, so that you can do it. Conflicts can happen, but they are constructive in nature, contributing to the development of relations.

  • Responsibility stage.

To this end, the part will be available on the attempts. In this period, the partner consciously loves the other, recognizing his imperfection. Everyone is responsible for their actions.

During this period, mutual understanding and respect for each other is formed between a man and a woman. Very often, at this stage, partners begin to run a joint household, plan a child.

When a woman enters the first stage of a relationship, she feels wings behind her back. She blossoms next to a man, gladly comes to meetings. But for some reason, meetings, including intimate ones, take place either in a hotel or at her home. A man does not invite to his home, why is this happening?

Why a man does not invite a woman to his place?

“How unpleasant it is to spend a lot of money on a person in order to kill him like that and tr poicle

Movie “Vechnoe sianie chistogo razuma”

What explanations can be given for such incomprehensible behavior of a man?

  • A man has a permanent woman or wife.

Most likely, your chosen one is not free. Is either married or living in a civil relationship with another woman. And, he has no intention of breaking the main connection, while he does not shy away from love relationships with other women. Since he lives on two fronts, he will not call home to himself, of course.

How do you know he doesn’t care about you?

  • It is not possible to see it, it is, it is, it is not the case, it is on one side.

For example, your man told you about what a high position he holds, about a luxurious apartment that he bought and about his vacation, which he spends abroad. However, when this is done, it is not possible for it to be real, and it is allowed to say that it is so difficult to say that it is so.

But in fact, he lives in a “odnushka” with his mother, rests in her garden, and works as a plumber in the nearest housing department. Such a situation can happen if the muhuses really want to meet, but shame onesis

  • When a man lives with his mother or a child left after his first marriage.

In this situation, he may not tell you about his btor. Especially when it comes to his child.

Or the mother in their family occupies a dominant position and does not approve of the women brought by her son. Such a “sissy” is able to match fast decision-making, will I your relationship, be afraid of setting up videoicles.

  • Doesn’t want a long-term relationship.

Your chosen one is set up for a relationship that will not burden him in the future. Therefore, it is enough for him to meet in a hotel or at your place. He is only interested in sex in your relationship, and for this it is not at all necessary to bring you to his house.

  • The existence of special principles, such as “my home is my territory.”

Such a man may believe that he has a personal space where a woman cannot enter. A place where a man rests from all his problems, and does not want a woman to disturb his peace.

Or it could be a schizoid personality type of a man who enters into a relationship with a woman and wants her love, but protects his own space, he is so comfortable. And if a woman insists on developing relationships, forcing events, then this may end in a break.

  • Banal home renovation.

And to invite your woman to where there are bare walls and construction dirt is below the dignity of a man. Some men won’t call a woman and an apartment if they have a mess, a mountain of unwashed dishes, and dirty whiteness.

  • He is afraid that the woman will not be expelled later.

As men like to say: “It’s like with a cat, he launched it, and she settled right away! Look, on the second day her hair dryer is already hanging in the bathroom with a dressing gown!” Fear that a woman wants to live with him, but he is still sure that he needs this woman.

Do you remember how it was in the movie How to Get Rid of a Man in Ten Days, when the main character, Andy, brings her things to Ben’s apartment and places them all over the apartment, toys and a bedspread in the bedroom, women’s accessories in the bathroom. Ben finds all these things and just growls in annoyance.

How to respond to such behavior of a man?

“Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t want to spend it with you”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Everything depends on the situation.

  • If a man has a repair at home, and this is the reason why he does not call you to him, then such a problem will be resolved with the end of the repair, and, most likely, he will declare this frankly.
  • If his mother lives at his house, or his child from his first marriage, then, most likely, he will tell you about this too. And you will jointly decide where and how to continue your relationship.
  • A where it is on is not free, does not want a long-term relationship, then, apparently, he will evade the conversation all the time. He will try to maintain a relationship, but in any case he will not call to himself.

And then you will have to decide whether you need meetings that do not promise a serious continuation.

And if a man has serious intentions towards you, then if you do not rush him, then he will introduce you to his relatives and bring you to his apartment, perhaps with the hope that you will remain the mistress in it.

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