Why a man does not spend money on a woman?

Why a man does not spend money on a woman? The period of the first romantic dates is over, you have been close for a long time, but your man does not pamper you with gifts in the way that the partners of your girlfriends do. On the contrary, it seems that he simply does not want to spend money on a woman who values ​​him.

Why a man does not spend money on a woman?

What is the reason for this and why does everything turn out the way it does? Are there objective motives for such behavior, or is the secret hidden in the excessive greed of your companion? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Poor student It’s good if this is true and the guy is actually studying at a university without having enough money to purchase impressive presents or travel to presentable resorts. But more mature men also fall into this category. They, as a rule, feel comfortable in Spartan conditions and do not particularly care about the issue of earning a full livelihood, and even more so, they do not plan to spend money on their chosen one. Such people live one day and do not make plans for the future, they are deprived of even a hint of ambition and hardly pay their own money bills.

There is absolutely no need to talk about providing for your woman or supporting a family here. Having contacted such an entity, a woman should understand that in the foreseeable future, the financial support of their union will fall entirely on her shoulders. Whether she’s ready for it or not is up to her.

Why a man lives at the expense of a woman and how to turn the tide Man is a miser Unfortunately, there is also such a type of men who literally absorbed the greed for money with their mother’s milk. And it’s not exactly a metaphor. After all, a lot depends on the upbringing and immediate environment of the guy from his young age.

He could acquire communication skills in a family where squandering was considered a special vice and funds were used only for the most necessary needs. In this case, he can quite seriously perceive spending money on a woman as banal foppery. Even having an excess of funds, such an entity will begin to limit itself without allowing excesses. This feature, of course, has positive aspects, but how his girlfriend will put up with it, the question remains open.

What is economic violence?

Examples of its manifestation A prudent strategist No matter how you look at it, not everyone can become a successful businessman. A number of men prefer to hold a reliable tit in their hand than to try to catch a prize crane without having the connections and talents for this. They prefer to resolve their issues through a limited but stable income. Consistent schemers are only capable of taking risks in the most extreme cases, preferring to gradually raise the necessary amount than to plunge into the relentless swamp of lending. They are not stingy at all, they just need a little more time than a woman would like. In this case, you just have to be patient.

Men and Women: How They React Differently to Difficulties in a Relationship When the Spark Fades Out It happens that male “clamping” becomes the result of cooled feelings. He can remain polite and even tactful, without showing his displeasure with or without cause. But he does not look for new meetings, especially with special zeal, and often turns his eyes aside, in which the devilishly crazy lights have long faded. Here, interest is clearly fading and the woman will have to look for the problem in herself.

The fact that a man does not express obvious antipathy and behaves quite worthily, only once again characterizes him on the positive side. And that means it’s worth fighting for. Test: “How do you feel about money in your couple?” Speaking of gratitude Every woman should understand that if a man gives her gifts or spends money on entertainment, then he expects gratitude from her. This is the whole point, that it is from her, because the other is not interesting to him. Even when a playful rogue plays the card of unselfishness, one has only to leave him without much attention, as the matter may end in a hidden resentment. This state of affairs should be avoided by all means, because it will not end in anything good. .

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