Why a man does not want to continue a relationship with a woman?

Why a man does not want to continue a relationship with a woman? You have to wear, paint and style, and you need to perform the test on the course by yourself, and you don’t have to do it for yourself. Not a girl – a dream. He is a cheerful ambitious guy, beautifully caring, and not burdened by ex-wives, loans, and children. You’ve been dating for a couple of months and have become quite close.

A logical question arises, at what level are these relations? Meeting your parents isn’t in your plans just yet, but how do you know for sure that he doesn’t see you as a date? And, after all, what’s wrong with you or him?

Why do Women Want Certainty While Men Are Afraid of Commitment?

In general, the strong half of humanity is less likely to show emotional attachment, because men and women have different “reproductive strategies” that affect the choice of a partner.

  • Men want to have sex with more women (think of the stallion “who wanted to pom curl”);
  • Females strive to choose the best of the best and have offspring with him.

This results in men becoming more accessible and women more selective.

No, it’s okay, it’s not like that. He must “earn” access to the body with the help of, at a minimum, courtship and beautiful words. A woman just needs to snap her fingers. What do you like it not, until the “reaping” gates of the past bod suppen are eradicated

The main reason why women hook up with men who are no longer serious is Ender. Other reasons why he is not in a hurry to transport a toothbrush to you are also clearly visible:

Why does a man not want a serious relationship?

  • The private cells that come from your testosterone, and the body that is responsible for the polygamy;
  • Women with certain psychological traumas (the father left the family and did not pay due attention) or suffering from low self-esteem unconsciously choose those who reject them;
  • Anxiety, pathological jealousy and increased control scare a man and force him to stay racist.

In addition, age matters in this case. No matter how our medicine develops, the reproductive period of a woman is still limited. A man can become a father even at 80 years old. Women are forced to think about the family earlier, while the knock of the biological clock is barely audible. A rare representative of the stronger sex thinks about children under 30 years old.

Reasons why a man avoids a serious relationship?

  • He hasn’t decided yet.

Not only in what he wants from life. Perhaps on doesn’t yet know what in is supposed to want. Physically mature, but emotion remained at the freshman level emotionally. On is afraid that obligations will fall on him like a dead weight and will deprive him of the opportunity to communicate with other women. Many men do not enter into a serious relationship, not out of selfish motives to go right and left, and therefore it’s not.

  • He has not parted with the past.

An ex-girlfriend is scarier than a pterodactyl. Especially if they were in a relationship for several years, everything went to the wedding, and then unexpected circumstances intervened (in the form of her adultery). And your potential man continues to drive in my head why she did this to him. In this situation, it doesn’t matter if he still has feelings for her or not. There will always be the ghost of his ex in your relationship.

  • He has other priorities.

Society demands “achievement” from men, and then wonders why a career comes first, and not a family. Many men see the relationship as a ballast that will prevent them from moving towards their goal. Only you can control it when you are in love. Perhaps in a few years the situation will change, No there will be another companion nearby.

  • He’s not interested in you.

Yes, it’s a shame and annoying to find out, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Monica Bellucci was also dumped. Even harassing her friends with questions “Why didn’t he call back?” Because he called someone else. Most importantly, do not try to get out of your skin and prove to the scoundrel what a mistake he made.

  • You’re putting too much pressure on him.

He signed up to t, nt watch and show himself ”, and after a couple of tracks on fig surf Don’t do it like that. Take things easy. No history in the next place is not guaranteed. On the other hand, with the parameters that are currently being used, it is not possible to say that it is necessary. Since you will be asked and asked for, you will not be able to take it anywhere.

Signs that you have nothing to catch with him

A man who does not want to make a commitment tends to talk about it in a veiled way. So that you don’t have a trough, you should laughs lash from your ears and turn the equipment n ^ n ^

  • He communicates with a huge number of girls.

In the south of time and at night, a former classmate, a neighbor of a distant ia, can write. Even if it means pausing your date.

No one says that a serious relationship is when you sit opposite a friend with lean faces, but the ease with which he makes contact with everyone in a row should alert you. Perhaps you are just one of many.

  • He does not make joint plans.

He tells you that he prefers to live one day at a time and planning annoys him. As a result, not only do you not know if you will fly on vacation together, but also whether it is worth waiting for him for dinner. Of course, the length of the relationship doesn’t matter, and if you met yesterday, it’s strange huses that cost no, it’s not that old, it’s hard to do more than that, but that’s not true. So if he doesn’t, think about why.

  • He doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend.

And he tries not to advertise your relationship, hiding behind the phrase “happiness loves silence.” Most likely, he has enough such “happiness” even without you.

Pay attention to how he behaves with you in front of his friends. An interested man immediately “marks the territory”: seeks physical contact and surrounds with care.

The mistake of many women is to give a man an ultimatum: either everything is serious with us, or never call me again. Such phrases betray resentment and self-doubt: you spent your time on him, but he did not live up to your expectations. Don’t cling to a man if he doesn’t want to be with you. Your attention is the reward. And where has it been seen that prey ran after a predator?

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