Why a man does not want to marry a concubine?

Why a man does not want to marry a concubine? “This is just a stamp in the passport”, “Why, if we are already so good together?”, “Wedding is too expensive”, “Now is not the time for this”, “You don’t understand that I love you even without a stamp in the passport ”- all these are standard phrases with which men explain their unwillingness to marry.

If you are a man with the desire of someone and you value your independence, then there are no problems Dret, soft nay n ^ But what to do if it is important for you to legitimize your relationship and feel safe, to understand that a man is really serious? Then you need to understand that such phrases are just excuses, behind which lie deeper motives.

Why a man does not want to marry a concubine?

If a stamp in your passport is important to you, you told your lover about it, but every time he finds excuses, then you need to take off your rose-colored glasses and take a critical look at what is happening between you. First of all, you need to understand his true motives, because there are at least 10 reasons for not wanting to go to the registry office.

  • He avoids responsibility

A man likes you, he is in love with you, wants to spend more time with you, but is not ready for official marriage – this will mean that everything is serious between you.

A man understands that he will have to not only take responsibility for you, but also open up to you in a nayat way, no, it is necessary to live, you are not aware of that.

It is formed in childhood, when a child is not sensitive. He is used to relying only on himself, and to become dependent on another person means to become vulnerable.

Another fear is that the mother is ready to become a father, but unknowingly she does not socialize.

  • He had a negative experience of family life

If a man already had an unsuccessful marriage that ended in a real disaster, with a “war”, division of property, betrayal, resentment and pain, he subconsciously begins to avoid family life, fearing that history will repeat itself.

  • On afraid that things will change

Often men avoid marriage because they initially perceive it as something negative. They are haunted by irrational thoughts that the family is bondage, that the wife will immediately stop monitoring herself or paying attention to him, that endless quarrels and problems will begin.

Such attitudes are formed either because of parental example or the life of friends, or because loved ones broadcast how terrible marriage is and that it does not bring anything good.

  • On not sure if you’re “the one”

A man is in no hurry to take the girl to the registry office, because, despite love, not everything suits him in the relationship, he feels misunderstanding, you often quarrel or you do not correspond to the image of the wife that he formed in his fantasies.

What to do if a man does not want to marry?

On the other hand, it is not possible to understand that there are other things and you can see it.

  • He thinks about his financial security

Someone calls it commercialism, and someone calls sanity. The man does not want to formalize the relationship, because he is afraid that nothing will work out, that the woman will betray him, the division of property, alimony, etc. will begin.

And Davli understands that the reason for this irrational fear is Ender.

  • You made it clear that it’s okay for you

Sometimes girls, in order to keep a guy, immediately say that they don’t want to get married, that they already trust him, that for them the stamp in the passport means nothing.

Man comes up with the thought that this is so, so she realizes that his vushka is h d on me ^ He gets used to the fact that everything suits her, so he does not want to change anything.

  • He thinks about his own comfort

Often this is due to simple household issues. He is used to living independently, does not want to move or share a living space with another person, is used to his life, a measured life, does not want to change his habits.

And marriage is a responsibility. In it, you need to compromise, sacrifice your desires and needs somewhere, think about other people. If a person has not yet matured morally, he will have a family life, I want it the way I want it, just like…

  • He has other priorities.

It happens that a man is not against marriage in principle, but he is sure that now is not the time for this. Such a person understands that a family requires time, effort, and finances.

But at the moment he may have other goals, for example, he builds a career, opens his own business, raises children from a previous marriage, engages in self-development, travels on business trips.

He knows that he simply does not have the resources for a family, so he prefers to postpone this issue.

  • On waiting for you to “fix”

Some men have a certain image of what their wife “should be”. If a girl doesn’t fit their ideal, they constantly point out her flaws, like being underweight or not being able to cook.

No, as a rule, this is nowhere, because they will always find something else to complain about. The point is not whether the girl is good or not, but that they have a reason to criticize her and thereby raise their own.

  • He didn’t have serious intentions in the beginning.

Such men meet girls, but they are never going to start a family with them, they only feed them with promises and find more and more excuses. They are not ready to take responsibility, they do not want children, they do not intend to lose their freedom.

Whether or not to enter into an official marriage is a joint decision of the partners. But if you want a staticary, but a man- but you need to seriously talk with him about it, explain it, 

It is important not to allow yourself to sink into self-deception and hope that after a few years the man’s opinion will change, it is better to find out everything as soon as possible and decide how to proceed so that in the future you will not regret the lost time.

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