Why a man does not want to meet, but writes – the opinion of a psychologist?

Why a man does not want to meet, but writes – the opinion of a psychologist? You just met a nice, handsome man and by all indications he liked you. No one is going to make it happen and it will not be possible to make it happen. Doesn’t that mean it isn’t worth it?

Reasons why a man does not call on a date

The simplest explanation is why a man does not show initiative and does not try to call you out of the blue. Perhaps, at first glance, he liked it. You are beautiful, super, but a little not in his taste. There was no spark between you. Instinct failed.

This capricious “not his type” destroys the magic that you thought was going on between you. But here’s the trouble – even if you directly ask him if he likes you and if he wants to go on a date with you, you are unlikely to get an honest answer. Most likely, he will evade, refer to different life circumstances.

Believe it or not, wait. After all, time is a factor that can destroy feelings or, conversely, give birth to them.

In a situation where you know that in reality there are no other circumstances, and he probably didn’t like you enough to want to date you, just accept this fact. People are different, someone likes bright women, others like ladies hiding behind account books.

However, even if in 75 cases a man does not call you on a date because he didn’t like you very much, there are 25 other situations. In these cases, perhaps, sympathy has arisen, but there are objective reasons that prevent the meeting.

A common reason is that the man is married. It doesn’t matter if he has a stamp in his passport or a permanent female girlfriend, he is busy. He liked you, but because of fleeting sympathy, he does not intend to break the current relationship.

It is better to simply accept such a fact and not break spears on stones. Options to take a man away from the family, to provoke treason cannot be called good. After all, next time you can stay with nothing.

  • Previous relationship not completed

There are men who are faced with the withering of relationships. In their life there are no more deep feelings, love. Next to women they are held by responsibility, obligations, unresolved issues, children.

Why doesn’t a man ask for a date?

Psychologically, this behavior can be explained by decency, honesty, the desire to complete what has been started in a safe and convenient way. Although there is a possibility that in fact a man is driven by fear, weakness, inability to make decisions.

In This Situation, If you really like a man, Give Him time to put an end to the previous relationship and then think about dating. For now, just be a friend.

Young people, men of respectable age often load their lives so much that they cannot find even a minute for an unplanned meeting. Their grafik is scheduled from early morning until night.

Such men are respected, because they work, go in for sports, take care of their parents, work for the future. Let’s add a fly in the ointment with one example.

Young man Studying at the University, working, Going in for sports every day, attending English and additional professional courses. He complains that he cannot go on dates, because there is not a single free minute in the schedule.

One day he meets a girl. On that it is not possible to do that, so that it is possible to say that it is worth it. There came a moment when and he wanted to talk to her personally. Time for a date was found next Saturday.

Therefore, the issue of lack of time is debatable. If a man wants, he will find time and have lunch and dinner, and even have a romantic breakfast together after the afternoon.

Unsuccessful past relationships, difficulties in the parental family, problems in upbringing can give rise to perim. A man does not know how to communicate with them, he is constantly looking for tricks, signs of manipulation.

If life has brought you to just such a guy, it is doubtful that it will be easy for him to muster up the courage and call the nabe. Don’t take his indecisiveness personally. What you need to think about is whether you can tolerate her if you are together.

  • Newness in себе

In a situation of fear, there is also another side. A man can only be afraid of you. You are too bright, beautiful, fashionable stylish, confident for him. He’s used to people like you throwing him around, calling him a boring nerd, laughing at him.

This fear is based on self-doubt. To overcome it, a Man Must Have some evidence that you will treat him with respect and appreciate his feelings.

  • He wants to see your sympathy

There is another Moment that makes a man afraid – this is the risk of not being liked, the desire to be sure that you are interested in them.

This reason can be interpreted in terms of self-doubt, but there are gentlemen who want to see your sympathy so as not to waste time and money. Indeed, why invite you to a restaurant on a date if you are indifferent to it?

It happens that men, especially after 35, do not distinguish women in the crowd. They know that you exist, they perceive you as a pretty girl, but nothing more. The question is not whether they like you or not. Problem deeper.

The consciousness of such a young person is busy with work, hobbies. Or it may be so stereotyped that he does not even allow the thought of your loneliness and interest in him.

To try to build a relationship with him, take the initiative. By the way, you don’t always have to be the leader. No the first impulse for the meeting will have to be organized by you.

  • He doesn’t like women

Finally, a problem that you are unlikely to be able to solve. If a man, in principle, is not carried away by women, then it is unlikely to break him and force him to build a relationship with you.

How to hint at a meeting?

Waiting for a man to invite you on a date can be a long time. Try to hint to him that the meeting would be desirable. Maybe it will mature faster that way.

  • Ask what he does on weekends and if he needs company.
  • Ask if he is thinking of going to a cafe for lunch, you would like to try the new summer/autumn/winter season there
  • Are you coming? Then boldly ask him to show the city.
  • Offer him help in solving work issues, compiling reports.
  • If he has some good special skills, for example, understands cars, complain about the inappropriate behavior of your car and invite him to listen to how the engine works.
  • Sooby, it’s in the theater and it’s not in the room.
  • Find out what sports he does, come to training or competitions.
  • Invite your friends, organize a party or a picnic.

Perhaps there is a chance to do without hints. Just talk to a man naturally. It is interesting to note, and it is not possible to test it with little wind.

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