Why a man does not want to move in together?

Why a man does not want to move in together? You must have come across such a situation when a woman is ready to move relations to a new level: to start living together, but this does not seem to be part of the man’s plans. He is satisfied with periodic meetings without obligation. Let’s see why this is happening and what to do in this difficult situation.

Why is a man not eager to move in together?

Let’s see the situation with an example. If you like a man, you experience pleasure from communicating with him, then you want this more. So is your chosen one. If he is happy with you, then he will want to spend more time with you.

If the box of the man does not tend to ask on the joint territory, here is not a hard marriage, then there is no complex. Those disc have the opportunity to resolve the issue of doso match: or break off the relationship, and think about it, but what do you supper. If you close it, then, most likely, he himself will offer to live together.

If you have analyzed your relationship, everything is fine with you, but the issue of living together is still in place, then this usually happens for the following reasons:

  • The man is mentally unprepared.

Perhaps you are a young couple, you are about 20 years old. Not only that, but it is not available. He is not yet ready to move out to a separate apartment and manage the household. But you will choose the materials and the willingness to return to the financier projects.

You shouldn’t be surprised here. At this age, a man has other interests. He focuses on his career and hobbies. This option is suitable for young guys.

  • The man is not ready financially.

If it does not strive to live together because of financial problems, then it can be understood. It’s a good place to rent an apartment and a comfortable place at the right time.

In this case, the chosen one will try to at least somehow solve the financial issue: he saves money, looks for n. If he does not take any steps, then most likely this is not the case.

  • The man is unsure of you.

He sincerely washes his teens, pampers him with gifts, spends time, go on vacation together, but he’s not a Cars titor. Perhaps there was some situation between you that undermined his faith. He is afraid to worsen relations with such a proposal.

  • The reason lies in the unconscious.

In implosis, the mother grew up in a big family, and the city’s parent ° had the best milk, heis and soon soon soon soon quickly soon quickly and soon and soon and soon and soon and soon and soon and soon and soon and with counter He does not have an example of creating good relationships based on common life and trust.

  • The man had an unsuccessful relationship with which he is “fed up”.

Perhaps on has already built relationships on a joint territory, but his happiness has been shattered by everyday life. Of course, having found you, he will delay this moment as far as possible. Your chosen one is simply afraid that your union will also fall apart.

  • A man is a sissy, and no matter how old he is, maybe 25, maybe 35.

Mom resaches as he likes, likes, is understood as he likes. He does not need to change anything in his life. Everything suits him.

  • A man is an avid bachelor, who is used to his way of life, values ​​his freedom, his own blunder.

He can do whatever he wants at any moment. He has his own idea of ​​housekeeping, his own requirements for comfort. He doesn’t want to break his routine. It is difficult for him to adapt to your habits.

There are many reasons why a man does not want to move into a shared apartment. Analysis what other people say, and you will see the situation, by the fact that the answer to this question is given.

How to behave if a man does not want to live together?

First of all, understand yourself, decide what you need it for. If you are ready for the transition of relations to a new level, then be prepared for the fact that he will first answer mtebetit. You do not need to immediately break off your relationship if the man is dear to you. Try to show patience and tactics.

  • Talk to a man

Invite the man to talk. Just don’t start with the hackneyed phrase: “We need to talk.” She scares the representatives of the stronger sex, they immediately put a block. Start softly: “I need to consult with you.”

When talking, give a clear argument why you want to live together, what your relationship will gain. Clearly and directly ask why he does not want to live together. Do not go to the level of clarifying the relationship. Do not raise your voice, do not throw reproaches and accusations.

Speak for yourself, drawing a man into a conversation, ask how far-sighted his intentions are. If his plans include linking fate with you, then specify when. Perhaps this is in a couple of years, and perhaps in 10-20 years. Decide for yourself whether you have time to wait for the climax of this question.

If a man does not want to live with you, then it will be more pleasant for him to hear such a question than to think about your desire to drag him to the registry office. Before you try it, you have to take the drug to the drug.

  • Analyze the situation

If the conversation took place, the man shows with his words and actions that he values ​​\u200b\u200byou, but categorically refuses to move in, while he is not afraid of everyday life, responsibility, then perhaps the problem is with you.

The young man is not sure if you are ready for a new relationship format. Analyze the situation, what are you doing wrong. Try to change your character traits, perhaps you are too quick-tempered, or, on the contrary, closed, it is difficult for him to guess your mood, desires.

Try to be attractive to the chosen one, so that he is drawn to you, he would like to spend time with the tomenier. Develop yourself, because men are interested in communicating with girls who can talk on different topics. Show that you are not afraid of life.

  • Give the man time

As long as it is possible to carry out the project, it is necessary to do so in the future. Perhaps you have your own housing, and he lives in a rented apartment, but does not want to move in with you. To, most likely, in front of you is a strong man who does not want to depend on a woman financially.

But torpedo there, let him will solve your problem. Take care of yourself. But discuss the situation, specify how much e n nemeni on the financial condition, 

  • No manipulator

If you expect a man to recognize your importance, make a long-awaited proposal, and at the same time put an ultimatum: either we live together, or I’m leaving, then you, of course, can move the situation forward in this way.

A man will succumb to pressure and give in to you. No in the same building. If you get what you want through manipulation, then it is useless to expect joy and happiness from a life together.

If a man delays the issue of cohabitation, then determine for yourself the time after which honestly answer the question of whether your expectations and plans coincide. If the relationship stands still, does not develop in any way, then perhaps this is not your person.

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