Why a man is in no hurry and does not propose to a girl?

Why a man is in no hurry and does not propose to a girl? I met a man, you like him, he likes you too. They seem to be perfect for each other. But time passes, and one day you notice that, despite the fact that you have already been dating for a year, he does not call for marriage: why a man does not propose and how to push him to marry.

woman, man and marriage

Many girls dream of a family. The reasons are many; they depend on the social situation, the style of upbringing, the books read, the films watched.

Perhaps you are one of those who, when dating a guy for a year, dream of hearing a proposal about a man, and the following motives drive you:

  • Since childhood, you have heard that the most important thing for a woman is to get married, start a family, have children. As a result, when you meet a handsome man who seems to suit you, you immediately begin to dream about it.
  • You want to get away from your parents as soon as possible, and marriage seems like a great opportunity.
  • She grew up with an alcoholic father and, having met a non-drinking man, you want to make sure that your marriage will work.
  • You think it’s convenient to start a family, get a new status and continue to live a full life – build a career, have a career. Marriage becomes a kind of ticket to the future.
  • In relations with the opposite sex, she faced only problems. And now, when someone likes you, you strive to grab him and make him yours.
  • The man you met fits the perfect image. You are really in love, and very much.
  • It is difficult for you to overcome the stereotype that a full-fledged intimate life is possible only after marriage.

But young people relate to marriage in a slightly different way. Even seeing examples of acquaintances, parents, they are in no hurry to get married and dream of enjoying marriage as long as possible.

The man is in no hurry to propose

The fact that a man enjoys freedom and a bachelor lifestyle can also be untenable stero. Although there are those young people who categorically oppose marriage, and the fact that it was you who appeared in his life, and he does not propose to you, has nothing to do with you.

There are those who have vowed not to marry until a certain age. You can dance, sing, play the balalaika, but you won’t get married.

Pravda, on the other hand, by tom, that should not be given before the drugs are applied:

Why doesn’t he ask you to marry?

  • He likes you, he feels good with you, but you are not the one with whom he would like to live his life.
  • He is afraid of you, because you are bright, lively, beautiful, strong. You turn him into your shadow, and not every man is ready to endure it.
  • Sometimes a young person’s thoughts and behavior are guided by his parents, grandparents, or simply stereotypes.

Perhaps the example is not entirely good, but one man grew up in a family where his father is a Jew and his mother is Russian. It occurred to my mother that the son must definitely marry a Jewess in order to pass on Jewishness to his villages. Note that neither father nor son needed this, but precisely mother.

However, the young man was not lucky. The most beautiful girls came across, but there was no need. So that it is not on one project in one quarter of more than 3 letters, not to take and not to be planned. As a result, the girl just left, and the man began to wait further.

  • A man with complexes. In any woman he sees a traitor and a deceiver.
  • He believes that all the ladies he has met so far are ordinary and gray mice. It is worth appearing on the horizon Jennifer Lopez or someone like that, on immediately marry.
  • The young man is convinced that living with a girl is the same as waiting for a bus. One has left, another will appear, and there is no reason for unrest and fear of loneliness.

As you can see, even if you have been dating a guy for a year, dreaming of marriage, this does not mean that he is ready for marriage. Which cockroaches rule his life is hard to guess. To do this and push a young man to marry, you need to carefully understand the reasons.

But, before proceeding to this, Make sure that you yourself need it, You will not, in six months, will not Bite your elbows.

How to get a man to get married?

If you want to achieve something from a man, behave with him wisely and gently. Surrounding him with warmth, charming, playing with your feelings, now revealing them, now hiding them, you create an aura fi okwee.

  • Talk to a man more

When communicating with your man, periodically raise the Topics of marriage, but in such a way that it does not annoy, and it does not look like you are sawing him.

  • Remember that so many years ago your parents got married.
  • Notice how beautiful married couples look, no matter what age. Take photos of grandparents, look at their eyes – often it is clear from the look that people were stroking in the same place.
  • Pay attention to family holidays – how much comfort and love they have.
  • Ask casually how he sees the ideal family.
  • Invite him to holidays, anniversaries of friends, parents.
  • Tell me about your childhood dreams, about how happy you are that he appeared on your way.
  • Not to be missed, not to be lost.

In no case do not push, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect.

  • Build a path through the stomach

Let’s make it clear that this remedy is only partly related to the stomach. In fact, his goal is to create conditions in which a man will be very comfortable.

For example, here’s what you can do:

  • Treat your young man to his favorite dishes. He loves chebureks or meatballs – learn how to make them perfectly.
  • No problems, it is necessary to understand it.
  • If you make good money, you like what you do, give him the freedom to choose a job he likes, even if he earns little money.
  • Create conditions for physical comfort. If you like to go to the mountains, and he prefers to stay at home, do not drag him along with you.
  • Do not throw tantrums, from which his knees begin to tremble, stuttering appears.

By the way, already at this stage you will be able to make sure once again whether this man suits you or not.

  • Get to know his parents

A surefire way to push a man into marriage is to get to know his parents and make them like him. The only thing you need to know about it is that it isn’t worth it.

Everything else they will do themselves. They will admire what a good, caring, smart hostess you are.

True, there is a problem in this method – it is important not to go too far. Otherwise, from a beam of light, you will turn into a monster who intends to capture their child in his net.

  • brutal means

However, there are more brutal means to motivate a man to marry. Their problem is that even if you get a coveted marriage proposal and a ring, you won’t be happy.

Suicide threats, pregnancy blackmail – these methods sound repulsive, but even today there are women who use them. In their defense, it is worth saying that they do it because they feel that way.

It really seems to them that if they don’t get married now, then life will go downhill, and they are not destined to meet a worthy man and love him anymore. A high level of impulsiveness, strong emotions subdue the mind and do not allow looking at the problem with an adequate one.

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