Why a man often talks about an ex-woman – how to behave?

Why does a man remember his ex?

Let’s talk about the reasons that make a man talk about his ex:

  • The man misses her.

Of course, he will never admit it, but if phrases about the former constantly slip through the conversation, then this is already a reason to think. He thinks about her, and thoughts pop out at times.

  • Banal boast.

A man wants to present himself in a more favorable light, talking about his previous relationships, how many women he had, how gorgeous they all are.

He can talk about how he sought them, what gifts he made. This is a kind of manipulation so that you understand what kind of diamond is next to you.

  • Perhaps on is cold to you.

He does not care about your feelings, that it is unpleasant for you to hear about his adventures. If so, then he does not have deep feelings for you.

  • There is another side of the coin, when a man treats you so confidentially that he can afford to tell you almost everything.

He can talk about past relationships not as his girlfriend, but as a psychotherapist at the reception. Maybe he still has feelings for her.

  • Past relationships left a painful mark on the man.

He can’t stop talking about them. He needs to speak up. The price of the term is the same as the name of the day, but it is emotionally important that the woman is born. After that, he will be able to build a full-fledged relationship with you.

  • He just doesn’t bother with topics of conversation.

It is necessary to be careful of the project, to and for this part of the building. It is not necessary to say that the slaves, it is, that this is in the project, and it is not possible to do that.

  • He has mixed feelings for his ex.

Looks for similarities with you, compares you. So and tells you about his ex-girlfriend. He describes her appearance, demeanor, character. A man can do this for two completely different reasons: either so that you accept some qualities for yourself, or never repeat them.

What to do if a man remembers his ex?

If a man talks about his ex, then you should not immediately think that this is bad. Do not throw a tantrum, especially since this is the worst method of resolving issues. Because of the scandals rolled up, the former will not go anywhere, and your relationship will be associated with no one else.

Try to take advantage of these conversations. So a man can convey to you information that will allow you to determine what kind of person he was, and polye polka. After the analysis, draw conclusions about what not to do.

What to do if a man remembers his ex during conversations?

If your man during a conversation periodically recalls the former, you know that he cannot forget her, he has a deep emotional wound, then first of all decide how important this relationship is for you.

The former man is a strong competitor, because his memories have not subsided yet. As long as it is written it is necessary to say that it is old. If your chosen one is interested in your relationship, then he himself will try to quickly forget about the past. You can help him with this.

Before you take action, you need to correctly understand why your man returns with thoughts.

  • If a man’s memories of the former are caused by the pain of betrayal, betrayal, and from time to time he says offensive words to you: “You are the same as my ex,” then he is afraid and makes a request to you: “Help me make sure that you are not like that. that you will not betray, you will not torment me with eternal reproaches, ”outward those negative emotions that poison him.

When you see such a situation, then stop being offended by him. In a calm atmosphere, tell him that all women are different, and Where the ex-girl lacked something, You personally have enough of everything, otherwise you would say.

In this way, you help a man survive the negative experience of communicating with the former, and such conversations with the former, and such conversations pantentyantep

  • If a man emotionally blackmails you: “Lyudka, of course, was a bitch, but she cooked many times better than you.” This is how he manipulates you. Since parents manipulate children: “Sasha is better at studying than you” thus making it clear that you do not deserve love as much as Sasha.

The unconscious of a man chooses this style of communication with you. He knows that this method works, it helps to get what he needs from a person. In this case, talk openly with a man about Tom, then you are repelled by such a way of getting what you want that you will not tolerate. Predlozhí hem you otkryto skazat o svoem zhelaniye, and all the decide what can be done.

  • Sometimes a man, after parting, in order to drown out his pain, uses you as a “vest”. Progovariaet tebe svoi emojii, thus weakening them. In this case, you will hear many different episodes about their relationship. His opinions will be the opposite.

On the other hand, it is worthwhile to avoid and lose, to avoid and to visit. He follows her news on social networks, communicates with her friends. If he gets everything that makes him happy from you, then in this way you will be able to push her off the pedestal. It is not possible in the case of physical therapy, and for the information provided.

Find out why a man misses his ex. Honestly answer yourself the question: “Can I give him something like that.” If you decide to stay, then mark your boundaries, convey to him that you understand these feelings, but his memories interfere with the development of your relationship, make you doubt whether he loves you. Predlozhy hey rasobratsya in svoikh chuvstwah samostoyatelno.

  • When a man speaks with love about his ex, then you should not enter into these pathological relationships. You won’t find anything for yourself here. Let him go. Free yourself for a new, productive connection with another man who will love you.

If a man always remembers his ex, then figure out why he does this. Post by the way you want the information. What needs he talks about will make it easier for you to build relationships. Do not be offended, swear. This behavior will not solve the problem, only alienate you from each other.

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