Why a man shows care and helps a woman, but keeps his distance?

Why a man shows care and helps a woman, but keeps his distance? You are probably familiar with such a situation when your colleague or classmate in every possible way shows attention to you, tries to seduce, bestows compliments. No, as soon as you offer to meet somewhere other than study and work, he has a lot of things to do.

Distancing at the very beginning of the development of relationships on the part of a man is not uncommon. Let’s see why this phenomenon is characteristic of the stronger sex, you need to do something or leave the situation as it is.

Reasons why a man shows concern but keeps his distance

It’s natural for men to keep their distance the first time they meet.

This is not always a harbinger of a break. It may well be a kind of link that will strengthen your partnership in the future.

Let’s see, honor men in the very at the beginning of the development of a relationship keeps a distance.

  • One of the reasons that female psychology excludes is that a man doesn’t like you enough.

He Continues to behave politely and attentively at work or school, but His plans do not include inviting anyone outside the point of contact.

Further smiles, compliments, flirting, this situation will not work.

  • For a man, free time is of great importance. Even a quiet person at school or work will be transformed on their territory.

After work, he prefers to sit with friends, drink beer, go to football, go to a bar. He knows very well what to do with himself. He does not suffer from loneliness.

This is a healthy bachelor who, after work, would prefer playing on the computer, reading books to the aimless guinea street on the street. He lacks communication with you at work. Letting you into his dear bachelor lair is too much for him.

  • A man feels like the master of his life.

He perfectly understands that the rapprochement will be followed by the need to report where he went, what time he came. For him, it’s humiliating. He is annoyed by such relationships.

  • A man is afraid of a woman’s affection.

It seems to him that if you are going for a rapprochement, then you definitely want to marry him and for you there is no greater happiness than taking his last name in the registry office.

  • A man is afraid of the rapid development of events, responsibility.

His relationship with a woman is associated with children. You don’t have to worry about the problems with the food, appliances, problems. All this is too difficult for him. He already in his head said goodbye to free time, football, beer in the bath. He is afraid of a childish question.

  • The man does not feel successful, his self-esteem is low.

He understands that you have a lot to give. He is not capable of it. He likes you, but he’s not good enough for you. A man spends all his free money on his free time, hobby. He is well aware that, as soon as your relationship reaches a new level, more material will be required.

How do men keep women at a distance?

  • The parental family was not at all ideal.

His mother was domineering, a kind of general in a skirt. The father was forced to obey her in everything. Now all women appear before him as potential dictators. If the mother left her father and went to another man, then all other women for him are the owners of windy behavior.

If the parental family barely made ends meet. All efforts were aimed at feeding the children and educating them, then a man associates acquaintance with a girl with the creation of a family, which will certainly lead to poverty.

Most of the time the problem in the game is in the rod and in the room. Until he works with a psychologist to cure his “inner child”, it will not be easy for him to remove the distance from a relationship with any woman. This is not about you.

  • Pay attention to the profession of a man. No svyazana li ona s tworchestvom. If he is sick of his work, is on the path to success, then no matter how much he likes you, he will not advance your relationship.

In his opinion, they will be too burdensome, they will become an obstacle on the creative path. A creative man can make an exception for the woman of his environment. If you are far from creativity, then in his head you associate with the routine, which creative people are very afraid of.

  • Traumatic experience of past relationships.

Perhaps a man before you had an affair in which he was dumped by a woman. His experience was full of disappointment. Therefore, he fears overly active promotion of relations. He is not in a hurry, he is comfortable in the candy-bouquet period. He understands that you are now appearing to him in an ideal light. It won’t last forever. A man is afraid of repeating failure.

What to do if a man keeps his distance at the beginning of a relationship?

So, what to do, how to motivate a man to pay attention to you outside the walls of work or study, in order to eliminate the distance between you.

  • First of all, try to figure out if a man really likes you.

Pay attention not to his facial expressions, gestures, views. If he is Really interested in you, THEN You will always catch His gaze, even furtively, but he will look at you. A man interested in you will stand or sit closer so that it is convenient for him to watch you.

  • Try to switch to another man, flirt with him, smile.

Do whatever it takes to get his attention. A man is a hunter by nature, and if someone who keeps a distance really likes you, then he will not want to lose you and will begin to go in every possible way towards rapprochement.

  • Make no more than one attempt to get the guy out on a date.

Men are afraid of pressure. You will seem too obsessive for him, and on will move even further away.

  • Mirrored the behavior of a man.

No three but no more. It is possible that this situation will intrigue him. You will be asked to do so in the future and try to contact the most interesting people who are not interested in it.

  • Do everything in your power to make the man enjoy spending time with you.

He, without noticing it, will begin to emotionally depend on you, will try to spend more time together.

  • Just talk to the man.

In a calm atmosphere, express your position, your vision of the situation. Be straight. Men clearly feel false.

  • Don’t self-sabotage.

Often the distance is not an indicator that the problem is in you, your words, actions. Thus you will not solve the issue. You’ll only make the situation worse. Take care of yourself, your self-development. Be interesting to a man, and on will not want to lose you.

If a man keeps his distance, does not go for rapprochement, then leave the situation, do not rush things. It’s most likely not about you. He needs time to deal with himself, his feelings. If you show pressure, then he will only get scared, which will lead to even greater distance.

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